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Binged Breaking Bad for the first time ever a month or so ago, and man that show is excellent I can't believe I did not watch it sooner.
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Happy Valley is quite a good series on Netflix I've been watching these last couple of days
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My favorite film of all-time is "Driving Miss Daisy."
The best film I have seen, IMHO, is "The Exorcist."

My favorite tv series of all-time is "M*A*S*H." From season 7 forward though.
The best tv series I have seen again, IMHO, is "The Larry Sanders Show."

I don't watch television hardly at all these days. The only films I enjoy are documentaries.
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Blue Bloods.

Literally love this TV Show

It's on Hulu and Netflix
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Just finished Line of duty, good series! BBC
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TV Shows: Supernatural, Sherlock, Vikings, Rick and Morty

Don't really have a favorite movie
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My new favourite show is 13 Reasons Why, it's a very intense show and I'm patiently waiting for season 3
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My favorite is definitely Chronicle

I am undecided on my favoite TV series. It is a tie between The Sopranos, Rick & Morty, and Dragon Ball
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Still Star Wars by far. Best movies out there.
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Saw act of valor ages ago still one of the best films I've seen but the best has to be reservoir Dogs best tv show easy the wire 2nd Luther 3rd doctor who
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