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My dream car would have to be the Ferrari 458. Just a huge fan of this car. http://brutalcar.com/download/175-super-car-ferrari-458-italia.jpg
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Realistic Car:

BMW E46 M3 Stanced (Electric Blue)

Un-Realistic Car:

Mercedes-AMG GT S CPE
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Toyota supra any year but i would love to have Paul Walkers in Fast and Furious.

I passed one near my house yesterday and my jaw almost hit the floor.

Plus everyone is gonna say a GTR but i see to many i go to alot of car meets around my area and one or two always come to them.

GTR's are just to mainstream nowadays.

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Toyota Supra. That 2JZ is just sexual.
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I hate supercars but I'm kinda digging the Tiffany blue 458 Speciale.

C63 doe :inlove:
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My fantasy dream car would be a Lamborghini Huracan.


My realistic dream car is a 2015 mustang. I hope to get it in a few years time, it's being released in the UK this fall. Looking forward to seeing it on the road


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All these cars are realistic I would love a 1999 gtr r34 or a 1980's el Camino ss ory dads c10 race truck...or just put his motor in my Sonoma because it's lighter
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