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White Night
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Game Information
Osome Studio
Osome Studio
Genre: Adventure
Release Date: March 3, 2015
Platforms: Mac
Xbox One
PlayStation 4

A third-person survival horror game that melds aspects of both horror and noir themes together.

White Night tells a mash frightfulness story with noir trappings. Driven rough terrain in a tempest by the spooky type of a lady, the player starts injured at the doors of run down Vesper manor, home of an once intense family with a bleak legacy. What starts as a basic push to endure the night forms into an investigation of the Vesper family and how it unites with the phantom which attracted the player. Narrating is the real part of White Night, and the particular case that it most competently succeeds at. As the player investigates, they'll discover many diary passages, notes, photographs, bits of private correspondence, and news cut-outs identifying with the Vespers. Dividers are secured with family pictures and workmanship, a large portion of which can be inspected and seldom see their depictions reused (however the craftsmanship once in a while is). Account creeps in at the corners, these interpretive bits progressively forming into an entrancing story of anguish, edginess, and franticness. They're sublime, and energize a careful investigation of each room. Voice-acted portrayal from the hero comes in at focuses also, however these are normally far less intriguing and thwarted a bit by an energetic voice which doesn't appear to coordinate the character.

Taking an irregular way to deal with visual configuration, the amusement is exhibited in 3D, utilizing settled camera edges, only in high contrast. Stark and charming, the sharp difference and its impediments successfully attract the eye to points of interest and errors. The obscurity is harsh and infringing, yet frequently desirable over the light which uncovers that there really are frightful things sequestered from everything. It's an upscale look that well serves play overwhelmed by item accumulation and communication, as the player's perspective is regularly constrained to their quick region. This, matched with the settled cameras, is every so often muddling, as milestones which could be utilized to distinguish the player's relative position are rendered undetectable oblivious, which does make the experience more extreme (yet at the danger of disappointment).

Light and murkiness are utilized truly and figuratively all through the diversion as center ideas. The player is powerless oblivious, not able to cooperate with the earth in any important way. Inside the house, as working light apparatuses are few and far between, the player must depend on matches for light. A most extreme of twelve matches can be conveyed at one time, and the period of time they smolder is influenced by components like development, making it difficult to gage the amount of time one has, and (as any individual who's been down to a couple of matches will let you know) they're temperamental. There is a little excite to be had from running perilously low, just to have two matches in succession come up as duds.

The controls are hopeless when you run past the phantoms. This is the place my first feedback of the amusement comes in, on the grounds that when you run the controls feel burdensome and you influence unpredictably side to side, now and again into a phantom. Different times a phantom appears to show up from no place, and despite the fact that you see static where the apparitions are, and the joypad vibrates, you wind up dead notwithstanding. Frequently your match goes out mid-run and you need to light another. This is really great and slopes up the strain, as infrequently your matches are duds and don't light; fiddling around oblivious for a match as you are attempting to make tracks in an opposite direction from a phantom is precisely as it ought to be. In any case, it really pays to not run and take it gradually, and thusly you have more opportunity to escape in the event that you experience a phantom, by going around it or the other way. Whether this was deliberate or not i'm uncertain but rather it is irrational. The amusement has given you a run catch and the phantoms are quicker than you so it bodes well to run, however in the event that you do run you have more risk of running into a stray apparition. Moderate is better then. Yet, even subsequent to realizing where the phantoms generally are and strolling gradually you can in any case wind up in an unjustifiable demise at any rate. Without a checkpoint close by. So you run.

The camera edge doesn't make things simple either. You have no power over the camera so you are playing a la Resident Evil with a settled camera. All in all I very enjoyed this, the main times it gets to be baffling is the point at which the camera edge shifts and down gets to be up on the controller and you get obfuscated

Synopsis 7/10
Gameplay 5/10
Graphics 6/10
Controls 5/10
Overall: 5.5/10

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Sounds a great game, and even on Linux lol, really does sound like a good third-person survival horror game and maybe ill give it a go one day.
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Doesn't seem like a very good game. Not really into that genre, and you bring in bad controls and unpredictability, it's not something I enjoy
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Not a fan of horror games although it's third person it may be good I just won't try it.
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