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Really don't know if I like my avatar I'm SOOO fussy, usually only when I'm making myself one. Was wondering what you guys would rate it out of 10? And any suggestions on how to to make it better?

Cheers guys
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It looks decent, I like the font.
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I like it. How to make it better? Have the background moving :3
Rate:9/10, it's my type. I like that stuff
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I think its really neat and clean.
I really like the font you have going on, and i especially like the gradient you have at the back, it brings attraction to the image more and gives it more character.
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I'd honestly give it a 7/10, like the clipping mask on the letters, but the font you made looks like it was made with a pen tool, which isn't bad. The outline of the letters just looks a bit choppy. But as long as you like it, that's all that matters. (:
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6/10 looks like it took little effort
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Looks decent man!

I'd rather it be in blue tho, just think it would look insane
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