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A lil something I put together last week.. What do you think?
Also check out my instagram account if you haven't seen it yet! Thanks!
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var (04-06-2017)
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and my brain hurts now.
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What am I looking at now lol
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Got me tripping ballz..
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Bro this is trippy as fick!

How did you do this
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I like the concept and the blending overall is pretty good, the gent sitting down needs some touch up in the offset + saturation category.
My only gripe with this image is this line in the image.
Now i understand its supposed to mind ****, but it just doesn't match the rest of the image,
everything else has a blending point where this appears to be a fold as if turning a page which would be fine if you made the rest of the design to match.
Perhaps trying a spherical warp of the stock image you can replace that corner with something that matches a bit better.
Just a thought.
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I have seen this picture 2 years ago.
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This is awesome!
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Jeepers, this instantly gave me a headach! But it looks really nice man!
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Really good
I would just add some lightning or something to the person.
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