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ReviewChicken Toss: Chicken on the Run - ReviewPosted:

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Chicken Toss - Chickens on the Run

Platform: Android, iOS
Genre: Casual
Release Date: Sep 11, 2014
Developer: Tapps Games
Publisher: Tapps Games


And who said chickens can't fly? These gangling birds are ready to prove you wrong in Chicken Toss! Join now this fun bird launching game and help the chickens fulfill their dream of reaching new heights! With powerful cannons and a wide set of unusual gadgets, the chickens are determined to put their tiny and fluffy wings to good use and fly far enough to finally earn the title of Flying Bird. Will you help them to make it happen? Chicken Toss is a fun and original launching game! Adjust the power and direction of your favorite cannon to launch a chicken as far as you can. Don't forget to flap your wings and avoid obstacles while you are in mid air. Special power-ups might come in handy!


Based on chickens, In this game you'll be controlling a cannon that will shoot out your chicken and seeing how far you can go on the farm. At the start of every run you will have to aim your cannon and the power of your cannon. After you'll be launched into the sky where you will try to stay as long as you can collecting coins and power-ups making you stay up longer. During your chickens flight you will be welcomed to other chickens that will aid you by bouncing you back in the air or some animals that will slow you down, take your money, stun you or even a farmer that will chase after you. You will also have the chance to collect joins on your flight that you can use to upgrade your cannon to make it shoot you further. There is also other upgrades that can give you a coin magnet letting you collect more coins in a group at a time, A damping reset so the chickens on the ground wont slow you down as much, or even a coin booster allowing you to get more coins at a time. There is also a full category of upgrades for each enemy that will decrease your momentum on the ground. You will also have the chance to spend your coins on items that will aid you for example you can buy a gas to a jetpack you'll be able to wear or an item called "Feather" that will make you lighter letting you float in the air longer. You can also change the look of your chicken to special looking and rarer chickens.


Chicken Toss seems like a game that kids would play. The graphics to it and everything have a kiddish feel and just don't suit me that much. This game is based around chickens so you're going to see chickens everywhere, A good thing is they put a great design to each chicken you'll meet on your flight. There is a total of 5 different enemies in this game and each one has had a really great design job to make them look evil and something that you would want to stay away from. The setting of the game is in a farm with a huge 2D landscape in the background. When you're in flight there is really nothing to look at besides a some round hills that look the same throughout the whole game. At the start you'll be placed in a mud pit at the game with 2D objects surrounding you. The only thing 3D in this game is your chicken and all the other chickens in the game. You will get the chance to travel to other areas such as the beach or a huge city with new obstacles and challenges in each area but everything will stay 2D. A feature I like about this game that many games dont have is when you upgrade something the whole design of that object will change and they did that in this game. An example of this in this game is the cannon, each time you upgrade the cannon it will turn into a whole new design looking stronger. A suggestion I would say for this game would make the background more interesting, all you're looking at is a blue sky with a few clouds for the whole time you're in the air. It's really a bumper and makes the game boring. Every stage of the game has a boring background that makes me want close the app and play something else.
Couldn't find any HD Images of the gameplay core of the game! Truly Sorry but if you take the time to watch videos on Youtube or check it for yourself you can get a good look for yourself on the graphics.

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Very weird but fun at the same. To charge your cannon up you'll need to wait for the arrow to hit the hit section and then you're going to smash your screen with your thumb. Secondly you'll have to wait again for the next arrow to charge up the power of the cannon and again smash your finger on the screen. Each run you'll do the exact same over and over again. You wont be using your thumb for anything else besides just watching your bird fly through the air doing its own thing.


Gameplay: 7/10
Graphics: 6/10
Controls: 10/10
Overall: 7/10

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Looks funny might download for that
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Not a huge fan of this game. Got boring fast
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sounds like a mess of a game good review man keep it up
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I played this game before, and played it for all of 15 minutes and i was done lol, good revi3ew mind you.
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This game looks pretty funny. Kind of a twist on angry birds if you ask be, but the graphics look a lot more humorous. One thing that makes this stand out is the fact you can change the power of your cannon. Good review man, I don't think I'll check it out because you rated it a C.
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This game look awful I bet it still made a load of money though! Good review nonetheless
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