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This should generally make it easier for people to understand what you need in this forum. Along with some useful tips and opinions

Introduction - Make it clear what you need help with and provide some specifics.
Specifics - Model number, or device name. What you're looking for brick help, root help, app help.

Those are the two main parts that need to be understood, an example post that would be nice to see, but won't always happen would be.

Question: or answer it doesn't really matter, just have the question above model.
Model: phone model, or model number.

Something as simple as that would make it so much easier for some people to understand what you're looking for.


Question: How can I root, or is there a root available for 4.4.4 or 4.4.2 stock?
Model: xt907 - Droid RAZR M

Please do not just go around posting like this.


How can I "hack" a game for more in game products?

How do I "mod" my apps so I can get free stuff?

Now this is just generally annoying as considering a lot of the android and google play games are all server-side based, or at least a lot of these ones, people are wanting to "mod" or "hack".

If you're looking for server-side mods, it would like be using one of the few rooted mod apps.

xgamemods would be your best bet for most games. plenty of in-game tweaks that give you a slight advantage.

Before you go about posting think about what you want to get in response, this sort of deals with the beginning of this topic, but be specific to a level, see I had only given a example of needed help.

We have some tweakers, on this site, and by tweaking is usually referred by Apple products you can on Android, it is literally just called modding.

This will be useful for some people.

Tweaking Apps

1. SuperSU
2. Jrummys toolbox
3. dumpster
4. Servicely - app shutdown and power management.
5. Flashify - flash from phone
6. Terminal - Linux based command line but on android, the commands are very similar and can be turned into a full virtual env.
7. Greenify - another power management
8. Drive Droid - Have you ever wanted to dual boot your PC or laptop from your phone? now you can!

These are just a few useful apps, and sure, you can flash custom ROMS, but a lot of time, people tend to get confused on that. So that would be one you're better off asking about.

Pros / Cons of a rooted device.

Full general controls.
Root only apps
Easy flashing
Unlock your device.

Ruins warranty
Possible bricks
Can drain battery
Can lock you in a boot loop
Can mess your ROM up if you decide to flash the wrong way.

Now I did not list a lot here, I wouldn't mind seeing what some others think are pros/cons of a rooted device.

Why is android better than apple in some aspects?

This is a major topic that has been argued for the longest time and been answered in several different ways.

With android you can unlock your phone, you're not as limited and if you somehow manage to brick it or get locked out you can fix it without having to hassle support, unlike apple.

You have a wider range of apps and plenty of tweaking apps without root. You can force yourself into Developer mode, or well Developer options. Every phone is different but a lot of them work on the same basis to unlock developer options.

You can root and have full device control, unlike apple when you jailbreak all you're really limited to is tweaks, as with root think of it like a Linux box, root is SU and SU is just superuser. You can do virtually anything you want with sudo in Linux. Android is a very modified mobile version of it if you think of it that way.

To add on to what I just said above with android, you can flash different ROM's, Recoveries, FS ETC.

With Android you do get a better battery life there is no doubt about that with some models from Motorola pushing 48+ hours. Whereas apple yes has a decent battery sometimes, that is generally only when idle even then they don't carry out that long.

Once again I would like to see what some people think on this .


You may be wondering why this is at the bottom. Mainly because people will tend to do it and not give a look into the risks.

What is rooting - I'd like to think of it as full device control as said multiple times throughout this post. You virtually have all control over what your devices do and will do you can change, just about everything with root.

People always wonder how do you root? Well, I did say this towards the top that not all Phones/Devices are root prone.

continuing above, there are plenty of ways to root. You also have the old ADB and or Linux way, doing it all manually. There are plenty of guides for this.

UPDATE: list changed, a bit here.

Some of the more popular one clicks, and flashers.


Odin3 (primarily Samsung)

One click.


UPDATE 8 or 9 here:

Since I never went into a good amount of detail on "How to root" well; I have a little time free, so I will explain the Samsung method.

Getting everything ready:
Navigate into settings, and find your "about phone" section, and find your build number.
Tap it seven times, until it says you are a developer.

Go back, and navigate into Developer Options, find USB Debugging, enable it. See if you have "OEM Unlocking", if not 90% you won't be able to root from flashing (most Samsung phones allow it).

Unlock your bootloader & install drivers:
Simply find your developer options, and find "unlock bootloader", plain and simple.

Install SDK and ADB: nothing to say here you can find the links you need just by looking.

Power down, then hold your power, vol down&up, and boot into fastboot, each device is different, so read the documentation of the program and unlock your bootloader.

After that, you can either flash the rootable firmware or the rooted image using RSD lite. You could also simply open one of the one-click apps above.

What is Android?

This is a question that many know the answer to and many don't.

Android is the opensource operating system meaning literally anyone, could make a version/flavor(our) of it, much like Linux. Android comes in many different forms on the OS alone, we have more recent 5.0+(lollipop) and we have 4.4.4(KitKat) down.

Throughout the years Android has been the shadowed edge of smartphones with more optimization and compatibility. Apple has always hands down won in the cell phone area in the earlier years of Android due to the quality, and well you are paying more for a better phone, but when companies like Samsung and Motorola decided to step their game up a little around the release of the RAZR M, and the Galaxy S3. Both of the phones were fairly made for the time being and gave apple a run for their money.

I will cover this later in the topic but Android is GNU/Linux based. It uses a very Linux like kernel, which is the dominant examples in free software.

The History of Android

The list

1.5 (cupcake)
1.6 (donut)
2.0-2.1 (eclair)
2.2-2.2.3 (froyo)
2.3-2.3.7 (gingerbread)
3.0-3.2.6 (honeycomb)
4.0-4.0.4 (Ice cream sandwich)
4.1-4.3.1 (jellybean)
4.4-4.4.4 (kitkat)
5.0-5.1.1 (lollipop)
6.0-6.0.1 (marshmallow)
7.0-7.1.1 (nougat)
8.0-8.1 (Oreo) (coming sometime within the next year)
9.0 (P) (coming sometime within the next year[hinted to be shown in may] name unknown as of now.)
9.0 (pie)
10 (q) the next number/letter in the line no real confirmed information with 9 launching recently.

Android is opensource, meaning the code is out there and anyone who wants to apply their own bits and use it personally they can. It is free license. Very few things Android related are priced in terms of OS.

Google, for a matter of fact, owns the term and main base of Android, but it is commonly distributed across different platforms. Much like Samsung and Motorola, they both use the same versions of android but look completely different that is where the opensource comes into play. Android is highly customizable and can be altered to your liking, whether it be ROM mods, Rooting mods, Plugins, themes ETC.

It is a fully customisable OS, and you can essentially think of Android like Linux, as when you root you can get a root bash prompt. Which is the Linux shell inside of android. If you do NOT know what Linux is feel free to look over at Potion's Megathread. He did a great job covering the basis of the OS, as well as gave some good insight as to what you can do with it.

One of the key advantages to me at least with select phones is the ability to run a VM, or even install the mini-OS onto your phone. Yes, Samsung, and very few Motorola phones can do this, they support native Linux distributions made to run on phones.

Do mind you, that while yes I said Google owns Android, they didn't come up with it. It was founded sometime in the early 2000's (02-03) and has become the widely most used mobile operating system to date.

Places you can find Android?

Smart TV's! They are a great example of using lightweight chips, and light Android/Linux mixes to make the OS.
Android boxes, a small box that runs Android for light gaming and media!
Some computers can come with it (raspi), and even some desktops that people decide to run Android on for whatever reason.
Last but not least, your phone. Most phones, other than apple run some form of android heavily modified to their companies liking.

Android Devices

Android can be found in MANY devices from computers to phones, TV's, watches, glasses, cameras, ETC. There are many uses in which it can be commonly found in.

RemixOS (Android Linux in a sense)
Smart TV's (most TV's from Samsung in a way use a lightweight Linux/Android OS)
Phones (common sense to know android vendors)
Watches (plenty of them)
Glasses (google glass)
Cameras (lightweight Linux/android distributions with networking allowed for simple connection)

News section (updated on occasion)

UPDATE January 30th, 2017.

It is 2017 and that means nougat and time for new year flagship models to be released, there will be plenty of them throughout the year and there will be people wondering about rooting.

As the new year progresses we will see new rooting apps and totally new methods. I will keep my best to what I know of with rooting abilities of any phone that someone has requested about.

Do remember that what I say is not 100% accurate, so please do a little side research before taking what I said into consideration. What does 2017 have in store for Android users?

Nougat (7.0) I've been waiting for this since early releases and flashed it while it was still beta early last year. Nougat is the latest version of Android available and soon most carriers will be adding it to their update lists, sometime not too far from now Motorola expects to update at least 22 of their 2015-16 phones up to nougat.

As well as LG, Samsung, HTC, and much more.

During this time there will be rumors of rooting, don't trust them unless they can be proven, the last thing people need are bricked phones that don't have recovery options.

2017 Also poses for some of the nicer models such as the Pixel and Pixel XL with all of their flaws and perfections, with that being said sometime in the near future i will make a thread explaining mods, or plugins/launchers/all that stuff. Ways to make your phone look nicer, as well as be able to monitor some things if you're into that.

Rooting in 2017 - will it be the same?

In many ways yes, it will be. There will be new methods and tools as i said above, and well the amount of stuff to expect of this years community is better than the past two. Everything will be more challenging as well in terms of rooting at least with the new security examples that 7.0 has given out already with the hard to root as is OS.

I will try to keep this thread more updated throughout the year at various points covering over some of the more popular subjects at the time.

If you in any way found this useful why not leave a comment

UPDATE March 17th, 2017.

Samsung rolling out security fixes over the next month, LG and Motorola allowing Nougat to pass through to phones that can run it. Xiaomi, the cheap chinese phone brand rumored to be pushing 6GB of ram, as well as a massive internal boast of 64GB of storage.

Alongside Samsung, we have Google, and Motorola rolling out security patches for their more flagship styled models, and Google with the Pixel, and anything in Samsung from j5-s7 and some of their A model tablets and phones.

UPDATE March 22nd, 2017.

The Galaxy S8 was leaked a little early, since the official premiere was supposed to be in a week or so.

The changes are not dramatically noticeable, and the design is VERY similar to the S7E. The fingerprint scanner looks as if it is towards the back somewhere now. They took the opposite from their other flagships and seemed to have ditched the pressed home button and opted for on-screen buttons.

From the leaked video we are hinted at Samsung's own Bixby. For those who don't follow media around android much Bixby, as they call it is a close comprehension to Siri, and Google voice(assistant). Samsung is making quite a few changes to the lineup this year, and this is one of the most anticipated phones of the year so far at least.

Video is unofficial.

[ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
[ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

Now we could all be wrong assuming on this video, and or the pictures and there are plenty of reasons set aside for that alone. These are just rumors, that have shown a good bit of progress in the last week. We do know that Samsung plans to unveil it within the next week (29th) supposedly.

UPDATE August 21st, 2017.

One of the most famous and favored cookies around the world is now officially an Android version!

This is probably one of the most if not the most anticipated things of 2017, with Android, within the community. With that being said we can now roll into the topic. Android Oreo, is the official name for 8.0, with this being noted here are some smaller details.

MINOR: Google assistant is better than ever. More apps to be released, and better support for older last generation phones (2015) and up mainly.

MAJOR: Much like the post from back in January, I clearly stated, that phones over time will get the release, now with the initial launch, only google phones, so anyone on pixels or Google based device that can be supported will be updated. With that being said here is just a small assumption time of when it will be released VIA carrier (US) ordered from most likely to least.

Samsung (known for really slow release dates due to all the UI and other changes they have to implement, whereas other makers generally just drop and allow optimization)

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They need to give you the rank of "Android King"

Haha but seriously man, thanks for the post. It should help alot of people

Here's some rep
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Thanks for the info bro this will help me more
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UPDATE 5ish:

Fixed news section again.
Some spelling fixes.
Added device section.
Edited the "what is android" section again.
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UPDATE 6ish:

Rearranged some of the rooting section.

Added, in a few things (tools ETC)
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Really nice thread, great for both basic and advanced users. This topic should really be a sticky topic, as it could get lost and a lot of people might miss out on useful content
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Question: is it possible to root? And how so?
Model: Blu R1 Plus,

I know you can the R1 HAD, but I can't find anything for the Plus. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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Eyepatch wroteQuestion: is it possible to root? And how so?
Model: Blu R1 Plus,

I know you can the R1 HAD, but I can't find anything for the Plus. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Latest firmware, I am guessing? If so bootloader is locked, or well on the newer models of the R1 it is. PM too keep this topic clean.
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nice post it should be a sticky tho
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Update 7:

Actually addressing oreo/editing list a little.
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