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ReviewMissiles! - ReviewPosted:

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Platform: Android, iOS
Genre: Arcade
Release Date: April, 2016
Developer: Macaque
Publisher: Macaque


Missiles! is an arcade based game where you will have to survive as long as you can without being blown up by missiles. You will have opportunities to try new and improved planes and another mode called "Fast" that will be much harder and of course faster. Missiles! is a frustrating game so dont play it when you're angry.


Exactly what I expected from reading the title when first seeing it. Your main task is to try to dodge as many missiles that follow your plane while you're trying to collect joins and survive as long as possible. Now don't think its all easy, these rockets are probably the most well heat seeking rockets you'll ever see in a game. You'll have to do 100s of loops and zig zags just to try dodging these rocks. The worst thing is every 8-10 seconds a new rocket will spawn trying to kill you making the game even harder. There are no boosts anywhere on the map so you'll just have to use all strategy to try to hit those high scores. If you thought that was hard, there is also fast mode where you're plane goes around 1.6x faster while the rockets go around double the speed. The good thing is I believe you'll get more coins at the end of it all which you'll be able to use them to buy new planes. All the planes look really nice and the final one is actually a robot looking thing you'll be able to control. You are allowed to collide rockets together to lower your risk at dying for is really hard since you'll need to hit the right timing. I truly find this game really worth the try because I'm having so much fun trying to dodge all the rockets.


I personally found the graphics to be pretty neat. During the whole game you'll be looking at a full generated background the will move in the direction you're plane moves generating new clouds and clouds that are duplicates to the ones you've already seen before. Rockets of course look like rockets but just so tiny and then there're the planes. The planes and vehicles you use in Missiles look really noticeable with their textures. Each plane is not going to look like what we see in real life but for the engine of this game they really have a look that makes me enjoy the game a lot more. Some planes I would choose over others just because they look cooler but each plane also has its own sound effect which you can hear extremely well. But for the conclusion of graphics in Missiles! I would say they did a great job on making it look like an arcade game. Would have been nice to see maybe some different backgrounds rather than the same cyan blue with random clouds but its really not that big of a deal.


The game is pretty simple on the control part. You will be given a joy stick at the bottom of your screen where you use your thumb to move your plane. When I first downloaded the game to try it out I really didn't notice the joy stick and was trying to move the plane in all different ways until i finally noticed it. Its really smooth and I just the feature they did to it. I really dont see them adding in any other control factors to the game since what they have now makes the game a hell lot more enjoyable.


Gameplay: 10/10
Graphics: 9.5/10
Controls: 10/10
Overall: 9.8/10

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Dosent sound too bad of a game, maybe worth trying out.
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I have never heard of this game idk doesn't look like a game for me tho
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I haven't heard of this game but I'm looking for a new arcade type game to try and this one might be it.
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This game looks very nice! I might give it a go
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