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What is your pick for the best film trilogy ever made?

For me it comes down to The Godfather Vs. Lord of the Rings Vs. The Dark Knight, but I'd have to give it to The Dark Knight.
These films changed the superhero genre forever and are just great in every way.

Edit: The first 3 Bourne films were brilliant too.

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That's a hard one tbh
The Hannibal Lecter Trilogy
The Matrix Trilogy
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I've watched the LOTR trilogy about 100 times.
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The Expendables
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moreOneThanAnyOne wroteThe Expendables

You got some films to be watchin my guy
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the dark night is a good one I do say so my self
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I would have to say LotR.

I have seen all 3 so many times. And I can't not finish them when I start Fellowship of the Ring. I even have the Chalice from going to the premier of it back in 2001.
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Lumbridge wrote

I've watched the LOTR trilogy about 100 times.

Definetly my favorite trilogy.
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Jeeezzzz that's a hard one, well the battle would obviously be between Lord Of The Rings and The Matrix, I honestly can't pick one lol
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moreOneThanAnyOne wroteThe Expendables
I agree with this one I really liked all the expendables movies
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