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Zapdos going live as next Pokmon Go Legendaryheres how to beat it
Once the final gen one Legendary bird launches, Pokmon Go trainers will need to understand its weaknesses.


Niantic is turning summer 2017 into Pokmon Gos season of Legendary Pokmon. The final gen-one bird, Zapdos, arrives Monday, August 7th, for trainers to take on in level-five raids.

The Team Instinct mascot is expected to replace the current bird, Moltres, between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. PT, so trainers should prepare their current Pokmon to combat the weaknesses and resistances of the Electric/Flying type. As with all Pokmon, their inherent elemental typing, in combination with their attacks, can mean success or failure against raid bosses.

Both Rock and Ice-type moves will be effective against Zapdos, so many of the same Pokmon that were useful against Articuno and Moltres will continue to be strong. Golem is the most valuable player, as his Rock-type makes him defensive to Zapdos Electric attacks while also dealing significant damage to the birds Rock weakness using Rock Throw and Stone Edge. The other strong returning choice is Tyranitar, as its high defensive value and ability to know Stone Edge will keep it in battle long, while also dealing effective damage.

However, Zapdos also comes with some new weaknesses. Ground types have a double resistance to Electric attacks, making them now a viable option to take on Zapdos. This makes Rhydon a strong player, especially with a Rock Smash and Stone Edge moveset to hit Zapdos Electric and Flying-type weaknesses. The Ice/Ground-type Piloswine is another new choice, since it can learn the Ice moves Ice Shard and Avalanche to exploit Zapdos Flying-type weaknesses.

While its tempting to want to use the Ice/Flying-type Legendary Articuno, Zapdos Electric attacks will demolish it, so its best to stick to the tried and true options listed above. Of course, as an added tip, throwing in a Blissey or Snorlax as a final team member in a raid will provide some last minute bulk to survive the final moments of the battle.

With the limited amount of time the Legendary birds will be available, trainers should do their best to capture Zapdos, as it will be leaving Monday, August 14th. Players within the community have created a handy calculation tool to know if a Legendary raid boss will have high IVs, which are the hidden stats that indicate how strong a Pokmon will be, as well as a new trick to make catching the epic Pokmon a tad easier.

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Do people still play this game? thoguht it was a one time thing lmao.
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-Silky wroteDo people still play this game? thoguht it was a one time thing lmao.

People do but not as many as when it came out
Game is pretty dead to be honest
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Your moving in on my post terf boi!!!!
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