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Motor Hero!

Platform: Android, iOS
Genre: Action, Action-Adventure
Release Date: May 16, 2015
Developer: Orangenose Studio
Publisher: Orangenose Studio


Hold to accelerate to conquer the daring platforms. Then hold in midair to flip the motorcycle to get stars. Perform succeeding stunts to earn more stars and unlock more bikes! Are you ready to take the risk?


Motor Hero is a 2D biked base game where you have to jump from platform to platform trying to reach a high score. The thing is the platforms are actually ramps where you can't just relax and have a cold beer. You'll be constantly rolling down each ramp once you land on it. You'll have to push the pedal to the metal when launching yourself to the next random but just be carefully because if you use too much gas you'll overkill it and kill yourself. There are other obstacles in the game you're going to be landing on such as diamond shaped platforms, circular ramps and much more. You will have a selection of all kinds of motorbikes that you beat records with and dominate the leaderboards in the game. To unlock new bikes you'll come across gold stars that you can collect by doing combos for or doing a front flip/back flip and landing it perfectly. You can also land on golden platforms that will be a big risk of death but will reward you with a golden star. you'll need 10 gold stars to open a crate that will give you a random bike. Keep in mind the bikes do not have specific stats where one bike is faster than the other, they are just for the looks to show off to your friends. Motor Hero is all using your brain and having finding away around things. There will be obstacles that will have you taking a break just to figure out how to get past it. The farther you get through each run the more obstacles and harder it will get for you. The game is fully generated so each run will be different with all new obstacles and different ways of getting around.


I gotta say I really doubted this game when I first installed it. After giving the game a few tries and testing out some bikes the graphics in this game are extraordinary. It's not the ramps or anything that stand out, it's actually the surroundings of the bike and the setting its in. You'll notice water flowing and clouds moving in the sky. You'll also see wind lines flowing on your screen. There will be occasions where the map will change into a different setting that could be a dark atmosphere, you can also see a nice city with a sunset in the background glowing your screen orange and yellow. The bikes in the game are all different with some really fascinating looks to them. The thing is they're really small when playing making it hard to actually see how nice your bike actually looks. There is also another element in the game and that's when you crash. Once you crash because your bike landed on its top your landed straight on the tip of a ramp, your bike will explode and your character will go flying. It's the funniest thing in the world and I didn't notice until a few deaths in the game. A small feature some may not notice because its really not that big but every time you land on a ramp it will light up with a glow effect which I found to be a little cool that they added. After my playthrough of the game I found the graphics of the game to be really enjoyable and a main component of the game.

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There is no tutorial or anything at the start of the game so you'll have to figure out the controls by yourself. But dont worry, the controls in Motor Hero! are so easy you'll think you're just watching a movie. You'll have a gas pedal that is location on the bottom right and a brake pedal on the bottom left. I really dont need to tell you what each one does but the controls are extremely easy to get use to and feel great for the game.


Gameplay: 10/10
Graphics: 10/10
Controls: 10/10
Overall: 10/10

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This actually looks fun, def will download
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Looks pretty good of a game, might have to try this out.
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I have played it and i did like it lots but i did get bored
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Tried this game out and it reminded me of bike rider a lot, ended up deleting to redownload bike rider lol, great tutorial Tom.
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Thank you for all the reviews you've made for all these games! This reminds me of a game I had on my iPad a couple years ago when I was in middle school
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might have to try this now
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This game looks like a lot of fun, only problem is you have to constantly be paying attention good review though, even though the game looks simple it looks like a good time.
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