GiveawayStreamahs Gold Giveaway ENDS 8/8!Posted:

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Whats up TTG, Streamah here giving away some gold

Post what you love about TTG to enter

Your post will count as your entry and then i'll use or just select random people or people i feel are worthy of some gold. PS i like to give people who never had gold, gold! so new members don't be shy. And for you old timers, dont feel left out i dont discriminate at all. everyone has equal chance

The Following 13 Users Say Thank You to Streamah For This Useful Post:

Xbox (08-08-2017), MEMlS (08-08-2017), DankPlayerGreen (08-08-2017), Skates (08-08-2017), BnTGaming (08-07-2017), KyloCrux (08-07-2017), -Busolini- (08-07-2017), Mikey (08-07-2017), Supervisor (08-07-2017), KingTaco (08-07-2017), SR20DET (08-07-2017), RepBandit (08-07-2017), Mickers (08-07-2017)
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Id like to enter

What i love about TTG:

The community
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If I win I'm entering for someone else if that's cool.

Entering for:

Edit: The community and how friendly everyone is been a fun 6 years.

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What I love about TTG?

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My favourite part about the site is some of the friendships we create on here.

Thanks man.
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Gold gold gold
For everyone!
Thanked and repped
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ill enter
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ill enter. thanks for the giveaway
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ill enter and what i like with TTG most be all the users on here
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Count me in for this aswell my friend
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