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Welcome All!

I am glad to announce my official weekly giveaway thread for Gold Upgrades! This giveaway has got to be the easiest to enter and probably going to be the one you seem to find yourself back at again and again. So each week I'll be upgrading between one and three members to Gold! This is for anyone to enter, a newbie or a veteran with a 1 year subscription -- there is no set limit to who can enter. Anyways read through the thread to get the information to enter and as always, good luck to you all.

Thanking this thread or adding reputation points would be appreciated but is not required.
Adding Rep and thanking will support you in dedication to this thread - one of the gifting options I use.

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The process to enter is simple, all you need to do is post on this thread. I have various ways of choosing who I upgrade which causes for a lot of conflict which may cause for confusion - as such we shall not discuss that. So generally to be entered into this giveaway then simply post on this thread. Please note that the posts from Friday to Friday are only counted. In other words you need to post once a week to be entered into the contest once again.

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How many people will be upgraded?
Between one and three people per week. Usually on a Friday.

When does this start each week?
Friday, all posts are counted on a weekly basis, i.e. Friday to Friday.

How are winners chosen?
One by Post ID (generator used for random number.)
One by my own decision.
One by dedication to the thread.

How many times can I post in one week?
You can post as many times as you like, make sure you are following the Rules
* Please note that spamming will result in disqualification and blacklist.

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Count me in
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Count me in thanks dude
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I'll enter, thanks mate
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I'll enter, thanks bud
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I'll give it a go, cheers man
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If hasn't ended count me in
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ill enter
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Ima Enter if thats still an option
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