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  • Christmas!
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Hello TTG! I'm hosting a free xp and camo lobby!
For those who play on xbox one and xbox 360 this is for you!
If I go Offline their are reasons! Can't find lobby, Freezing, Internet Issues

This is [color=red]not
obligatory: If you wish to report how it was (if i'm Legit or not) leave a vote on top of the thread!
Please be honest!


Do not spam me with messages (I will ban you from my lobbies) and when your master prestige or level you want don't join back (let other people a chance to join)

If you have any questions contact me in PM's!
Sorry for my video proofs quality!


Staff Members if something is wrong with post or not clear please let me know!

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Hey can you invi me my gamertag is princeTaniwha
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  • Christmas!
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invite please
gt: crusty old lady
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GT KyleHamiltonMFC
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  • V5 Launch
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Inv prototype rsx

Will give rep once in
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Will post legit after you invitE me YOUNG JAY2K
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hey could you inv me my GT is Welsh Hoster thnx!!!
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  • 1K Rainmaker
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Gave you some rep... Invite GT: Hedge Funds
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  • Christmas!
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