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ReviewAvoid - Game ReviewPosted:

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Platform: Android, iOS
Genre: Arcade
Release Date: August 13th, 2015
Developer: Noodlecake Studios Inc
Publisher: Hynocat Studio


Avoid the blades for as long as you can! Collect coins to unlock new characters.
Touch and drag to control your character.
Be careful!


Avoid is one of those weird games you find if you're just scrolling down the recommended or rising games. Avoid is an arcade where you will have control of a rag doll where you will have to dodge saw blades and collect as many coins as you can. From my playthrough you will game 1 point every half a second or so and each coin will reset at a random position on the screen every time you collect a coin. Now these saws are not just some saws that stay in one place and let you get the gold. These saws are constantly moving around the screen and go faster and faster each time you hit a certain score. You will notice them going faster every time the background changes colors. Each run you do you will have 3 lives meaning if you get your head chopped off you'll lose a life. Get your leg cut into pieces, you lose a life. Lose both arms on a saw you didn't even see coming, lose 2 lives. You will need a fast reaction time to be able to hit those high scores. There are a total of 32 different characters you can chop up and are all purchasable with the coins you collect in game. Of course there is a leaderboards for you and your friends to compete and see who can go the longest without slicing your head off first. (By the way you'll still be able to play without a head)


Graphics in Avoid are pretty straight forward. You have your pure white blades that are flying around on your screen and then your player that you'll be able to select. Each character has a really sweet look to them while some you play just to be able to cut their heads off. Speaking of cutting heads off, The blood and limbs being chopped off really didn't surprise me on the effects that happens. After cutting off your head with a saw you'll be able to see blood squirting out but its really not that entertaining after a while. You'll only see circles of blood come out but doesn't even last for the whole run. The blood will stop after 3 seconds when the limb comes off but you'll be able to see your head drop to the floor and stay there. You are able to turn off blood if you find it too gross but babies would find it entertaining for how stupid it looks. Wish each character had some more small details in them such as mouths or wrinkles on their clothing but its each character is just short and simple.

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When I first started out playing this game I found myself puzzled on how to control the character and move him around because I thought you had to hold the character and drag him around the screen but to actually move your character you'll have to hold the white screen that is at the button of the screen and move around using that area. Personally I find that a lot better than what I was thinking since you're able to see your character and control him a lot better. Took me some time to actually get use to it because I usually don't play phone games like that but it was actually pretty fun in the end.


Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 8/10
Controls: 10/10
Overall: 9/10

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I enjoyed playing this game abit, but dont play it now as it got boring after a while.
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It's alright i played it & its type hard .
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i didn't like this game at all tbh got bored real quick
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Great review but this game was super slow and boring. Stayed on my phone for about 20 minutes at most.
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I didn't necessarily enjoy this game either just wasn't enjoyable
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Sounds like a game that is kind of fun when you get started but gets really boring really fast. I mean, it's a super simple game so I don't expect much, great review man.
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Great little game to while away boredom. Technically it's pretty grim with the blood squirting out yet the cute graphics make it less sinister. 6/10.
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