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@AR15 Thank you for the positive feedback hoping that it stays alive is just making me want to quit.

@Prohibit, Thank you once again man! Good point to Gams. Does get kind of annoying but thank you got the feedbacl!
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Nice topic here and our other Photoshop guide was showing it's age, good job illume, lots of ground covered here for all types of designers.

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Thank you Scizor! I appreciate it bud!

I shall try my best to update it every week or so.

If anyone has any problems, feel free to message me.

There are plenty of designers out there, so they can also help.
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Large ups on getting this sticked!
Beware tutorial suggestions inbound.
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Not going to lie this is actually really good. Good job man, i see the effort and time put into this
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This is amazing im going to check some of these out.
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Thanks man this really helped me out
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Thanks for the post man. I will 100% give this a look later!
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Good job, very in-depth tutorial.
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LYON wrote

I noticed that there was a sticky on this already, however I personally don't think it's up to date, also some of the tutorials are also seen as reasonably easy to do. I am not saying that is no good, I used it a lot to improve, so thank you iLewis. Here is the link to his stickyEach tutorial are all done using a software called, Adobe Photoshop here is a link for the download Please bare in mind, you will have to sign-up if you currently do not own the software, you can also download a 30 day trial.


How to Use the Text Tool in Photoshop -HW2
How to curve text.-Rajprod
Shapes & Custom shapes.-bedavelli
Shapes & custom shapes.-PJatPHOTOSHOPBUS
Pen Tools for beginners. -ChChCheckit
Making Scan Lines. - Howard Pinsky
How to make shiny buttons - Howard Pinsky
Basic text effects. - HeckYeah
How to make glossy text. - Blue Lightning TV
How to make neon/like text. - Blue Lightning TV
How to create smashed text effects. - Dreemsketch
Basic 3D Text.-Euphoria
Basic 3D Text part 2. - Will Paterson
Disney's Frozen text effect. -Howard Pinsky
How to create Golden text. -Nitrolandtutorials
How to create fire text effect. -Khmer Apiwat
Better smashed text effect. -EvanEckard
Divergent Text effect. -Howard Pinsky
How to create a light text. -PhotoshopTutorials
How to create metallic text. -Kiadesigns
How to create a metallic background. -Webriiks d
Choosing the correct font. -Rezcolor
Using the gradient tool. -Hun Kim
Creating clean gradients. -LRDFactory
How to create Frosty glass effect. -PVA
Graffiti Text effect. -GildedApp5
Light Burst Text Effect - Photoshop Tuts
Lens flares for beginners - KingTutsPro


How to Change human body ''Flamenco".-worldofgnr
Simply Elegant Text Effect. -ChChCheckit
Realistic Fire Text Effect. -NitroLandTutorials
Grass Text effect. -LazedifieD
Wooden Text Effect in Photoshop. -Click3d
Ice Text effect tutorial. -Melissa Doyle
Light effects tutorial. -Arun Kumar
Creating a dispersion effect. -Adam Sund
Advanced glow effect tutorial. -muslim8119
Graffiti Text effect. -ChromeDesigns
"Professional Look" Background -ChromeDesigns
Changing seasons tutorial. -Eric Eggly
3D Pop out photo effect. -BlueLightning TV
Creating 3D Animal effect. -Colin Edmiston
Fire in hands manipulation. -click3d
Surreal portrait Photo-Manipulation. -Photo Extremist
The world in the hands tutorial. -reversedesignsdotcom
Paint splash manipulation. -Arun Kumar
Advance Lighting tutorial. -kuschelirmel
Advanced Composition - vineinstagramvideo
Redefinig Time (Part 1/3) - Andrei Oprinca
Redefinig Time (Part 2/3) - Andrei Oprinca
Redefinig Time (Part 3/3) - Andrei Oprinca
Fairytale Forest Tutorial - Andre Oprinca
Advanced Lighting Tutorial (Part 1/3) - TutorialClarity
Advanced Lighting Tutorial (Part 2/3) - TutorialClarity
Advanced Lighting Tutorial (Part 2/3) - TutorialClarity
How to Remove Anything from a Photo in Photoshop
Unlock the secret to the lens flare - PSTuts
Creating realistic dust - PSTuts


Seven-Star tutorial - Ch-ch-checkit
Advanced Photoshop Manipulation - BakaArts
Machines/other things - BakaArts
Mysterious landscape tutorial - Photoshopartz
How to repair old photos - PST
Vibrant Color Ring - tutvid
Vampire Effect - Andrei Oprinca
Hair Retouching Advanced - FX-RAY
Dramatic Lighting - Andre Oprinca
Poly-Portrait Faces - FX-RAY
Polygon Blast - EvanEckard
Geometric Shape Clusters - Rated Designs
Tree Sphere Manipulation - Bakaarts
Aquarium Manipulation - BakaArts
Cyborg Effect Tutorial - BakaArts
Manipulation Banner (Part 1/3) - Rated Designs
Manipulation Banner (Part 2/3) - Rated Designs
Manipulation Banner (Part 3/3) - Rated Designs
Strange city (Photo Manipulation) - CreativeStation
Emotional Manipulation - Marcin Mikus
Levitation Manipulation - Marcin Mikus
Water Color Manipulation - Justthisgood
Drawing Wolves Tutorial - eHowTech
Abstract Rain Artwork - PhotoshopArtz
Making Panoramic's - Cindy Lemons
Turning day to night - Phlearn
Bring Back Lost Details From Shadows - Phlearn

As much as I highly advise you to avoid using Cinema 4D unless you have some experience using software similar to it. These are some tutorials for people who want to produce simple 3D images including texts, logos and some small modelling projects. The software used is called Maxon Cinema 4D, for the full version you will need to purchase it, if you cannot afford to then you can use a demo version from here


Cinema 4D Basics - Otaku+
Professional 3D Text - AcrezHD
Outlined 3D Text - Seso
Simple 3D Text (Transparent Background) - Hell0gfx
Keyframe Basics - AkaChan
Bouncing Text Tutorial - MyMotionGraphics
Professional Lighting - AcrezHD
Natural Lighting - Rob Redmarr
Making 3D Logo's Photoshop/Cinema 4D - OrignalHyde
Minecraft Skin Tutorial - Vineprex
How to render - AcrezHD
How To Make a grunge material. -DA
How to Create glass material. - Lawrence Black
How to make a glass bottle.-creativevission
Basics of modelling. -Elux Designs
How to make realistic material. -Aqautix

Please remember it's not all about difficulty levels, it's based on what people produce or on how much they want to improve there capabilities.They're also what I personally set standards to, this doesn't mean that I think all of them are easy, most of the beginner tutorials, are achievable by beginners too. If you find any tutorials that have not already been added to this collection, feel free to PM me and I will add it. I also do NOT take any credit for the videos/tutorials. They were all found and organised so they're easier for you to find.

Rep and thanks are very much appreciated, although not needed.

I hope you all enjoyed this
Never knew this existed man thanks alot for this some decent tutorials to
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