ModdingDying Light Modded Weapon Drop Lobby (No DLC) (XboxOne)Posted:

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Straight to the point,

I'm hosting a weapon drop lobby with the add on of Unlimited Medkits,Money,Crafting Parts if requested
Also keep in mind the lobby can only hold 4people at a time so be patient

Post legit once in the lobby to keep topic alive

I would of made this post nice and tidy but it keeps freezing on me so this will have to do for now I guess


Battle Axe Of Titans
Bone Splitter
Dragon Hatchet
Heavy Tribal Axe
Legendary Iron Hatchet
Legendary Military Machete
Premium Katana
Fabulous Stamping Sledgehammer
Twilight Phantom

Engraved Semi-Automatic Shotgun
Fabulous Crowbar
Fabulous Military Machete
Premium Oriental Khopesh
Wicked Hatchet
Fabulous Oriental Cleaver
Golden Double Barrel Shotgun

Dark Machete
Deadly Fireman's Axe
Six Shooter

Other items

Kings x300
Bolter Tissue x999+
Metal Parts x999+
Military Medkits x999+
Money ($2Mill)
Lock picks x999

Don't know how long I will be hosting for , depends on how popular and requested these lobbys are

My Gamertag

Message me for invite
NonStop GB


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Wondering if still available?
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If still doing this I want it my gt is butts v5 I need a lot of crafting parts and weapons and medkits and lock picks and money please and thank you
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