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Hello everyone, thought this would be a fun game, all you have to do is rate the above users avatar.

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7/10 because I love snow.
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Clean design
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Defy_ wrote7/10

Clean design

7/10 also, I'm a sucker for that emblem.
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Love the colors and how clean it looks. Not blurred etc
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Ryzen wrote8/10.

Love the colors and how clean it looks. Not blurred etc

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BuhnyzMods wrote
Ryzen wrote8/10.

Love the colors and how clean it looks. Not blurred etc


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Homer, great man 7/10 for homer 0/10 for no homer

Ps: my avatar is shooting Reps
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Echo.. 4/10 I have no clue what it is or what is going on lol maybe if I keep looking at it the score will go up because it looks like a funky dance
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