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Release Date: July 19th, 2006 (Xbox 360 Arcade); March 15th, 2011 (Steam)
Developers: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
Publishers: Microsoft
Platforms: Xbox 360 Arcade, PC
Genre: Side Scroller, Puzzle, Adventure
Players: 1
Rating: 8/10

Have you ever been cloned? Ever wonder what it would be like to be half chicken? Half monkey? Half frog? Well, wonder no more when you play Cloning Clyde. As Clyde, or one of his clones, work your way through the levels of the nefarious Dupliclone, Inc. building. It houses bizarre simulated environments created specifically to accommodate their unconventional cloning experiments. Have fun utilizing the many clones running amok inside Dupliclone, as you try to free yourself for should we say yourselves. Be careful of the traps set by the sinister corporation, and watch out for mutant clones! Get even more inventive and you can use the cloning technology to combine the Clyde clones with some of your co-inhabitants to make mutant Chicken-Clydes, Frog-Clydes, Ape-Clydes and more. Many of the mutant Clydes have special abilities that can help you to escape from the evil Dupliclone, Inc.

The gameplay in this game is very different in the sense that it is unique and unlike any game I have seen before, but it is a very entertaining and fun to play game nevertheless. You play as Clyde, a funny character adventuring through Dupliclone Inc, a laboratory who perform cloning experiments on you and a variety of other creatures. In the game you can combine your DNA with that of other animals in order to gain special abilities to make it through points in a level, you can transform into Frog-Clyde, Chicken-Clyde, Ape-Clyde and many more. You travel through different regions in the game, all of which are selected from the main area. This area has a teleporter for every different level, so you can revisit old ones if you wish to go back and maybe obtain all of the collectibles in the level. I always thought of this game as humorous, it just has that slapstick comedy feel to it, your character wears a hospital gown for instance, and when you climb a ladder facing the back of the screen with your back to the front of the screen, your rear is exposed to the player. Another one of these are the signs around the map which aid you and give you instructions on how to proceed/things you will need to know. On one of the levels there is a sign with a couple of chickens next to it; the sign reads "Dear Clyde, Kicking chickens is awesome. It doesn't help us get out of here, but it's really fun! Love, Karate Clyde." It is just little things like this that make it a fun game to play.

The graphics in this game aren't that great, but then again it is almost 10 years old. The ideas the developers were going for when they designed the game are great, but as I said there is only so much detail they can go into when making a game in its time. Some things in the game look inaccurate on purpose, and it actually makes the game look funnier and more appealing. As I said before, this is a cartoony looking game and this design really worked for the game and I think it makes it better to play. If they changed the cartoon theme to something more simple and straightforward it would be anywhere near as good.

The audio in this game is quite peculiar to be honest, but it matches and goes with the flow of the rest of the game. The sound effects are funny and reminiscent of cavemen, or some could say 'stupid' or 'simple' people. Beside the sound effects that the character makes, the game has it's own sounds. When you complete a level an upbeat, happy music plays which gives you a sense of accomplishment... Because you completed a level. Pretty much everything that moves in the environment makes a noise, when you walk up to a cloning machine it has some sort of projector that spins around, this has its own, electronic/robotic sound effect that just fills in the little gaps in the game.

The controls in this game are nothing special, as it is not a first person shooter and there are only 2 true directions you can look in the controls are simplified a lot. In the game there are points where you can ride on the back of a sheep, controlling this is very difficult and challenges you quite a bit. the sheep jumps at the same interval but with a varying length and height depending on how far you are pushing the joystick on the controller, there is no way to tell this so it will take you a long time to master these controls. The controls in this game are very simple, and functional.

  • This game was released on Steam 5 years after it was initially released on Xbox 360.

Gameplay - 8.5/10
Graphics - 7.5/10
Audio - 8.5/10
Controls - 8/10
Overall - 8/10

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Unfortunate (10-21-2015)
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I used to play this years and years ago on the Xbox arcade.
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Looks pretty decent for an arcade game, most arcade games are stupid lol, but reading your game review actually makes it sound pretty good.
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Looks like a pretty fun game! It's very individualistic, haven't seen something like it before. Even though it's old as hell I might need to check this out just to see how it's played
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I don't actually think I've played this although I'm certain I've played most arcade games. This one looks like good fun so I may have to jump on and give it a whirl.
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