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Edit 9-12-17 Please be aware now that games that in a set period of time Pre-Release demo, meaning the game has a beta/alpha that runs for a set amount of time, cannot be submitted for a full review. Please wait for the full release of the game before posting a review. Games in a developmental beta (PubG, DayZ, etc) are still available for review.

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Post your own reviews here - If a review is good enough, and if the staff agree with it, it will be published as an official TTG Game Review.

Rules to follow if you want your review made official:

1. Users are permitted to copy only the manufacturers description of the game (synopsis).
2. You must have played the game.
3. All review parameters (gameplay/plot/graphics/controls/etc) must be your own words.
4. Reviews must contain a rating from 1 to 10 - again this must be your own rating.
5. All video games that contain a Story Mode/Campaign mode must have a Plot, if not then your review will be declined. The synopsis is not the plot!
6. You must provide example images/gameplay videos to back up your opinions when you are talking about the Graphics/Art of a game. This is to add more visualization to the review, instead of just having a review that says "Game looks really good".

We are looking to create a wide selection of game reviews - but we want our own, not the reviews of other sites. We would far prefer your own reviews (regardless of size/quality) over that of one which has been copied from another site.

WARNING: All reviews will be checked prior to use - Any official review that is found to be a copy and paste from another website will be deleted. Any user that is found to be stealing reviews from other sites repeatedly will be ignored as a future reviewer. While we will be checking these reviews before making any of them official, one may slip past our radar now and then.
*Note that this doesn't matter for unofficial reviews posted in this sticky.

    Read before making a review :

    • Check HERE to see if a game has been reviewed before reviewing it, if it has been reviewed then don't post a review on that game.
    • Save a copy of your review in a notepad in case it gets declined.
    • You are only allowed to copy the Synopsis.
    • Browser games are not allowed to be reviewed
    • Games in an allotted time beta/alpha cannot be reviewed until their full release. Developmental alpha and beta reviews can still be submitted.
    • You are allowed to review a game that has already been done ONLY if the author has been suspended from the website, the new review must be better than the previous as well. If the user is inactive that does not give you the right to re-review a game.

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Harvest Moon DS

America Release Date September 12, 2006
Developer: Marvelous Interactive
Publisher's: JP: Marvelous Interactive, NA: Natsume, EU: Rising Star Games, AU: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo DS.
Genre: Simulation RPG


The player is a young man who lives with his friend Takakura on a farm in Forget-Me-Not-Valley, at roughly the same time as Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town. ... The Witch Princess then tells the player to bring all of the Harvest Sprites back in order to rescue the Harvest Goddess.


You start out as a male character, then you then get to name him what you want. Your character's age is 22. You live on your farm in the town of Forget-Me-Not-Valley with your family friend, he also lives on your farm as well. The game begins to open up with the Harvest Goddess and the Witch Princess fighting each other. None of them ending up winning. The Witch Princess is annoyed and ticked off at the Harvest Goddess, she then casts a spell on her. Which then goes bad, and then sends the Harvest Goddess to a different world. The Witch Princess also sends the Harvest Goddess Sprites away to try and bring back the HG. Your goal is to help bring back the Harvest Goddess back and restore the land.


This is the first Harvest Moon Game for the Nintendo DS. Once again you get to play as a male farmer who's age is 22. You live in the town of Forget-Me-Not-Valley. The whole town is falling apart as well as your farm is in sort of decay. You need to help all you can, you go around the town collecting wood and stone, basically as much material as you can. You add on to your farm by adding buildings for your animals so you can raise them to sell the animals produce. Example, would be building a barn for you to raise cows which the produce milk for you to sell to earn money. You also need to save lots of gold to help your farm and town. Planting crops is one of the easiest ways to make a quick buck. You also get to have some fun getting to help the villagers and making friends. There are a lot of girls to choose from to marry if you want to start a family. You also see some familiar faces some locals from the GBA game of Harvest Moon friends of Mineral Town also come thru the town. In the end again you are faced with helping your farm in the village to finish within a time limit to bring back the Harvest Goddesses as well.

You get to play Mini games such as Black Jack.

Opening Theme:

Bachelorette's To Choose From:
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The graphics are pretty decent for this time of the game coming out. Once again your character and the other locals are chi bi sized but that's what the series is known for. The graphics are more appealing with the buildings and nature looking life like. This DS game has the feel as if you were living on the farm yourself. The characters graphics are truly wonderful full in depth as if they were anime characters.


The buttons are fairly easy, moving your character with the directional pad is just common sense. The other buttons are basic and simple to understand from the start sort of similar to the GBA controls. The only part I would point out that needs to be learned is the ways of learning how to do certain things in the game such as swapping out items.

My Ratings:

Gameplay: 6/10
Controller 7/10
Overall: 8/10
There is a lot to do in this game, it is very time consuming. But If you have some free time this is a fun and great game to play.
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