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Haters will say it's photoshop...

Lighting is way off and the outline on her body doesn't make sense. Overall it looks good in idea but in factor it is iffy.
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The edges of her body aren't smooth, you can see it's cutout
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Who actually is this suppose to be also

Not a fan of it mate sorry

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One thing I notice among a lot of inexperienced manipulators, is using over dramatic color correction to cover up mistakes and 'blend' elements together.
You should be practicing getting one element into a photo and match that element to the existing photo.
Once you can do that very well in different areas (sky, ground, sea, hills, flat ground, bricks, grass, ect), then step up to more elements still while not adjusting the base stock.
Then when you can blend to match a stock, go crazy make some atmospheric color corrections and crazy depths.
Hone in your skill before trying to step too far ahead of yourself.
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