Would you like a new server?

Yes, Vanilla
39.29% (33 votes)
Yes, FTB
19.05% (16 votes)
Yes, either I don't care just make one FFS!!!!
29.76% (25 votes)
Don't care I just came here to post memes....
11.90% (10 votes)

Total Votes: 84

MinecraftWould you like a Minecraft server again?Posted:

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Just a quick thread to see how many of you would be interested in a new MC server.

Please use the poll so we can see if it's worth the time, this is me collating info at the moment. As it stands there isn't going to be a new server.

However..... if the interest is there, then we may look at it.

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Hilton Sucks at Minecraft
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I had then coolest house ever on the TTG server and got sad when it disappeared
Would play again if it happened

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Vanilla only. I have the resources.
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I'd probably join once then get bored tbh
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a Vanilla Role Play server.. basically survival with an in game Economy which includes

- Shops
- Missions / Quests

Maybe you could add "floAuction" basically allows users to auction an item amount for their chosen price.. then others can bid on it with money they have in the bank.
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I'd play every now and then when i get the chance
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I'd play this don't play minecraft as much as i use to but i would be on from time to time
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Tbh I would play this, I think it'd be fun playing with members from here.
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I would love either, I am a huge fan of FTB and would love to see a custom TTG modpack. I'd play and stream that.
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