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Hey guys, I kinda made an unofficial thread about this truck while looking for one asking you guys what truck I should buy (I know, it makes no sense to me either right now), but I figure I'll make a dedicated thread to this truck!

As some of you guys know I came out of two lifted trucks ('97 F-150 and '99 F-350) to get into a car (2013 Fusion), but I traded that in last week for a 2006 F-250!

Old vehicles:

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"New" 2006 F-250 King ranch FX4 6.0L turbo diesel:

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Current mods:

1. Selective high idle on AUX 4 switch (brings my idle from 750 to 1250 RPM when aux 4 is on). I did this to make it easier to jump cars by myself. $0
2. Tie down hooks in the stake pockets in the bed $20
3. Put my old toolbox on if that counts. $100
4. Off road lights in the rear for reversing $50
5. 08-16 Superduty style tail lights$50
6. 11-16 Superduty Powerstoke badge $75
7. Door trim moldings removed $0
8. Edge Insight CTS2 monitor $400
9. Blue spring mod $75
10. 275/70R18 Nitto trail grapplers 275/70R18 BFG T/A KO2 $1,200
11. Viofo A119 dash camera $100
12. Canopy $150
13. Bed liner (drop in) $50
14. 2008-16 style mirrors 2017 style mirrors $250
15. 2.5" lift coils $250
16. Riffraff CAC boots for the cold and hot side $150
17. F-350 3.75" rear blocks $150
18. SCT X4 $400
19. Fab Fours black steel series bumper with prerunner bar $1,200
20. Exhaust cut off behind the cat 4" Turbo back Diamond eye exhaust $250
21. Mishimoto coolant filter $150
22. King Ranch logos added to grill, steering wheel, and tailgate $75
23. 20% tint in the front $125
24. 18x8.5 American Eagle Alloy Hardrock series 0168 wheels $350
25. 7.3L mechanical fan clutch $300
26. New "Powerstroke diesel" grill emblem with the International logo $50
27. New grill $150
28. Recon Projector Headlights - 264193CLC $600

Total $ into mods: $6,720

Mods to come:

All terrain tires INSTALLED 275/70R18 NITTO TRAIL GRAPPLERS 2/10/2017 INSTALLED 275/70R18 BFG T/A KO2 3/1/2017
Off road lights in the rear for backing up INSTALLED 4" CREE LED LIGHTS 12/14/2016
Recondition the seats RECONDITIONED 12/24/2016
4" turbo back exhaust INSTALLED 6/1/2018
FICM tuner or SCT x4 tuner GOT SCT X4 8/6/2017
Fender flares
Piller pod gauges to monitor engine oil temp / coolant temp / trans temp / EGTs INSTALLED EDGE INSIGHT CTS2 MONITOR 12/28/2016
'08-16 Superduty style tail lights INSTALLED 12/25/2016
2008-16 style mirrors Got 4/7/2017 INSTALLED 2017 STYLE MIRRORS 5/11/2017
Brush guard / maybe full bumper if budget allows INSTALLED FAB FOURS BLACK STEEL SERIES BUMPER 9/7/2017
Bilstein 5100 shocks
Dash camera INSTALLED 2/26/2017
Air bags in the rear
7.3L mechanical fan clutch INSTALLED 6/26/2017
Bed liner INSTALLED 4/7/2017
Blue spring mod FOUND INSTALLED 1/5/2016
30-35% tint in the front, maybe lighter 20% TINT INSTALLED 4/20/2018
Canopy INSTALLED 3/15/2017 SOLD 9/23/2017
Small lift INSTALLED 2.5" LIFT SPRINGS THE FRONT 5/10/2017, INSTALLED F-350 (3.75") BLOCKS IN THE REAR 6/13/2017
Updated look Powerstroke badges INSTALLED 12/25/2016
New Ford emblem up front INSTALLED 4/19/2018 INSTALLED 7/20/2018
New grill INSTALLED 7/20/2018
New headlights INSTALLED 7/21/2018
Take off trim on doors? (depends on if the paint is faded or not) TAKEN OFF 12/26/2016
Coolant filter INSTALLED 2/7/2018

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Had a pretty good laugh seeing the car with two dogs and a sniper. Thank you :>


I have a Ford F150 and an American Pitbull Terrier myself
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Nice rides man, that black Ford looks hella sick. Nice pups btw too.
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not a big fan of trucks but nice man grats
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Thanks guys! I had to make that little car look manly some how lol. I also never washed the F-350, just put a fresh coat of mud on it every now and again. The mud helped cover the rust lol.
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I loved my 6.0L I had 8" Lift and 38s on mine, looked identical to yours!

EGR Delete, straight pipe, bulletproof motor, billet transmission!

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Not a fan of trucks but I grew up with my dad owning a few ford trucks so I must say not bad, white's gunna get dirty fast though on a truck
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I'm literally jealous of all trucks and yours have always been decent.
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Thanks guys! Got a little funny story for you here. I bought some tires (used of course) and I was going to give my dad my old tires. The tires that I bought came on Chevy wheels so they'd fit his truck so we wanted to see if the tires would clear when he turns as he's on 31's and I'm on 33's. Long story short the tires are on his truck and now belong to him lol. Basically I was going to put these tires (Toyo A/T II's) on my wheels and give my dad my tires (Toyo H/T's) but we weren't sure if they were too big so we just put the A/T's on his truck to see if they would fit since they came with Chevy wheels and now I still need A/T tires and my dad got tires lol.

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I know it's not related to my truck lol, but it was supposed to be. Anyway, the wheels probably won't stay, we'll probably put the chrome 18's on these tires. Also someone can find the thread I started when my dad bought this and you could probably quote me where I said it would not be lifted. I lied. We are in the works of starting a lift project on it lol. It's a PITA though because it's on airbags so the lift might take a little bit of time to get on the truck but we are going to lift the Escalade. We're only doing a 3" lift on it so it can still fit in a parking garage.

Also my next mod to the truck is going to be either tires (that was supposed to be today), or an EGR delete. I think I'm getting the delete kit tomorrow but we're getting some snow and I don't want to have my engine in pieces while it's snowing / raining so it'll be a project for a clear day unless I have a shop do it.
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wouldn't mind saving up for one of these trucks, look so nice!
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