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ReviewImpossible Lasers - ReviewPosted:

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Impossible Lasers

Platform: Android, iOS
Genre: Action
Release Date: September 6, 2016
Developer: Leo De Sol Games
Publisher: Leo De Sol Games


Dash right into the action with Impossible Laser, the new addictive one tap impossible game. Tap the screen to release the laser and smash the glass. Hit all glasses to complete the level, but if you miss a glass you lose. Hitting and smashing glass has never been that addictive and fun! And its 100% Free!


Impossible lasers is all about concentration and your reaction time. The game for sure takes on its title "Impossible" because some levels I get stuck on until i finally beat it after the 50th try. The whole point of the game is shatter every piece of glass that is scrolling on your screen. The hard thing is they are constancy moving at a fast pace. When you reach higher stages you'll start to noticed there will be different sizes of glass in each stage with the movement of them being so fast you'll have to look away from being so dizzy. The way you fail in Impossible Laser is if you miss a piece of glass at anytime the stage will reset and you'll have to break each glass all over again. There are a total of 125 level with all unique ways of destroying the glass but readying the description of the game there will be more stages to come in DLCs later in the future. You will have the chance to go back to any stage you found fun or challenging that you would like to try again if you really want to. In the game there will be moments where stages you'll have to let a piece of glass go by your laser around 10 times just to get the right moment to shatter it. Overall I find this game extremely fun to play and can cause a lot of frustration in people so beware.


Graphics in this game aren't that in your face or anything but for a simple game they're alright. The developers tried their best to make the glass and the laser as bright and noticeable so you won't be distracted by something in the background or something so that's why they made the background just white. For me that's 100% ok because Id rather not see shit moving in the background losing my focus on the actual game. When activating your laser you will see a well done laser look each time you tap the screen with a really cool sound. Another thing that impressed me is when you shatter a piece of glass it will break into a million pieces. Hard to notice since it only stays on screen for a second but if you actually get the chance to see it looks pretty cool. When a glass is in full form it looks like a polygon type of object but with good shadow effects.

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To play the game you'll need to learn how to tap your phone. If you already know how to do so then hopefully you'll master the controls of Impossible Laser. But to laser glass all you'll need to do is just tap your screen which activates your laser destroying anything that's lined up with it. Other than that you'll complete every stage in the game without any difficulties.


Gameplay: 10/10
Graphics: 8/10
Controls: 10/10
Overall: 9/10

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  • 1K Rainmaker
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Seems addicting, will download
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  • Shoutbox Hero +
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Going to download this thanks for the review and amazing post brotha
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  • Shoutbox Hero
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This game is admitted fun... for around 10 minutes. I got bored of it super quick. The only time I ever play it now is when I'm using the bathroom. Thanks for the great review Tom.
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  • Rated Awesome
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Haven't heard of this game before but sounds really boring.
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  • Winter 2017
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thanks, love looking into ios games
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  • Vantage
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Great review tom, but I just can't grt into this game. Not fun st all.
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Never heard of it but I'm gonna download it and try it out
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  • All Time High
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Impossible games are annoying as hell, but they are damn addictive and normally a lot of fun. This review makes it seem like this is just that. Great review Man, I don't know if I'll be able to get into this one.
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