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So I'm wondering what is the best edition of Fifa 18 to pre order?
I'm pretty much a hardcore Fifa player so I'm just wondering what edition is best for your money.
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just get the normal one if you dont play UT
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None, cause the game is terrible anyway.

All down to whether you play UT I suppose but then again if you're a hardcore fifa player then you'll probs put 5 months wages into it anyway so just stick with the basic. Who cares about extra kits etc?
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Icon edition as young get 40 free packs.
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Tbh I usually pre order the most expensive version every year but for Fifa 18 the pricing is getting more rediculous every time so I'll probably be pre ordering the standard version or Ronado version.
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You don't play UT = standard edition
You play UT = Icons ;)

I preordered standard one and paid $50 for it. Seems like not the worst deal.
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Just get the normal , same shite every year 2 packs a week for 40 weeks in those 40 weeks you will get no one worth a bit of money. 2 free kits and a loan player.

You are better off buying the normal edition and buying fifa points.
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Depends, who knows there may be another glitch with the ultimate edition thing.
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