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Great review! deffo gonna be purchasing!
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nice review bud deffo be checking this game out
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Titanfall 2 is such a good game!
Better than IW
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Great review on this game I remember Playing the first one I would probably rate the beta 8/10
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Great review man!
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Betas should never be reviewed. They never show the real potential for the games graphics, gameplay, mostly all the key features of a game. Its also because its a beta, betas are for players to play and give feedback to the developers to fix any problems, suggest new features, etc, so they can have the full-game playable. Wait for the full game to be reviewed.

your Graphics section tells us nothing about the gameplay graphics you experienced. Maybe a comparison to the first Titanfall? Don't just say the game compares to other games out that with its graphics trying to seem smart. The graphics for TItanfall 2 were as expected for its release time. Xbox One was still in its prime for graphics hype and Titanfall 2 outsmarted it with some outstanding graphics and visual effects. Having a titan smash down in-front of you exploding the ground around it to face-to-face combat on the battlefield was a "next-gen" experience.

Your controls could have been spoken more directly. You said the controls were hard, reviewers would love to hear what was hard about it so they know if they should buy the game or not.
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Unfortunately wasn't a fan of the first one so not really a fan of this one.
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Titian Fall 2 turned out to be a huge let down in my opinion!

I no lifted the first one and tried getting into this one but could not do it.
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