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Just hit the 7-year mark wohoo!

Does not feel like I've been here so long, pretty crazy to think about.
Just want to thank everyone for being active and all the other staff members for keeping the site running.

See y'all around!

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Congrats on 7 years man that is a long time! Hope to see you around for 8
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Congrats on your 7 years on this site, a very long time member..should I say a Moderator.
My 1 year on this site went really fast was surprised about that as well. See you at 8.
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Look at this clown!

Lmao loved hearing you call other people clowns whenever we played Smite with Naggy, Cent and Lyttle.

Congrats on 7 great years. Here is to many more Cheers!
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Congrats man
Welcome to the club.
Makes you feel old dont it!

Repped and thanked :pogchamp:
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Congrats on the 7 Years man, Such a long time!
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Well done let's see reach 2k rep.
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Congrats on 7 years man!!!
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Congrats on 7 years Lost, hope to catch up to you next month.
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Grats on 7 years bro, see you at your next milestone maybe 2k rep ?
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