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ReviewSuper Beat Ball - ReviewPosted:

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Super Beat Ball
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Release Date: N/A
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Publishers: Apple Inc.
Platforms: iOS
Genre: Puzzle, Arcade
Players: 1
Rating: 8.5/10

Super Beat Ball is a single tap reaction game that will keep you hooked for hours!
Tap to dash forward to avoid the traps.
You will lose point automatically if the ball impact with the wall
Control the ball to dash in the middle with get you the most points, but sometimes it's impossible to do so.

The game features many different traps, along with 12 unlockable ball's skins

SuperBeatBall is a new arcade game where the goal is to get as many points, and to get as far as possible. This game gives you the control of a red ball that is moving from side to side at the bottom of your screen, it will keep moving until you tap the screen to shoot it up in a straight line. Above the ball and where it will go towards when you shoot is one of many arrangements of colorful shapes which move around, blocking all possible paths. Your aim is to get the ball through this puzzle; you have to work with timings to get through it without hitting any of the shapes with the ball. This challenge is made harder as the ball is scrolling from side to side so the shapes may be in the right position, but the ball could be on the wrong side of the screen and when it finally gets in position, the shapes may have moved. This game be very difficult as each time the ball hits the side of the screen (when it is moving from side to side) you lose some points, this can be frustrating and could ruin a good run that you are having. When you get past a level (one lot of shapes) there will be the level number with a circle around it, made up of small circular blobs which when collected, will add to your total points. Overall the gameplay in this game is different, and fun, but can also be quite annoying and frustrating if you are trying to beat a high score or achieve a goal.

The graphics in this game are really clean and aesthetically pleasing. The game is completely 2D, with colors that stand out against each other. The ball that you use is a soft red, with a pale red outline. This contrasts with the white-beige background that reminds me of squared paper, a popular background for cartoony arcade games. The colors used for the obstacle shape arrangements are random for each different run, but all arrangements in the same run appear to have the same color. These go from purples to greens and yellow, I think it is form a selection of colors rather than completely random colors as some wouldnt work with other elements of the game. The animation of the ball shooting up is nice; the ball leaves a pale red trail behind it which fades out as the ball gets to the next level. Overall the graphics in this game are smooth, dramatically changing them would negatively affect the game in my opinion.

The audio in this game is also very simple, there are several funky tune playing the background when you are playing, this is quickly silenced by crashing cymbals if you hit one of the shapes, just to let you know that you have lost. The other sound effects that I have noticed are when you hit the side to lose points, every time you hit the side produces a clapping sound. I think this could be changed to a sound that gets higher or lower in pitch that is relative to their number of points; this would better help the player realise how many points they have and allow them to play differently according to that sound. The audio in this game is good and it suits the rest of the game well.

The controls in this game are very simple, all you have to do to launch the ball is tap on the screen when you desire, this games controls are not so much about being able to do them, but more-so knowing and having the ability to tap when you need to, to get the best possible outcome. Timing is very important in this game as tiny distances will end the game just like that. I will admit that this game is very difficult to master, so it will take a long time to get used to it. All of the different arrangements all have their own, same points where you can get through so learning all of them and the points you can get through will make the game easier to control and to know what to do when.

Gameplay - 8.5/10
Graphics - 9/10
Audio - 8.5/10
Controls - 8.5/10
Overall - 8.5/10

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Gonna have to give this game a go looks interesting.
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Sounds a little boring to be honest, never been a big fan of a game you just tap lol.
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This game sounds like it would be addictive when you get into it. Might have to check this out as a time killer
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Sounds good, but the game is terrible & really hard. As soon as you start it's as if you're already on level 100 or something with how difficult it is.
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