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Release Date: November 13th, 2014
Developers: Ketchapp
Publishers: Apple Inc.
Platforms: iOS
Genre: Arcade
Players: 1
Rating: 9/10

Experience a new world of rotation.

The rule is simple: Tap and jump on the colorful discs , surviving as long as you can while collecting little dots. You also need to avoid dangerous hazards like saw blades, as well as not hitting the edge of the screen.

Its easy to play but hard to master.

Can you survive 35 seconds?

This game combines classic arcade gaming and graphics with intense, concentration requiring gameplay. In this game you control a small yellow diamond trying to get as many points as possible before losing. The point system in this game is scored by collecting small red circles. There is no movement in this game, the only way you get around is by launching yourself in a straight line. You may be thinking, 'how do you go anywhere apart from a straight line?', there are many rotating, decorated discs around the screen which you will attach to when you come in contact with them. As these discs rotate around, you can launch off them at any time to go forward in the given direction. These discs vary, they come in different sizes, rotation speeds, and rotation directions. When you play the game you can't take your time, when you latch onto a disc it will start to fade away, after a couple of full rotations it will disappear completely, if you are on it when it disappears then you will lose. This is why you need to have good reactions and be able to make decisions quickly and efficiently. Apart from the red circles in the game, there are green ones which are much rarer and are specially placed. Picking up one of these will collect every single red dot that is present on the screen. Another thing that you will not find so much in the game are the orange discs, they aren't too similar to the other discs as they are static, they don't rotate. When you latch onto one of these, you will be immediately launched in the direction that the disc is pointing. Something that could be added to the game are these discs that still rotate, so you will have to time your moves even better to avoid being launched at the side or by the hazardous discs that you also come across in the game.

The graphics in this game are very detailed. There are a range of colors for the discs and they all have unique patterns with stars, circular stripes and a variety of patterns. The background when playing is black so almost any other color will stand out against it, this leaves the game open to a wide variety of color scheme options. I think being able to change the color scheme would be a good addition to the game. There are so many small details and animations which fit together to make this game what it is, for example when you collect red circles there is almost an exploding sort of effect that is played where the red circle used to be. Another cool graphical feature in this game is seen at certain points in the game, some of the layouts of the discs are preset, some of these layouts have text on the wall that relates to the layout, there is one which has the static discs shooting you from one to another collecting a large number of red circles along the way which has text saying 'yooooo' as a good occurrence.

The audio in this game is also very nice and goes with the rest of the game. When you are at the menu selecting to play a game, the game plays a funky track in the background, when you start a game that immediately stops and a more serious, fast paced electro tune is put on in the background. This backing music effects the way you play, making you concentrate more. As soon as you lose, the funky, calmer tune comes back on until you repeat the cycle. As for sound effects in this game, there are a few little ones. The first one is the sound played when you launch off, this sounds very similar to some of the guns from Star Wars surprisingly, but that theme does suit the game. Another sound effect is the one that is played when you die, it sounds like an electric shock, this could be changed for a sound that people would recognize as bad, like something shattering for example.

The controls in this game are very basic. One thing I like about them is that you can play the game with only one finger, no need for any more. This is good if you need to multitask, although not focusing entirely on the game wouldn't get you very far in it. All you have to do to launch the yellow diamond is tap anywhere on the screen. That's it. The real control is being able to control when you make the moves, tapping when you see the diamond being lined up with the destination is too late as it will have moved by then and most likely put you in a path that will cause you to lose - that is unless the rotation speed of the disc is very slow or you have inhuman reactions. The other thing about knowing when to tap, is also knowing when not to tap. At some points in the game, there is a line of red circles that you would go for, which are followed up by a spike disc (the ones that will kill you).

Gameplay - 9.5/10
Graphics - 9.5/10
Audio - 8.5/10
Controls - 8.5/10
Overall - 9/10

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Adolfin (10-23-2015)
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Does sound very challenging for sure, but I think I can survive for 35 seconds. Gonna give this a go.
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This sounds like a fun mobile game. I'm gonna download this and play it, I need a mobile game to pass the time.
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