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So i thought id make this topic to discuss what you expect from Red Dead Redemption 2, also for when the games finally out you can post your gamertags and we can play, I myself will be on this game alot ! This topic can be used for all discussions related to Red Dead Redemption 2. I will also be doing a few live streams when the game first comes out and I will post them up on this thread, I'll be sure to keep everyone updated with the latest news when it first gets released.


Rockstar Games has revealed the second trailer for their upcoming game, Red Dead Redemption 2.

This time around, compared to the first trailer, we can see more of the actual game and more details of what to expect have been confirmed. Some new things have been alluded to and there is still plenty to speculate about, however fewer questions about the game have been answered than we would have ideally liked. So, without further ado, lets dive into all this new information!

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The protagonist, singular at least as far as we know is an outlaw called Arthur Morgan. The trailer didnt make it explicitly clear that he is the only protagonist, however he is the only named character, and his voice lines are featured most prominently. Rockstars official description of the trailer gives his full name as the trailer only refers to him as Mr. Morgan.

At this stage, Morgan appears to be a generic middle-aged gruff white guy with a stubble, however character-wise he seems like an atypical hero mainly because he doesnt seem to be a hero. The trailer implies well be erring more on the side of the outlaws in this game, something that is further reinforced by the description:
Watch the all-new trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2, the story of outlaw Arthur Morgan and the Van der Linde gang as they rob, fight and steal their way across the vast and rugged heart of America in order to survive. Coming Spring 2018 to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems

Sequel or Prequel?

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The question of whether Red Dead Redemption 2 would be a prequel or a sequel has been hotly debated in the past year and were pleased to say that this new trailer has finally answered it.

Dutch Van Der Linde, the main antagonist of Red Dead Redemption and the head of the Van Der Linde gang, is seen in the trailer, and is somewhat younger than he was in the previous game, making this clearly a prequel.

It being a prequel made more sense anyway, since Red Dead Redemption often returned to the theme of the Old West declining and the cowboy/outlaw era ending. The games setting was mainly 1911, which was already on the tail-end of the Old West era, and the games epilogue is set even further down the line, making a prequel more or less the only logical option, and finally this has been confirmed.

It does make naming the game Red Dead Redemption 2 instead of Red Dead Re-something even stranger (especially since this is the third game, and Red Dead Redemption was the second), but hey, brand recognition matters.

The Location

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While no concrete locations have been revealed, the voiceover lines indicate the games map will be spread across three states. Since the official description refers to the games setting as Americas unforgiving heartland, the location will be different from the previous game which was in the southernmost states and part of Mexico.
Many of the shots in the trailer depict locations other than arid deserts, including snowy mountains, dense forests, swamps and fields. The biomes present in this game are going to be more varied than they were in Red Dead Redemption.

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Some of the gameplay beats of the upcoming title have been revealed as well. Lassoing horses and hunting are making a return alongside the absolute basics like brawling, shootouts and horse riding. Weapons will include your standard selection of pistols and other late 1800s/early 1900s firearms as well as a bow and arrow and various melee weapons.

While it is hard to confirm details based on a trailer cut together from scripted events and cutscenes, it seems like stealth may play a bigger part in this installment of the series, and train robberies will be recurring events, as well as other typical outlaw activities such as bank robberies.

The Story

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The largely disjointed snippets of dialogue didnt reveal much about the games plot, but we do know well be interacting with a mix of old and new characters.

The storyline will mainly focus on the exploits of the Van Der Linde gang headed by Dutch prior to it being disbanded in Red Dead Redemptions prologue. The story seems to be an antithesis to that of the previous game, which saw John Marston, a former outlaw, attempting to atone and redeem himself (title hint), whereas the new trailer paints Arthur Morgan as someone relishing in the dastardly deeds of an outlaw.

Whether he will have a change of heart during the storyline, or if Rockstars editors just cut together dialogue in a way to throw fans off the scent, will only be revealed once the game is released.

What Is Red Dead Redemption 2s Release Date?

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This trailer, which is currently the newest and thus most up-to-date source of info, only showed the already known, estimated release date of Spring 2018, meaning we dont have a concrete date yet.

While that may be disappointing, were just happy the game didnt get delayed again. Whether or not Rockstar will keep to this date or later on push it back again is anyones guess, but Rockstar releases games on a Rockstar schedule, and aint nobody going to do anything about it.

Is John Marston In It?

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We have no idea. Rockstar is very likely keeping a tight lid on this particular detail, as it would be a pretty major reveal considering the characters popularity. However, fan theories have cropped up already, some thinking that the voice line in the trailer saying were going to need another gun is referring to the recruitment of John Marston.

The Bottom Line

Our idea of just what kind of a game Red Dead Redemption 2 will be just got a lot clearer thanks to this trailer (and well be updating our FAQ and finally producing some guides shortly), however our questions still far outweigh the number of answers.

Were hoping this trailer has opened the information floodgates, so to speak, and we can expect far more details with less waiting from now on. Its time Rockstar started giving more detailed descriptions of gameplay mechanics and more, so keep checking back daily for more!

Red Dead Redemption 2: Everything we know

Red Dead Redemption 2 was originally scheduled to launch in 2017, but Rockstar Games has recently confirmed the game will now arrive in Spring 2018. On Rockstars official website, the developer confirmed the reason for the delay:

This outlaw epic set across the vast and unforgiving American heartland will be the first Rockstar game created from the ground up for the latest generation of console hardware, and some extra time is necessary to ensure that we can deliver the best experience possible for our fans.

We are very sorry for any disappointment this delay causes, but we are firm believers in delivering a game only when it is ready.

Rockstar also released some new screenshots for the game, which you can see littered throughout this article below. Hopefully well still get to see plenty of the game at E3 2017 to make up for the sudden delay.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Release Date When is it coming out?

Red Dead Redemption 2 is launching for PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Scorpio in Spring 2018. The latter will hopefully offer improved textures, performance and resolution. Rockstar is yet to announce an official release date, though the latest delay is a disappointment, at least it confirms the developer is taking its time to ensure the game is exactly how the team wants it to be.

We know very little about RDR 2 at the moment, other than it will star seven characters and incorporate both single and multiplayer components. Rockstars official website gives us a small snippet:

An epic tale of life in Americas unforgiving heartland, the games vast and atmospheric world will also provide the foundation for a brand new online multiplayer experience.

Rockstar has confirmed that PS4 owners will be the first to receive specific online content for Red Dead Redemption 2. You can check out full details on the PlayStation Blog.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 gameplay How does it look?

The very first trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 was a gorgeous showcase of the open world that failed to provide us with a decent idea of how the game will play. Rockstar is probably just teasing us, with plenty more of the western adventure to be shown over the coming 12 months. Judging by the trailer, the acts of horseriding, bandit shooting and desert exploring are back and better than ever, albeit in a familar form.

Red Dead Redemption 2 may offer up a total of seven playable heroes, and John Marston could well be one of them. The reveal artwork and debut trailer show seven men, who are clearly involved with the core narrative or online components. Either way, itd be fantastic to have so many characters with their own unique traits and skills at our disposal. Well be sure to share more gameplay details here as they come to light.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 map This could be the new Old West

A leak seemed to provide the map for the forthcoming Red Dead Redemption 2. The image was posted to NeoGAF before very quickly being taken down, but not before being screengrabbed and shared all over the place.

A closer look at the map reveals Great Plains and multiple Caravan camps as potential locations well be visiting. There are also several islands located among the rivers and large expanses of water; lets hope the missions centred on these arent as tiresome as when John Marsden had to cross ravines to new areas on the map in Redemption.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Trailer

While the trailer doesnt reveal as much as we might have hoped, it does give a brief and utterly gorgeous glimpse at the world that awaits us in Red Dead Redemption 2.

The sequel once again takes place in the Old West, brimming with cowboys, cattle and shanty towns filled with chaotic bars and bustling general stores. In terms of narrative the trailer is light beyond a single conclusive quote:

Listen to me. When the time comes, you gotta run and dont look back. This is over.

The voice of these words is unknown, but in the trailer it is followed by the visual of seven men on horseback, the same gang found in the games reveal artwork.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Screen Shots

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Red Dead Redemption 2 - Everything We Know! Story, Gameplay, Characters & More! (2017 Breakdown)

Latest Stories

Red Dead Redemption 2 Delay A Boon To Ubisoft

While the recently announced delay of Red Dead Redemption 2 to early 2018 is sad news for fans (unless they consider it time well spent perfecting the game of course), it is a breath of fresh air for all of Rockstar and Take-Twos competitors who feared severely diminished sales in the latter half of this year due to the highly anticipated Western title.
Ubisoft is among those relieved by the delay and this should come as no surprise. In spite of being a leading figure in the gaming industry with several highly popular AAA franchises under their control and one of the strongest E3 presentations this year, Ubisoft is going through hard times right now.

A hostile takeover attempt by fellow French multimedia company Vivendi, who formerly owned another industry leading developer and publisher Activision Blizzard, is underway. Not a year ago Ubisoft published an open plea towards fans and investors alike to help them out, either by buying shares away from Vivendi, or simply by buying their games instead of pirating them.

Ubisoft CFO Alain Martinez spoke about the effects of the Red Dead Redemption 2 delay on Ubisofts upcoming quarter during the companys latest investor call, and detailed how it will help the performance of their games on the market.
Ubisoft has projected some favorable increases in sales with up to 34% improvement over the previous quarter. Some analysts were puzzled by this, however Martinez clarified that the figure included the delay of Red Dead Redemption 2, as well as allowing for specific launches such as Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, Season 3 in For Honor and another expansion pack for the popular team based shooter Rainbow Six: Siege.

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Additionally, later releases this year are some of Ubisofts biggest franchises coming back from long breaks.
After two years, Assassins Creed is back with Origins, taking the stealth action series to ancient Egypt. Joining it is South Park: The Fractured But Whole, the follow-up to The Stick of Truth which was also delayed several times. Both of these games have been anticipated for a long time and have avid fanbases. Assassins Creed in particuar is widely thought to be a blockbuster in the making.
However, had Red Dead Redemption 2 stuck to its projected release date of Fall 2017, both of these titles would have suffered for it in terms of sales.

As it shares the open-world nature of Red Dead Redemption 2, Assassins Creed: Origins would have suffered the most since the target demographic is largely the same for both games, leading to most players buying Red Dead, playing it for months, then grabbing Origins at a discount, if at all.

Nonetheless, this wont be actively affecting Ubisoft release schedules, meaning that the company didnt choose to pounce on the now unmuddied period of Fall 2017 to release games planned for other dates. Game releases are meticulously planned in advance for optimal sales based on an extensive market analysis.

Red Dead Redemption 2s hype train is chugging along unhindered despite the lack of official news since the delay announcement and screenshot dump, further standing testament to how popular this game managed to become even before launch. The title is sure to steal the show for months once its finally released, and any game unfortunate enough to share launch month will suffer for it.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Rival Wild West Online Shows Off Gameplay

It appears that gamers arent the only ones who have been wishing for the Red Dead franchise to make its way to PC after all these years, its game developers too. Luckily, the latter can do a whole lot more about the situation than the former, and Wild West Online was born. The developers, 612 Games, are a team of industry veterans with a passion for Western games. But will the project live up to expectations?
As mentioned above, the link between Wild West Online and Red Dead Redemption goes beyond both games sharing a setting. WWO is the direct result of Red Dead Redemption inspiring a group of people who decided to create their own Western game exclusively on PC to fill the void left by John Marstons adventure, as well as whatever the sequel is in store.

Wild West Online was officially announced on May 11 2017. However the day just before that announcement one of its promotional screenshots was leaked early and mistaken for a screenshot of Red Dead Redemption 2. It was only after the official announcement of the game that it became clear another Western title is on the block.

Obviously, the first question that rose in everyones minds was whether it is even viable to release a Western game so close to the release of something as major as Red Dead Redemption 2, but there are a few things going in WWOs favor. Firstly, while Red Dead Redemption 2 has only been confirmed for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, WWO is coming exclusively to PC, meaning the markets for the game are completely different. Additionally, WWO is a full-on massively multiplayer online game, so it fills a different niche than Red Dead Redemption 2, which (we hope/think) will primarily be a single player experience with an additional multiplayer mode called Red Dead Online.

The dev team, 612 Games, have prominent members of the gaming industry in their team, with people whove worked on games like the Crysis series, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Star Trek Online, Neverwinter Nights, Hawken, Ryse and The Darkness. With a solid lineup of heavy portfolios, they also carry weight with investors which is why this isnt a crowdfunded project.

So far, all the ingredients for a great game are there: experience, talent, passion and a budget. The Western genre is woefully underrepresented, so there is plenty of space for two games, especially on different platforms. However, there is a red flag flying, albeit a small one. The game uses a game engine which was developed for War Z, one of the worst disaster stories of the indie gaming industry, and is supported by a company owned by one Sergey Titov, who is widely blamed for that debacle.

Nonetheless, the signs are promising, and the jittery animations of the gameplay video that was just released can be chalked up to this being the alpha version of the game. The developers plan on releasing free DLC post-launch, in a season-based model similar to some of the live service multiplayer games that follow this mentality.
The game boasts a massive map, with its biomes set to be expanded further with Mountainous and Mexican regions as DLC. Regular missions will be joined by a reputation system, allowing you to be either a ruthless outlaw or a valorous deputy. Players can visit saloons for a few rounds, some gambling, or possibly some adult entertainment on the upper floors, while cities will also boast general stores and gunsmiths.

In the wilderness, a dynamic day/night cycle will vary the way you play by bringing about different gameplay conditions. During the day, there is a greater measure of safety during your adventures, while night time brings the perfect opportunity to camp and rest, or ambush unsuspecting enemies under the cover of darkness. Some of the proposed DLC will be adding night-only missions with a great variety in objectives.

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But, how will this game measure up to Red Dead Redemption 2 This is the question everyone will inevitably ask even though the two games are essentially different genres and on different platforms. When there are just two Western titles on the horizon, they will be compared no matter what.

Fact is, even with the kind of experience the people working on Wild West Online have, they still wont get a measure of investor interest or funding to match the insane amounts of resources that Take-Two and Rockstar Games can mobilize. Big budgets arent everything though, and passion and skill often count for more. Thing is, Rockstar packs both of those qualities in plentiful supply too.

At the end of the day, Red Dead Redemption 2 will end up a more polished product benefitting from a single player campaign, whereas Red Dead Online alone will also be able to match or better the experience of Wild West Online. There is likely a reason why 612 Games isnt even considering a console launch theyre picking their battles.

The tentative release date of Wild West Online is December this year, with alpha and beta stages spread out between now and then. Whether the game lives up to the expectations it sets for itself, and whether it can truly scratch the Red Dead itch that PC players have, is anyones guess until then.

PS4 Games Coming To PS Now, Might Mean Red Dead Redemption 2 Will Stream On PC

While its far off from being any sort of confirmation, a recently announced change coming to the PlayStation Now streaming service might be an indication that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be playable on PC at some point Just not via a proper port of its own.
The PlayStation Now service is a subscription-based streaming library which allows subscribers access to a given number of PlayStation 3 titles on either their PlayStation 4 consoles or on a PC (with a dualshock controller hooked up). The service has a rather large and expansive library and subscribers are given access to all of the games you dont need to buy them on top of paying subscription fees.

While this offers a legitimate way of playing PlayStation 3 exclusive releases without the PS3 console itself, many users who have accessed the PS Now library on PC often report dodgy performance. Very high-end internet connections, both in terms of speed and stability, are needed to stream the games decently, and even then the best youll get is 30 FPS and dodgy controls with some limited functionality.

Red Dead Redemption is included in the PlayStation Now service, thus marking the games debut on PC. This is a less than stellar way to play the game, however, its the only way to go if you want to play Rockstars Western epic on your PC.
Yesterday though, the PlayStation Now library was expanded with PlayStation 4 titles, none of which were available through the service previously. This move pushed said library past the 500 game mark, but more importantly, it holds much potential for the future and is relevant for Red Dead fans for two reasons. One good, the other bad.

First of all, based on the fact that Red Dead Redemption was made available through the service and that Rockstar and Sony have some kind of deal going on, Red Dead Redemption 2 will likely make its way to PS Now eventually, and thus it will be playable on PC. This is the good news.

The bad is that it could mean a proper PC port of the game will never arrive.
This deal the two companies have with one another is likely the reason why the previous title isnt coming to PC amid the hype for the sequel. With all the buzz around Red Dead Redemption 2, releasing a remastered version of the 2010 installment on PC would have made ludicrous amounts of money.

People are already pining for new Red Dead content, especially with the delay that was recently announced, and there really wouldnt be any better way to cope with waiting than by playing a graphically upgraded Red Dead Redemption running on PC.
However, the fact that PS Now is involved means that Red Dead Redemption will definitely never make it to PC as a proper port, and possibly Red Dead Redemption 2 neither.

The reason is simple the moment an actual port is released, with keyboard, mouse and 4K support, graphical options and an uncapped framerate, everyone will buy and play that, and no-one would use the PS Now version. The Red Dead name has massive recognition and draw, and we suspect many a PS Now subscriber is currently only paying because of that particular game being available.

By having a monopoly on Red Dead games on PC, the appeal of the PlayStation Now service is boosted significantly. And while no details of the actual deal between Sony and Rockstar are publicly known beyond PlayStation 4 players getting early access to post-launch DLC, maybe it contains something about no proper PC port being released while the partnership is still running.

Red Dead Redemption 2s Delay Opens Opportunities for EA

Not too long ago Ubisoft executives spoke about how not having to compete with Red Dead Redemption 2 in the upcoming quarter may be a boon to the sales of their own games. Now EA has joined them in speaking out about how the delay might be beneficial to their own performance, however with a slightly different take on things.

While sharing a release window with a game on the level of Red Dead Redemption 2 is something most people would assume is daunting for rival publishers, its easy to forget that all players of the AAA industry face stiff competition all the time just look at the Fall release schedule of this year. Even without Red Dead Redemption 2, there are still several huge and highly anticipated games on the menu, with some launching within days of one another.

Competition is a reality of the AAA sphere that all publishers have to deal with and it wouldnt have been a new situation for EA who release a high number of AAA games themselves each year. While EA CFO Blake Jorgensen did say that the delay of Red Dead Redemption 2 provides some opportunities, he also said that high profile releases can actually help all publishers, even if theyre not the ones releasing.

The publisher sees the potential of highly hyped games to be gateway products into the medium for many potential fans. We often highlight how GTA 5 is predominantly a mainstream title with many people who play it, and only it but how many of those people started out like that only to become hardcore gamers due to the influence of the title?

The entertainment industry isnt like most others were companies race to grab the customers away from one another. Typically, a person only needs one phone, for example, and every company wants to be the one to sell you that one phone. However, the typical entertainment consumer wont be purchasing just one entertainment product and this changes the game. Publishers need to win customers, not steal them, and thus the promotion of any entertainment medium as a whole (like game consoles) is good news.
Nonetheless, the delay of a game as massive as Red Dead Redemption 2 will grant EAs releases some more breathing room, and Jorgensen isnt blind to this fact either.

While the Red Dead Redemption 2s delay has resulted in a rather sparse release schedule for Take-Two, its not like 2017 will be thin on new releases going forward. There are plenty of other games to look forward to in the time before the Spring of 2018 rolls around.


Red Dead Redemption 2 Not Expected To Match GTA V Success

The gargantuan success of Grand Theft Auto 5 is both an achievement standing testament to the skill of the developers at Rockstar Games, and very likely a looming oppressor that instills doubt in the same developers while they work away on Red Dead Redemption 2. Even though these are two separate franchises, the upcoming Western title will inevitably be compared to GTA 5.

The previous Red Dead game, Redemption, released in 2010, has sold approximately 15 million since launch. If we were to compare GTA 5 and GTA 4 (2208), the previous title sold around 25 million units whereas 5 is currently sitting at over 80 millio,n with a good chance of hitting further milestones.

In an interview with, Strauss Zelnick spoke at length about Take-Two Interactives vision of the future, and that vision includes no small expectations for Red Dead Redemption 2 . However, even they dont expect similar increases in installment to installment sales, nor do they expect sales to rival that of GTA 5.

Analysts said as much as soon as the game was officially announced. The general consensus is that Red Dead Redemption 2 will be a huge success in its own right, but will not reach the levels of overwhelming mainstream popularity that catapulted GTA 5 to the top of the sales charts.

What the team is doing is trying to make the best possible game they can, and if they succeed Look, the reason, in my opinion, why GTA V has sold 80m units, and GTA Online had another record year 3-and-a-half years since its release, is because it stands alone in the generation. In every prior generation, there have been other titles that have clustered around GTA from a quality point-of-view. Thats clearly not the case now. If you are over 17 and you have a new generation console, you have GTA. Otherwise we wouldnt have shipped 80m units. Can any other title achieve that? It seems unlikely. Do we have incredibly high hopes for Red Dead? We do. But we are not putting it in the context of GTA

That said, the shadow of GTA 5s success looms over the developers of Red Dead Redemption 2, even if it isnt being cast by their superiors. Rather, its the community they might need to worry about. Its no secret that the gaming populace is, more than occasionally, a toxic bunch of people, and a pervasive and quite harmful misconception that any sequel that doesnt eclipse the predecessor is automatically bad is widespread. Even hitting the same bar isnt good enough, it has to be better.
Even though Red Dead Redemption 2 is a different franchise than GTA, the comparisons to 5 will be inevitable. The similarities between Red Dead Redemption and the typical GTA gameplay formula are so numerous that its easy to draw parallels, and it has been confirmed that the two share a fictional universe (along with Manhunt).

One recent game that is widely ridiculed and considered a failure by many in spite of being a perfectly functional and highly entertaining game on its own merits is Mass Effect: Andromeda. Anywhere you look, youll see not only fans, but critics panning the title. It has its flaws, and it is perfectly reasonable to assume some genuinely disliked it on its own merits, but far too much of the hate directed at it stems from not one-upping the original trilogy.

Generally, players and critics all agree that GTA 5 is an absolutely fantastic game with massive entertainment value. If Red Dead Redemption 2 turns out to be a very good, or even just a great game, you can bet some will write it off as a disappointment after GTA 5.
Nonetheless, signs are pointing to a better future. In most recent cases, game delays have often characterized titles that ended up being well received The Witcher 3 pops to mind, which was delayed several times, and ended up grabbing Game of the Year awards across two years. Somehow.

Rockstars near spotless track recording when it comes to genre and generations defining masterpieces and legendary classics coupled with the general assumption that the delay will result in a more polished title is looking very good for Red Dead Redemption 2. In terms of sales, on the other hand well, the facts that the game is grabbing so many headlines this far out from launch, even though we only have a handful of screenshots and a cinematic trailer speak for themselves.

That said, some fans are worried about the extent of influence GTA 5s success will have on the structure of the upcoming Western epic. GTA Online, the games popular multiplayer component, has been getting all the post-launch content, and the microtransaction system has, in the opinions of some, resulted in a grindy gameplay experience. One of Zelnicks comments can sound a tad worrying in this regard.
[]Obviously we know what Rockstar tends to do. And Rockstars activities have been transformed by Grand Theft Auto Online
Transformed by GTA Online. Thats pretty telling what kind of direction the developers are looking at for their future games. It is possible that the delay of Red Dead Redemption 2 could be at least in part attributed to further effort being put into the multiplayer mode, Red Dead Online, which Rockstar announced alongside the main game. The direction they tale is the key here from a fans perspective.
The Zelnick interview branched out into more general fields regarding Take-Twos plans for doing business. With the new release date for the upcoming Western being somewhere in early 2018, the release schedule for 2017 is sparse. No Rockstar titles and very few 2K releases means this is a quiet year for Take-Two, much more quiet than they would like. The company planned on releasing at least one non-sports AAA title each year. In 2016, they released more than 6, and this year, none.
2K had a really good season this past year, but it was, for the company, still relatively thin. And it didnt help that Battleborn wasnt a big success. So part of it is the level of success, part of it is the schedule, and part of it is finding the human resources to actually take the intellectual property that we own and bring them to market. Those are an array of challenges, juxtaposed against the uncertainty of how long it takes to make a AAA title, which means we can find ourselves in fiscal 2018 with a much thinner schedule than wed like
Battleborn is Take-Twos entry into a rapidly growing industry segment which marries the genres of MOBAs and team-based shooters. Other examples include Overwatch, Paladins and Paragon. Anyone following gaming news will know that Blizzards Overwatch has been leading the pack by a massive margin.

2K was really busy with game releases last year, including major titles like XCOM 2, Mafia 3 and Civilisation VI, however their schedule doesnt have anything major lined up for the latter half of 2017. Likely, this is in part a planned move, as Take-Two wanted as little clutter surrounding Red Dead Redemption 2s release as possible, allowing their flagship release to get all the limelight it needs.
However, the delay seemingly messed up that plan, and instead of going strong with a heavy hitter theyre now looking at an empty year. Of course, this curse for them comes as a blessing for other publishers. Red Dead Redemption 2 is sure to steal the scene whenever it finally arrives, so from that point of view it isnt an issue for Take-Two, they just like planning other releases accordingly.
obviously fiscal 2019 will look much better with the launch of Red Dead 2 and a huge new title from 2K, as well as the 2K Sports titles, catalogue, recurrent consumer spending, NBA2K Online in China, Social Point and the like. Weve already said that fiscal 2019, which isnt that far away, is $2.5bn net sales minimum, £700m cash flow from our operations minimum thats pretty consequential
Take-Two is looking to expand in the coming years into new market segments. We reported some time ago that many properties were licensed for film production, and that the company acquired established mobile developer Social Point. Additionally, Take-Two is trying to tap the creative resources of the indie sphere through acquisitions (Kerbal Space Program) or by entering joint projects, publishing and funding indie talent to turn their concepts into AAA productions.
The aspect of these plans that will soonest reach fruition is, without a doubt, the mobile segment. Rockstar Games has already been porting old titles such as Bully and 3D era GTA games to mobile devices, however soon well be seeing original content as well. Thing is, it likely wont be based on Rockstar IP, but rather franchises from the 2K catalogue. David Ismailer, President of 2K, elaborated on this.
Our focus right now is on our core two brands NBA and WWE. Once we get those better positioned, I think there might be an opportunity to leverage some of our other brands in the mobile space
This means that getting any new portable GTA titles in the vein of Chinatown Wars, or even a mobile Red Dead game, will likely remain a dream for many years to come. That said, the possibility is greater than it was ever before, so at least were getting there.

In fact, there are some segments of the community who believe that in spite of expectations, Red Dead Redemption 2 might explode to become something far greater in terms of influence. Weve said ourselves that generally speaking, the Red Dead IP speaks to a different market segment as GTA does. GTA is the very embodiment of the mainstream, whereas Red Dead is still mostly a core gaming property with little mainstream reach.
If we assume GTA Online represents the future for that franchise, it means GTA will fully embrace the mainstream direction. In this case, Rockstar might use the Red Dead IP to maintain a hold on the core gaming audience, and use it as a vehicle to offer what GTA 5 didnt more focus on single player content, by which we mean DLC. If Red Dead takes on the mantle of Rockstars flagship IP while GTA is repurposed to be their mainstream revenue source, spin-off and branching cross-media products could follow, such as mobile games.

Naturally, all of this is speculation, and unfortunately, some of Zelnicks comments once again seem to speak against it. He is very much aware that Take-Two has shifted priorities from the core gaming segment to a much wider audience.
We have gone from a company that focuses on hardcore gamers, to an entertainment enterprise that is expressed through interactive entertainment primarily, but there may be other areas that has nothing to do with games. I would argue that the league really has nothing to do with interactive entertainment, because it will be linear entertainment for most of the people involved. Theyre watching it, theyre not interacting with it. Were not calling it a different market, but that is what it is
Not only are core gamers no longer the primary audience, but the audience as a whole now includes non-gamers. This is a direction that was made abundantly clear with the way GTA Online evolved over the course of three years, but Red Dead Redemption 2 will be the true indicator of what kind of a company Take-Two has become since then.

At the end of the day though, to the Red Dead fans, all of this means two things: Red Dead Redemption 2 may turn out to be a much more multiplayer and mainstream oriented title than many long-time fans expect, and that Take-Twos desire to release more games more frequently is aimed primarily at 2K and the new mobile market, not Rockstar. Chances are the time between the next Red Dead game after Redemption 2 will be as long, if not longer, as it was between 2010s title and the upcoming one.


Here's An Early Discount On The Just-Delayed 'Red Dead Redemption 2

As a rule of thumb, I can't encourage pre-ordering games. It's a system designed to take power away from consumers and gift it to publishers by way of ensuring that people's purchases will be locked-in before they know whether or not a game is any good. In most but not all situations it just gives very little utility to the person making the pre-order, even if the company is throwing in some virtual freebies to sweeten the deal. With that being said, sometimes there's a game from a franchise you know you like or a developer with a sterling track record, and in those cases it might be alright to bend the rules a little bit. Such is the case with Red Dead Redemption 2 and Rockstar Games, which handily fall into both categories.

And so if you were planning on grabbing Red Dead Redemption 2 at launch, it might be worth it to pick up the pre-order now. The game is currently $10 off at Newegg for both Xbox One and PS4. We see pre-order discounts like this from time to time, particularly for Amazon Prime members, but they're rarely more than this. And since Rockstar games tend to sell at full price for the longest time in the industry this side of Nintendo, these actually might be the lowest prices you see for a bit.

Red Dead Redemption 2 just received its second delay and is now slated for October 2018 -- with each passing delay the likelihood the game will actually come out on the appointed date increases, but there's still definitely a chance that the Rockstar will push the game back to early 2019, though I'd be surprised if it went any further than that. It's pretty far out for a pre-order, but as I said this game does come with a certain pedigree.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the followup to the critically acclaimed Red Dead Redemption, an open world Western in the vein of GTA that's held up as one of the greatest titles of the Xbox 360/PS3 generation. It's a prequel to the original story, and what we've seen of it so far is clearly marked by Rockstar's signature scale and obsessive attention to detail. Expect this to be one of the biggest games of the year, if not the biggest.

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Will keep you updated with new stories.

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I'm surely going to buy this game if it comes out on PC, it would be a waste if it won't though.

Cool topic!
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Well, I CANNOT WAIT until this game comes out another amazing game by Rockstar

Thanks for the amazing post going to read this for a while thanks Mikey!
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So hyped for this game!

Great topic
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Very clean and detailed thread man. As i said...stick with it. Keep it updated

+rep & Thanked
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I can't wait for this game to come out. Really good job k. The topic mate, keep up the hard work
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really cant wait for this game itz gonna be bigger than gta v maybe
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Always preferred RD to GTA anyway. But thats just personal preference.
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Great topic, might be one of the few games I pre-order, loved Red Dead Redemption, can't wait for this
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Mlkey wrotereally cant wait for this game itz gonna be bigger than gta v maybe

I'll be surprised if it is bigger than GTA but there is the potential for it to be
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