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A young woman who sent text messages badgering her depressed boyfriend to kill himself was ordered to spend 15 months in prison, but will remain free for the time being while her conviction in a novel Massachusetts manslaughter case is appealed.

Michelle Carter was 17 years old when 18-year old boyfriend Conrad Roy III rigged up a generator to his pickup truck and poisoned himself with carbon monoxide in July 2014. Carter had sent numerous text messages telling Roy to "just do it" and was on the cellphone with him during the suicide, at one point ordering him back into the truck when he got cold feet and exited to gasp for air.

The sensational trial in June peeled back the veil on the secret social media life of teenagers. Although there was no jury, the trial was streamed live and drew considerable attention. A virtual lynch mob of online commentators had heaped invective on Carter, calling her a witch who should be locked away for years. "Kill yourself", one woman heckled as Carter, dressed in red trousers and a paisley-printed blouse, arrived at the courthouse in Taunton, Massachusetts.

Carter did not speak during the sentencing Thursday, and neither did her family, although her father wrote a letter to the court. Her face appeared swollen, her eyes red and she leaned against one hand, clutching a tissue. "Michelle was a troubled, vulnerable teenager in an extremely difficult situation and made a tragic mistake," David Carter wrote in the letter, excerpts of which were published in the Boston Herald. He said his daughter believed that Roy was so depressed that he would be better off dead. "I am 100% sure she was only trying to do what in her mind was right for Conrad," the letter continued.

Members of Roy's family, however, demanded the maximum sentence of 20 years. The father of the deceased young man tearfully told the court that the family believed he would not have gone through with the suicide if not for Carter. "Although he did have some psychological troubles, we all felt he was heading in the right direction," Conrad Roy Jr. told the court. "Michelle Carter exploited my son's weakness and used him as a pawn."

Assistant District Attorney Maryclare Flynn told the judge Thursday that Carter had encouraged Roy's suicide "for her own personal gain and quest for attention" and in order to play a "charade as the grieving girlfriend". The case has drawn criticism from legal scholars who say it raises free speech issues and doesn't meet the standard of causation, since Carter wasn't physically with Roy when he killed himself. Unlike many other states, Massachusetts does not have a specific law against assisted suicide.

Carter and Roy had met in Florida in 2012 while on vacation with their families. Although they lived close by, they rarely saw one another, confining their relationship to text messages and phone calls. At one point, they discussed both killing themselves in the style of Romeo and Juliet. But their attention shifted to Roy's unhappiness. After initially trying to dissuade him from suicide and urging psychological counseling, Carter began a campaign to get Roy to kill himself.

"You're always saying you're gonna do it, but never do," Carter taunted in one of her numerous text messages.

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SavvyJ (08-03-2017)
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This is **** and sad..
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nein wroteThis is **** and sad..

It is a saddening moment. What's even more saddening is knowing that this case probably won't hold up in an appellate court, due to the fact that Massachusetts doesn't have a strict and direct law against assisted suicide.

It has created a viewpoint for adults to begin to pay close attention to their children's lives; not intrude in their lives but be attentive of the signs of severe depression and psychological problems. I'm sure this isn't the first case and it sure isn't going to be the last case either.
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It's sad that she is only getting 15 months in prison. That is not long at all, I feel like she should be in there MUCH LONGER than she is going to be. It just doesn't seem fair to me that his parents are not ever going to be able to see their child again but she only has to spend 15 months in prison
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Thats honestly a pretty evil thing to do I cant imagine what it was like for his family in court seeing the messages she sent him.
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I definitely think she should've received longer than 15 months in prison. In a way, she did take this person's life and he is now gone forever, but she only has to serve 15 months? That's outrageous. I think the parents pushing for a longer sentence is a great idea and hopefully the court rules in their favor.
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I heard about this earlier in July. This is heartbreaking.
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She got 15 months - thats a crime in itself.
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It should be a 20 years sentence.
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man thats messed up
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