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Consoles may not be shipped out tell Saturday

My Previouse Shop shows how many Views and replies

Be sure to Check this out Chaotic360 Remastered Xbox 360 Multl games modding tool
All consoles will also come with a 15 day warranty
All sales are final.
All consoles are used so may have scratches,dings or missing USB,memory flaps etc.
I have over 5 years of experience. Fast shipping. I offer good quality work for affordable prices. I will also help you set up your console
Jtag/RGH consoles come with a 12v fan mod and original nand/cpu key/dvd key and are all on the latest dash.

Jasper RGH $95 shipped instock
Slim RGH $130 shipped instock
20GB hdd $30
60GB hdd $45
250GB hdd $70
power brick and av cables $35
Blue ring of light $5
DVD drive repairs $15
reflash of you nand if you brick you console $15
Reflow $25
Reball $50
rgh install $70 shipped back to you $75 for coronas shipped back to you V1-V6
Custom paint job and cut out with plexiglass installed prices range from $40-$85
Here is Order Form for send ins download and send it in with your console or just pm me the information
This is just for send ins/Accessories
any where from $1.95/$13.00
pm me on here

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Welcome back to The Tech Game! Shop always looks good as usual. Done some business in the past with him also. Another seller who left early due to the competition getting tuff to compete with here. Yet we always kept in touch on here and off site. Glad to see your back! Good luck with sales.
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This guy does great work!
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great seller responds fast helps you just bought from him and gonna do an unboxing video when it arrives side note So i unboxed it at work and didnt have my phone on me

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Hey man i wanna buy your jasper RGH but can you tell me a little of what it can do please im very interested
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tons of consoles in stock new deal of the week console is up as well.
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Good luck with sales buddy.
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Legit and has my vouch. Will be uploading a video soon
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Really nice and helpful guy! Has my vouch
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GLWS! Nice shop as well
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