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When you gotta go you gotta go
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I used to be, then once I joined the army I stopped giving a damn and use em lol.
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  • Winter 2018
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Wait till I get home but if I absolutely can't hold it I will clean up the toilet seat and put toilet paper down.
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for a while i wouldnt but then after joining the military i just dont give a crap anymore XD
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I don't poop in public
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Dbz wroteI don't poop in public
You're certainly missing out
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if I gotta go, I gotta go
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You gotta go you gotta go, so I'll say yes anywhere XD
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They used to be the worst thing ever and I hated using them but now that I have grown up they do not bother me. The worst place to use it was school lol
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I gotta mummify the toilet hard before I even think of sitting
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