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Welcome to TheTechGame

This post has been created to help the newcomers get to know the site. Or the old ones that still need a bit of help

If you feel something should be added, please feel free to contact me

Original poster: tattoo

Table of contents:

Account Page.
Thanking Topics.
Tutorials & Downloads.
Reporting Threads/Profiles.
Stickies & Announcements.
Useful/Not Useful.
How To Submit: Tutorials, Videos, and Downloads.
News Section.
BB Code/Thread/Post Tools.
Contact Us.
Screen Cap Programs.

Account Page.

Below you will find a screen cap of my account page, similar to yours. Only a select few, customizable things will be different. Now, the page will be labeled in numbers and boxes. You will have to coordinate the numbers and boxes the the numbers here on this thread in order to find what/how each item/thing is usable, and how it is used.

First part of a profile:

Find each number below for an explanation for each:

1. The number one box contains your username, avatar, rank, and gold badge (If applies to you).
2. This is where your profile banner is located
3. The number three box is where you will find your status. As long as it abides by the rules, you can set it at whatever.
4. The number four box is where you will find your site badges/achievements. Which can be found here: Site ranks
5. The number five box contains a YouTube video of your choice. As long as it abides by the rules, of course.
6. The number six box will show you the last 10 people to view your profile along with your recent activity.
7. The number seven box is where you can tab through your Wall, Warnings, Friends, Friend request, Members on the site, Forums posted by you, Your News Comments, Reputations given & received, Submissions, and Bookmarks

In this box you will find where to update your status, Account settings, and where to manage your images(avatars, banners, signatures)
Second part of a profile:

8. The number eight box is where you will find all the users information they wish to share after clicking the 3 orange dots, this drop down will appear.
9. The number nine box is your wall where people/friends are able to post based on your settings.


Rep is usually given out for someone contributing something, or helping etc.
There is a place to leave a comment which can be seen by the receiver.
Click the drop down to select how many points you wish to give.

Regular members can send up to 25 points
Gold members can send up to 50 points
Sectional mod and Global mods can rep up to 100 points
Admins can rep up to 1000 points

When repping someone, you do not loose rep points!
Rep can be given from someones profile or from the forums as show:

Rep from others:
A way to earn rep is receiving rep from others.

100 rep from other members = 1 rep power

How to earn rep without others repping you:

For every 25 posts you post, you advance by 1 Rep power.

So this means if you make 75 posts in 4 days, you will have gained 3 rep powers.

Sometimes it may say more then 25 posts to earn a rep power. This is because you posted on a deleted topic

Reputation powers:

Purple block = 1000 rep power
Yellow block = 100 rep power
Green block = 10 rep power


Link to the rank page:

To find out how to obtain a badge, hover over 'Special Rank' or the number required.


How to get Gold:
There are 2 ways to get gold.


The easiest way is buying yourself. Click the premium tab along the upper part of your screen and you will be lead through. You need a Paypal account with money on it, that has been verified by a legitimate bank account.

Getting Gifted

If a member decides that you deserve to be gifted gold they will give you something called the gift
Of gold. This is where this certain member pays for your gold for you. Which in my eyes is very generous. You do not have to pay for anything and you get everything a gold member who purchased their own gold.

Ways of receiving this gift is helping out members, being active, hosting lobbies etc.

Gold membership gives you a lot. To see everything click the premium tab. Or click Here

Colored name
Gold member badge
Instant Messaging
Early access to features
Less ads
Gold Gifter/Member+ badge opportunity.
Access to hidden forums
A motto
A name change
Much more!

Thanking topics.

The Thanks button is only on threads, not posts on thread.
This was added to show your show your appreciation towards a topic.

How to thank:
All you have to do is hit the thanks button, no need for an amount or anything like rep does.

So, look at the bottom left hand corner of a thread you deem helpful.

You will then see a screen to verify you want to thank the thread.

How to see how many thanks you have:

To find how many 'Thanks' you have, click on 'Account'

Now select 'Forums'

Now here you can see all your forum stats. Such as helpful posts, posts per day etc.


Many of you may not know about this, but it is quite fun. This is one of the few good ways to get known around TTG.
If you stick around long enough, you may find yourself a little visit from the rep fairy.
Repfairy/shoutbox information

Shout box: Members_Shout.html

You can also find the shout box under the 'Quick Links' tab

Shout box Rules
As in all areas of the site, you must abide by the rules.

I suggest not spamming, that leads you to a mute which eventually leads to a ban/suspension.

You can post links, as long as they pertain to the rules. Some sites are block. Pornographic/drug related images are not permitted in the shoutbox.

Just use common sense and you'll make friends and won't be banned.

Shoutbox settings
You can access and change these settings to your liking, but are for premium members only.

To access the settings, find this button at the bottom of the shoutbox area.
Click on that button. You will find this page that pops up.
You can adjust those settings for yourself. They are mostly straight forward.

Tutorials & Downloads.

The tutorials page is located at the top of the page

Here is where you will find a wide selection of tutorials uploaded by other users

The download page is located on the top bar just like tutorials
Here is what you will see once you get there:


Gameplays, glitches and tricks, machinima, etc are found under the 'Videos' tab located at the top of the page.


Click here to view a list of the current staff members: Forums/staff.html

You can also find this page by clicking 'Site Staff' under the 'Quick links' dropdown


The site rules can be found here: Forums/rules.html
If you choose to not follow the rules you will receive warnings and no one wants warnings..

Rules can also be found under the 'Quick Links' dropdown


Backgrounds are currently disabled. This post will be updated once they make their return.

Reporting Threads/Users.

Reporting can be done in two locations

To report a thread, you will click the 'Report' tab under the post.

After click that, you will see a box pop up.
Here you are able to select the reason for reporting the post.

Reporting a Profile.
To report a profile, find your way to their page.
Here you will want to click the red flag

Stickies & Announcements.

These are found at the top of every forum.

The red/darker orange is a global announcement meaning it will be there on every forum.

The lighter orange is an announcement for the forum you are on.

The green means sticky for the forum you are on. This post is helpful or is an enforced rule that needs to be stressed.

Useful/Not Useful.

A Useful and not useful rating can be given out on each post.

To view who rated it Useful or not, click the number in the colored circle. A box will pop up displaying who rated in that category.

How to submit.

Submitting Tutorials, Videos, and Downloads are quite easy

First, determine where what you are submitting would go:

Downloads: Downloads.html
Tutorials: Tutorials.html
Videos: Videos.html

Once you have selected, you will find yourself here: (Using Tutorial for an example)

Once you are here, click 'Add Tutorial' at the top. This will bring up a page like this:

Now that you are here, you can fill in the appropriate information to support your Tutorial, Download, and/or Video.

News Section.

The 'News' section can be found in two locations.
News is posted by site administrators . However, if you would like to send news in, you can do so.

The first location is located at the top of the page

This will then bring you to a screen to select which month you would like to look through

Once you select the month you would like to look through, you will be brought to this page. This is a list of topics posted in the month you selected.

News can also be found on the home page of the site.This is also where you have the ability to send in news.

News on the home page is separated by four tabs. Xbox, PlayStation, PC Gaming News, and Technology News.
If you are looking for world news, those can be posted here: Forums/f=7/world-news.html

BB Code/Thread/Post Tools.

Insert an image
[IMG] [/IMG]

Vimeo Movie
[vimeo] [/vimeo]

YouTube Video
[youtube] [/youtube]

Creating a list

Inserting line break

Bold text
[b] [/b]

Italic text
[i] [/i]

Underline text

Insert code
[code] [/code]

[spoil] [/spoil]

Strike text
 [s] [/s]

[sup] [/sup]

[sub] [/sub]


Frequently asked questions can be found under the 'Quick Links' drop down.

Once here you will be brought to this page to select the category your question falls under

If you are not able to find an answer to your question here, the 'Ask The Staff' forum is a great place to get your answer.

Contact Us.

Contacting the staff can be done, once again, under the 'Quick Links' tab

Here you will be asked to fill in some information to help the staff help you.
You want to make sure you complete this as clear as you can with enough information that the staff can understand your issue.

Once you have send in your message, please be patient.
The staff are very busy people and they will get back to you as soon as they can.

Screen Cap Programs.

Here are a few screen cap programs that come in handy.

This post was originally posted by tattoo. I have just updated as the new version of the site was released.

The Following 41 Users Say Thank You to Pubs For This Useful Post:

DracoA569 (08-19-2019), msorre22 (12-05-2018), joefizz32 (06-28-2018), dimebar (04-02-2018), G6 (03-30-2018), New-Quay (02-27-2018), James (02-24-2018), dTp (01-07-2018), Dopdot (01-05-2018), Tidy (11-26-2017), Blizzard (09-14-2017), NeilDog (09-03-2017), Toastyasf (08-18-2017), uwu (08-15-2017), Zesri (06-24-2017), k3rry (06-22-2017), pleb (05-04-2017), Skates (04-15-2017), Mikey (04-06-2017), ZTG (03-24-2017), Matthew- (03-22-2017), Rick (03-04-2017), Reevy (01-07-2017), Decy (12-06-2016), Fibril (07-25-2016), TK_PRODIGY (07-01-2016), Rareparrot (05-21-2016), urBeats (05-16-2016), VDK (03-13-2016), Downsize (03-10-2016), Skittle (03-07-2016), Valor (03-01-2016), JTHM (02-18-2016), Jay (02-18-2016), Dec (02-15-2016), Kaspur (02-11-2016), 9nty (02-08-2016), Adam (02-08-2016), Loke (02-07-2016), tattoo (02-05-2016), Tyler (02-05-2016)
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Great post thats going to help a lot of people
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Nice thread Pubs! New members will need to know information about this. Nice work keep it up dude.
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Thank you for the post! When I try to post something it puts it to the start of where I was typing is it supposed to do this?
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Very nice thread. Never even noticed this haha. Not even when Tattoo had it. Thanks anyways man. Hopefully new members see it.
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This used to be my thread before I asked Tattoo to take it over. Wow it's been a while. Nice edits and what not. Cool to see my layout is still there.
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Hi guys my name Luke I do vlogs I also got a gaming channel called Luke mcgaming
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This will help out the noobs - thanks for doing this man.
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I have actually never seen this until now. But thanks for sharing this with the new commers.
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Props to your sir, very nice put together thread.
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