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  • E3 2019
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Binged Breaking Bad for the first time ever a month or so ago, and man that show is excellent I can't believe I did not watch it sooner.
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Happy Valley is quite a good series on Netflix I've been watching these last couple of days
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  • Summer 2019
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My favorite film of all-time is "Driving Miss Daisy."
The best film I have seen, IMHO, is "The Exorcist."

My favorite tv series of all-time is "M*A*S*H." From season 7 forward though.
The best tv series I have seen again, IMHO, is "The Larry Sanders Show."

I don't watch television hardly at all these days. The only films I enjoy are documentaries.
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Blue Bloods.

Literally love this TV Show

It's on Hulu and Netflix
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Just finished Line of duty, good series! BBC
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TV Shows: Supernatural, Sherlock, Vikings, Rick and Morty

Don't really have a favorite movie
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  • Summer 2019
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My new favourite show is 13 Reasons Why, it's a very intense show and I'm patiently waiting for season 3
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My favorite is definitely [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

I am undecided on my favoite TV series. It is a tie between The Sopranos, Rick & Morty, and Dragon Ball
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Love chris hemsworth though men in black was a bit disappointment but love the thor you can even [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] on netflix. I wish they add engame as well to it.
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  • Christmas!
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Still Star Wars by far. Best movies out there.
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