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ReviewWaffle Island - ReviewPosted:

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Release Date: June 1st, 2015 [Latest Version]
Developers: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
Platforms: Downloadable Client / Web Browser
Genre: Adventure / MMORPG
Players: Infinite (MMORPG)

Waffle Island is a fun and exciting new virtual world where users play as a waffle avatar to explore Waffle Island, chat, collect Waffle Cash, play mini-games, make new friends, and plate loads more! The Waffle Island team seeks to provide a safe, user-friendly enviornment where children and young teens can hang-out and make new friends, while having fun along the way. So what are you waiting for? Come and join this amazingly fun and yummy island of waffles!

Waffle Island is new game that is aiming to replace the colossal Club Penguin. The game consists of you playing as a Waffle on an Island where you collect Waffle Cash and play mini games with friends. The island itself has many areas for users to explore and play in. The devs release new areas every couple of days so the game has so much content. The mini games are scattered across the island, they games are as listed:

Tic-Tac-Toe - Classic game of Tic-Tac-Toe
Connect 4 - Connect 4 coins to win
Coin Drop - A plinko type of game
Waffle Racer (Comic soon) - Race your waffle on the racetrack against other waffles.

Winning each of these mini game grants you Waffle Cash that you can use to purchase special items from the store:

Party Hats
Regular Hats

With Waffle Cash (Or the first time you create your character) you can change your Waffle Flavor (Flavors are appearance only and offer no perks), here are the listed Waffle Flavor:

Plain Waffle
Brown Waffle
Pink Waffle
Red Waffle
Pancake (Coming Soon)

Waffle Island looks as if it was made by a group of younger children in paint. With the latest update on June 1st the graphics were completely redone making them more sharp and less child like. Another note is that every character is a 2d waffle on 3d map so its different from anything i've seen before. While the graphics are very clunky they still have a nice appeal to them and almost attract everyone who sees the game.

The game doesn't have much audio except whats need so it has a nice minimalist feel to the game. The Waffle Island Dev Team also plays music in game sometimes ranging from Christmas Tunes during winter to Insane Clown Posse during the weekends.

Waffle Island has extremely simple controls and only requires a mouse to play (You can also type in game). You simply click where you want your waffle to go and it will do it. You also use your mouse during the mini games.

  • Waffle Island is based off of the popular Club Penguin
  • The game has over 1000 registered users.
  • A large number of TTG users play the game.

Gameplay - 8/10
Graphics - 7/10
Controls - 10/10
Overall - 8/10

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One of the best games that I have played! Had great fun with potion and we played some tic-tac-toe as well! Too bad I have more waffle coins then him.
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Each category bypasses the forums rules with a requirement of 5+ sentences making your review sluggish. For a review, you're trying to get to the reader, telling them what the game is about. Listing off the mini-games don't tell us much so an explanation of each game would have been ideal, even if they're the basic games everyone knows. Although this review was made before the most recent forum rule changes, some graphics of the games would have been fitting as we can get a better look at the game, maybe even some more description too. "Facts" wasn't a necessary category to be talked about as you could have sneaked it into the gameplay for example "Waffle islands has an alluring gameplay core that many may say is similar to Club Penguin. The game has only over 1000 registered players as of now without a huge rise in count and a portion of those players are TTG members." Controls isn't meant to be long as there's not much to mention about it but for a game with multiple mini-games and activities to do, you can work your way around to making it noteworthy.
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