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iPhone X
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  • Winter 2018
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I've recently picked up an iPhone 10s max, love it. First big phone too usually I get the regular sized ones.
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iPhone 8 Plus & Air Pods

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  • Summer 2019
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Iphone xr, apple watch series 4, macbook pro and airpods
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  • Halloween!
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iPhone XR, Apple watch series 2, 2017 macbook air.
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I've got the IPhone XR and apple AirPods 2
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iPhone XS
iPad Pro
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  • Christmas!
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I have the iPhone XR in red I like it but I do miss androids they had a lot more options for music and apps
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  • Winter 2019
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iPhone 7 Rose Gold
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  • Halloween!
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I own a few....

Iphone 6 - use for gaming needs, notes etc
Iphone 6SE - music sometimes. but also use for my gaming needs etc like the 6.
Iphone 7 - My current using phone, .
Iphone XR - Girlfriends phone

EDIT; OH, girlfriend also owns IPAD, cant remember which gen but not that old, 2-3 years MAX. and she has a Crayola Pen/stylus. Equipped with a keyboard Case. (not apple)
it's Logitech
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