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5 Years Milestone!
Achievement Unlocked!

So we were meant to celebrate this with my birthday in March, unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances that was not the case.

I have just returned after not being online for 5 months, and I do not see much off a change

If you'd like some advice about the community in TTG, and more feel free to send me a message!

Missed you all <3

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Xbox (08-08-2017), dah (08-07-2017), Mickers (08-07-2017), Lily (08-07-2017), Mikey (08-07-2017)
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Welcome back bro hope to see you around soon pop in here and chat
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Welcome back to TTG, hope you stay active. As Mikey said above, come join us in the shoutbox and make some new friends.
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Welcome back to the Forums, love your username by the way. I do hope to see you around the site, being active.
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Welcome back dude, just returned myself.

Stick around and maybe we'll see you at 6 years.
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Congratulations on 5 years man! Can't wait to see you at 6
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Welcome back mate, can't imagine a ton changing since you're gone besides the Leaderboards

Stop by the SB someday soon maybe?!
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Well done - lets see you get to 50 rep.
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Grats and welcome back hope that see you around
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Congrats on your 5 years on this site, and welcome back see you around the forums.
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