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  • App/Flash reviews are no longer allowed, recently there has been a large influx of low quality app reviews and it has degraded the quality of the section.

Welcome to Game Reviews
So you've come to check out the Game Review forum but noticed one small thing missing - you can't create new threads. How on earth are these members getting official review publication threads when I can't even make a new thread, you ask!?? Here's what you need to know...

Getting your own Review Publication Thread
Only staff and members with the 'Game Reviewer' rank may post threads in this forum. Members that want to get their own review thread published should post their review in the designated sticky thread so it can be checked by a member of staff. All reviews will be checked to ensure they are original work (any copies from other sites will be ignored) and of a decent quality.

The game I want to review already has a thread - now what?
If a game you want to review already has a thread then post your review as a reply to that existing thread - each game will get only 1 thread.

How do I know if my game has already been reviewed?
Instead of looking through all the pages in this forum, you can quickly and easily find out if your game already has a thread by checking here.

How do I make my review a 'decent standard'?
To ensure your review meets some basic quality standards check out this tutorial on review writing here.

Good luck to everybody, and happy reviewing!

Copy and pasting reviews from other websites where the content does not belong to you will make you ineligible for the 'Game Reviewer' badge, we can find you out!

This section is designed for user created reviews and that only.

New features added for Game Reviewers!

Game Reviewers can now post their reviews without going through the sticky. It may say that only Moderators are allowed to post topics in this section but Game Reviewers now have the special privilege to post new topics (Game Reviews) in this section. Game Reviewers can now post without restrictions in this section, this is a very neat feature for those who have earned it. Game reviewers have earned this because they are trusted and known not to plagiarize. This is very useful for those who love writing reviews and do not like waiting!

As of Feb. 2018 we will be allowing members with the game reviewer badge to give their approval for a review. By using our Upvote system a Game Reviewer can upvote a review submission and a staff member will then add it to the section thanks to the badge holders recommendation. Staff will still have final say in this situation and if a user is found to be abusing this system, the review will be deleted and the Game Reviewer will have their badge removed.

Some other useful posts for upcoming reviewers:

Game Review Index

Post Your Own Reviews

Reviews Tutorial and Information

Now go write some reviews and earn that badge! ;)

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