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Welcome to Streamah's JTAG/RGH Shop! Best Prices, Fast shipping, Professional Quality

Bundles! Come with everything you need to get right into the action


Xenon JTAG 20GB with cables and controller - 65$ + Shipping

Zephyr RGH1.2 20GB with cables and controller 80$ + Shipping

Falcon RGH1.2 20GB with cables and controller - 100$ + Shipping

Opus RGH1.2 20GB with cables and controller 100$ + Shipping

Jasper RGH1.2 20GB with cables and controller - 110$ + Shipping

Slim RGH1.2 20GB with cables and controller - 120$ + shipping

upgrade the hdd size on these bundles!

60GB HDD - 10$+
160GB HDD - 15$+
250GB HDD - 25$+

Free Ring of Light color change of any color and combination with any console purchase! Now including FREE LED strips inside the console with your choice of red, green and blue and can combine them also!

Custom cut outs coming very soon, stay posted for updates

New updates coming to the stealth server as well

i preload all hard drives with xex menu , freestyle dashboard, dashlaunch 3.21, flash 360, xm 360 and is set up with streamah stealth server files as well.

45$ for Falcon, Jasper, Trinity or Corona RGH Send In Service (buyer pays shipping to me, I pay for shipping to return)

Here is a chart to identify what type of xbox 360 you have

Consoles shipped via USPS with tracking number provided shortly after purchase
Consoles are wrapped with many layers of bubble wrap to ensure excellent protection for your new products
Shipped in 1-2 days
USA - 15
Canada - 45
UK - 80

If you are located somewhere else contact me for shipping quote, I ship worldwide

prodigy wrote100% Vouch. Trustworthy to max with this member. Good luck with sales bruhski.

Bullets wroteVouch for streamah, I can vouch these are his consoles, very nice guy, great to deal with.

Good luck with sales

iCamp wroteThere is no one else on The Tech Game that I would trust making a transaction with. If you want a smooth, fast transaction, then this is the place.

100% legitimate - Good luck with the business man.

coolbunny1234 wroteOne of the most legit out there, really hooked me up with a fantastic system that allows me to jump right back into the thick of the scene again. Can't thank him enough for his work, Streamah really makes the difference. Fantastic quality consoles, as well as a great stealth server, contact this man with confidence!

Madelyn wroteStreamah is 100% legit. Do not hesitate buying from this guy! He goes the extra mile to make sure you get what you order!

NinjaDefuse wroteMy guy is the GOAT. Never hesitate to do business with this man

XeMagicTeam wroteI 100% Vouch for Streamah He is a LEGIT Seller! bought a xenon and no problems thanks keep up the great work

Axios wroteStreamah is 100% legit, do not hesitate to buy from him!

Oxlind wroteTrusted Seller! Vouch for this guy! ^^

ZeusXBL wroteThis guy is 100% LEGIT He's been so respectful and helpful. By far best seller on here !

-Snowy wroteThanks for the console Streamah, everything is working flawlessly. Don't hesitate to buy from this gentlemen! Awesome prices and great communication!

Casagranda21 wroteOne of the fastest repliers I've meet on thetechgame. No matter what he never fails to exceed expectations, and provides cheap prices for his consoles.

ConyersIV wroteAbsolutely phenomenal support from this guy. Best prices hands down and easy to navigate website. 5 out of 5 for me.

VGK wroteGot my console in yesterday. Everything is running smoothly. Very reliable seller. Don't hesitate to buy from him!

trev57 wroteJust got mine in the mail today. Super legit, super fast shipping. Much appreciated my dude

iTristen wroteJust got my console today and it's sick! Thanks man

XeCookie_ wroteVery legit very fast and reliable I purchased my console and got it super fast he also is very good with customer support would recommend him to anyone 10/10 service I will link a video below of the un boxing.

VGK wroteGot my console back two days before christmas and it's working flawlessly. Thanks again Streamah!

NightmareMods wroteRGH coming in today! Very good customer service

Thanks bro

XeReviver wroteI sent in my Xbox a week ago. It took about 4 days to be shipped to him. He received it on Thursday night. He is going to show proof of it as well. He was so easy to communicate and a really nice guy. Best person to buy from is him. Thank you!

Crit wroteStreamah is the only person i would ever buy from and i plan to do so in the soon future!

SummonModz wroteIf you want a console Streamah's your man! Very fast response and fast shipping. He is 100% trustworthy to the max. Good luck with your sales Streamah!

MedalBreaks wroteHuge vouch for this guy. Amazing support and knows how to make the customer satisfied!

XeReviver wroteSent in my rgh a few weeks ago. Everything works perfect on it. I've been talking to Streamah if I had questions or anything. He's helped me or tried to help me with my problems. Also gots a pretty good stealth server up. I vouch for you man. Good luck on your business.
If I were you I'd by from him. I wouldn't buy from anyone else. Very cheap and a nice guy. Thanks

FreakyPlace wrote100% legit I received my console a few days ago and i'm loving it If you're considering buying an rgh streamah is the guy to buy from

FearArkmodz wrote100% Vouch. Good to deal With. Trust this seller 100%

beastrac wroteVouch for Streamah hes very legit and such q great person to talk to i bought my console and got it less than 3 days in great condition works very good

MirquhL wrote100% legit just got console got what i asked for and he even helped set up console 100% has my vouch great guy!

Exentric wrotePurchased a White Limited Edition Xbox One off Streamah! Fast shipping, great Prices!

Repletory wroteMy Jasper RGH just came in! Fast shipping and good customer support. Very satisfied and will probably order again in the future! Thanks!

Blew wroteVery legit, paitient, and helpful. Got my console within the 2 days. Also good service . I highly recommend. 100% Vouch

vwv wroteHuge Vouch!

Everything says is Guaranteed thanks Streamah!

STLxDevilDRFT wroteFirst person i have bought a jtag from. Good service just waiting on him to answer my questions and to activate my lifetime stealth

GhostsAce wroteThis is the best seller on TTG %100 he instantly replies to you he goes that extra mile just for everyone one of his customer and he is super helpful like I have never had a RGH befor and he has taught me everything I need to know and he Is %100 legit and if you are looking for a RGH and anything contact this guy

CazMods wroteVouch for streamah! Great guy and great customer service, makes sure you get exactly what you want. With great prices as well!

FishingNole wroteGreat guy to talk to, great service and really good prices for his consoles. Definitely will buy again from him. Hes a very busy guy and handles it very well! Thanks for the RGH Streamah!

Hale wroteVery very good guy to buy from. Speedy awesome send-in service!!!

Needs Rank Awesome badge

Avidity wroteGreat guy. 100% legit. Hooked me up with halo edition trinity with a hdd and p/l. Strongly recommend him. Willing to make a deal with you on many items. Easy & Instant replies.

Jenner wroteJust picked up my console today! Cant wait to start using it ;) Dont hesitate to buy from streamah!

Dabfingers wroteMeant to post a couple days ago.. Awesome service! My console is amazing (:

-Permissions- wroteOne of the best services on TTG. He is very helpful. Don't be scared to buy from just bought my console without a problem

STAMINODEZ wrotePicked up my console earlier everything works great %100 legit even gave me a free controller with it

Stressing wroteamazing seller 100% vouch for this guy

JayDouglas wroteWell guys guess what..


BIG thanks to Streamah!

Loke wroteJust bought a console from streamah great seller and easy to communicate with

Muni wroteIf you're in the US and your looking for a JTAG/RGH then this is the place to be! Awesome prices and by the looks of things and from what I've heard his install's are top quality.

Keep up with the good work Streamah

Bishman1997 wroteTruly an amazing person to buy from.
Easy, straight forward with no bs.
If you want a jtag/rgh and no sure who to buy from then think no more. This is the man for the job.

Kyle wroteI 100% vouch for this man very generous respect bro respect

Unrealxguns wroteI 100000% vouch for Streamah he is the most trusted seller and he a very nice and he has great customer service and he even throws in some deals thx to Streamah i have a console without being scamed

Karios wroteMy RGH arrived today and I couldn't be happier. Thank you Streamah!

Mooned wroteI got my RGH in today. Not disappointing at all. Thanks Streamah!

and many many more

All consoles sold are used in working condition. I provide a hassle free lifetime warranty on all HDMI consoles, if you receive the console and it isn't up to par, contact me asap for quick solutions.

To purchase or if you have any questions simply drop me a private message here on TTG for fastest service

Also check out my

Rare xbox 360 shop - Forums/t=7754261/usa-xbox-360-dev...a-xdk.html

My jailbroken ps3 shop - Forums/t=7741786/jailbroken-ps3-c...rices.html

Streamah Stealth Server - Forums/t=7726471/rgh-stealth-serv...ealth.html

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100% Vouch. Trustworthy to max with this member. Good luck with sales bruhski.
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good luck with the sales man 100% legit
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Vouch for streamah, I can vouch these are his consoles, very nice guy, great to deal with.

Good luck with sales
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I 100% Vouch for Streamah He is a LEGIT Seller!
PM me your Falcon Prices..
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There is no one else on The Tech Game that I would trust making a transaction with. If you want a smooth, fast transaction, then this is the place.

100% legitimate - Good luck with the business man.
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I was wondering how much are your consoles
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100% legit, instant replies and very friendly. Don't hesitate to go to him for your consoles or accounts.
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I just bought a console and it works fine ! 100% vouch. Also very nice guy to deal with so I trust this guy 100%
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