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Sale $3.50 per! Also buk deals suck as 10KV's for $30.
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General Information

My mission is to provide high quality Unshared KeyVaults, at the lowest possible cost. I have succeeded in keeping my price less than what most other sellers charge. I believe that there shouldn't be a high price for gamers to get online. The most important thing to my service in my clients' lives by providing competitively priced Unshared KeyVaults. I specialize in low-cost, bulk packages for my Unshared KeyVaults. My competitive prices and world class customer service has given me the opportunity to open the best service i can provide. Compassion and welfare for all my clients is what motivates me to keep my clients happy! Please visit to get your product, or you can visit our site "live chat" to ask any general questions; i are more than happy to help you to stay online which is why i offer a trusted service for you. I started selling KeyVaults in 2012, and since then my clients have remained beyond satisfied!

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Private Message

eGoods assumes no responsibility for any person(s) claiming to be or impersonating a member of our staff. All questions and inquiries should be made out to our "Contact Information" listed in this posting or on our website ONLY ( Please be sure to read and follow our Terms of Service before accepting at our registration process. Click "here" to view our ToS.

Thanks, Dream

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Vouch From Rodent_Modz
100% Legit
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Rodent recommended you to me, cant wait to purchase from you!
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Known Dreams for many years! He has sold me tons of KV's at amazing prices. Be sure to purchase from him with no hesitation.
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You have my vouch, will be coming to you for KVs.
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Vouch, glad to have a KV guy back
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I Vouch for dream, Hes good at what he does; Looking forward to buying from you.
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Vouch for Dream. he is a trustworthy person and a great kv seller.
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DreamMods wrote

Please remember, we are not responsible for any actions the Xbox LIVE enforcement team may take against your console. We can only offer so much, however we do suggest using a stealth server, which will garentee KV life' RebellionLive. It's completely up to you as for what you do with your Keyvault. There are NO REFUNDS for purchasing from our services and TheTehGame nor I will not be held responsible, we assure every KeyVault is 100% Unshared.

Just an FYI, misspelled TheTechGame in your ToS (in red above), technically TTG could be reliable unless corrected haha


There ya go!
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NFO wroteLemmie Buy one for 2$
If i did that for you, i'd have to do it for everyone else. So to be fair price is the same for everyone! Hope you understand.

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