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Hello, I was just wondering what your dream badge is. Mine would probably be rated awesome (I know I won't get this lol)
Just post below what yours is

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Sean will make it happen for me one day.

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Waiting on Sean to deliver his promise
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It'd be cool to get "Rated Awesome" but seeing as how I just got back after 6 years, still got a long way to go.
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One of my dream badges before was the Trusted Seller badge, but now that i've got that, my next dream badge would definitely be the moderator position/badge. I know i'm far from it, but it's definitely something i'm striving for.
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I have been trying for the Shoutbox Hero badge for awhile now. If I didn't go inactive for a few months, I would probably have it. But it is something that I am trying to hit now.

Another badge I would like to achieve in the long run, is the Rated Awesome badge.

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Trying for SB Hero and someday hopefully Rated Awesome
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I am content with the Christmas badge. Just shows I spent time on a gaming website rather my family on such a wonderful holiday. Lol
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jk don't
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