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Is there any modded lobbies for xb1 games such as infinite warfare and bo3?
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No and wont be for a long time imo.
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no such thing
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Xbox One modding is not possible.
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They still haven't found a way around the sandbox yet so there are no public exploits yet. It's not impossible that somebody has a private one but if so it would probably get patched quick.

Last i had looked save game modding (hex editing) was very much doable for the xbox one and the glitching community has been having a field day with most game on it.

There one a couple game that you can get into modded lobbies when on the xbox one, but these are only the backwards compatible games such as black ops, red dead redemption, and black ops2. Not all backwards compatible games let you play across consoles though games like cod ghost and borderlands two you can recover you account to the xbox one but you can't play across consoles,

Hope this brought some insight rather than just telling ya nope.

Have any questions feel free to pm me
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Just dropping an update to this thread;

There won't be an exploit or progress for a long while. I do hope progress is made soon, but i doubt it.
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To mod you just have too...
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no, anyone telling you otherwise is lying
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I wonder when that will be a thing

Wont be soon tho
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