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Hey guys and gals, I'm trying to figure out what badge to go for, I'm already going for the gold gifter badge but I'm looking for a challenge. Has anyone got any suggesting for what other badge I should aim for ?
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Game Reviewer.
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Also going for gold gifter myself but another badge you could go for

Gold member +

game reviewer
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Ninja haha
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The Game Reviewer, or tutorial. I feel those besides the special badges are the hardest to get if you want a challenge.
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I would go for the wizard badge
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Tutorials King, Download King, Video King, are great badges to aim for mate, bit of a grind, but its fun, and helps out the site with new content which is great for members. They aint that challenging, so if your looking for a real challenge id say Game Reviewer will be tuff to achieve but its possible. News Comments is a pretty fun one to get also. Lets not forget All Time High, which is personaly my favorite badge on the site, but that one is a hella grind.
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Ehh im going for the news badges right now! Wanna race xD
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Game reviewer is a great challenge for someone.
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Wizard or sensi

That'll be a challenge
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