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Chi wrote
OooooooOhhhh, Nice n' upgraded topic.
I like it.

Beautifully put together, and as solid as ever.

If there is anybody that can change your whole career and view of graphics,
it's these fellas right here..

Trust me, I can tell you first hand haha.

What an awesome gift for the graphics community.


haha shut up chi get ebola pls
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Sort of helpful but this surely is insightful, thanks.
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Wow Zef i love this guide very well explain you are amazing at what you do
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Amazing guide, sure this will help a bunch of members wanting to get into designing
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awesome post!!
Keep em coming
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May be adding another a lot more information to this post about resources and good vs bad examples.
What do you guys think?
Not gonna waste hours writing up a post no one cares about.
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Thanks for this useful topic man! Helped me alot. The only thing i need is a better computer, but thanks! Helped alot.
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This is a great post, thanks for all the help!
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I have met Abram Games's daughter, she had some real interesting stories to tell !
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This post is amazing and should be read by every current and upcoming designer. Has some really key points that everyone should look at. Thanks to Zef for taking the time to make this post hats off to you my man.

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