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I'm interested to see everyone's thoughts on 9/11, Aftrer the recent fire of the high rise flat in London which burned for an extended amount of time where the twin towers lasted just under two hours with complete destruction afterward, Also the strange mystery of WTC 7 where it fell at free fall speed but no plane actually impacted with the building? It was not due to fallen deberee.

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I believe its a conspiracy i was a big time conspiracy theorist at one time but I don't really look into it that often because i have been busy.
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It happened, can't change it wether it was conspiracy or not. That's my view tbh. Everyone will never agree
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Echo wroteIt happened, can't change it wether it was conspiracy or not. That's my view tbh. Everyone will never agree
I completely agree with you.

It's been and gone now. There have been millions of posts about 911. Not in a horrible way, the media see it as old news. Its been and gone.
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My views a lot of people won't and some will agree with.

It was a blatant conspiracy, people stupid enough to think otherwise are blind.
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AD4M wrote
Echo wroteIt happened, can't change it wether it was conspiracy or not. That's my view tbh. Everyone will never agree
I completely agree with you.

It's been and gone now. There have been millions of posts about 911. Not in a horrible way, the media see it as old news. Its been and gone.

I'm with you guys. It's happened, leave it be. It was all horrible but it is what it is, all this 'conspiracy' nonsense is just a never ending argument. Get over it.
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wow! another topic on 9/11 !

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9/11 you can disagree.

but I have done so much research on this its not even funny.

1. it wasn't terroist it was planned by the president making it look official.
2. how could the terroist be on the plane and take over the cocpit
easy there was never terrist on the planes.

the people that supposebly took it over and died where already dead. No Passports ect...

the buildings collapsed like a demolition.

a plane can only heat up so much after a crash there is no way it could melt the massive steal beams only c4 can do that. so c4 was planted.

its all lies and bullshit. there is soooooooooooo much more I can say but cbf....

its all fake. and I'm disgusted by it because it proves people in suits are just controlling us like muppets.
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Bush did 9/11.
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The attacks of 9/11 are highly debated. Some believe That the story the US government told is true, and others believe it is false. The attacks of 9/11 used 4 planes, hijacked by 19 militants. When all was said and done, there where three targets, three planes hit their target but the last one fell short. It is believed that the last one fell short because the passengers took control of the plane. 2,977 people died that day.

Near Shanksville, Pennsylvania flight 93 had crash landed in a field killing 40 passengers and crew members. It is believed that the plane did not reach it's intended destination made by the hijackers because the passengers of the plane tried to regain control of the aircraft. Within a few days of the attack, there where reports coming out about a second debris field about 3 miles from the crash site. Only 33 passengers, 7 crew members, and 4 hijackers where able to be identified.

Onward to the Pentagon. The story that the United states government puts out says that a Flight 77 had hit the side of the pentagon, killing 125 pentagon workers, 59 passengers, and 5 hijackers. There where multiple cameras aimed at the pentagon, yet none of them can clearly see any plane hitting the pentagon. The FBI had confiscated 84 out of 85 security videos showing the attack on the pentagon. Looking at the released video, there is no plane wreckage flying around, and more importantly you do not get to see a plane hitting the pentagon. Getting down to the facts, flight 77 was a Boeing 757 which has a 124' wingspan, and a tail height of 44'6". The impact hole in the pentagon was estimated between 15-17' wide, a far cry from 124'. It is odd that the no parking sign right next to the hole is still there, there are still windows intact, and there is a lack of plane wreckage.

Looking up to the twin towers, we have two planes, and two towers. The government wants us to believe that the planes brought down the towers. There are multiple eye witnesses saying that there where explosions before the planes hit, in fact there are videos proving that. Flight 11, and flight 175 where the designated planes to hit the towers. The first plane hit around the 80th floor, and about 18 minutes later another plane hits the other tower near the 60th floor. About 15 minutes after the terrorists hit the towers, the south tower collapses. At 10:30, the other tower collapses. All in all, nearly 3,000 people died including 343 firefighters and paramedics, 23 NYC police officers, and 37 PA officers. There where about 10,000 people treated for injuries. First responders said they had seen molten metal, though it has been tried and true that burning jet fuel could not melt the towers' structure. Leslie Robertson designed the world trade centers, and said "I designed it for a 707 to hit it". She would go on to say that they "Could probably sustain multiple impacts of jetliners".

When looking at the tragic day, there are many facts you see when you look into the story that really make you question your government. For example, $15 million was given to investigate 9/11, but over $60 Million was spent investigating Bill Clintons affairs with Monica Lewinsky. More on topic, the US government said that there where 19 hijackers. BBC says that at least 7 of the listed hijackers are still alive. To add, there was no video evidence of all 19 hijackers boarding the four planes. We can now clearly see that the story the US government release has its flaws, and things just don't add up.
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