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Yay I just joined.

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I just joined.
Name: TTG_Pufferfish
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Made the crew a TTG emblem using the emblem editor. Feel free to make your own and contribute to the emblem gallery! If it is good enough we may use it as our official emblem. And join the crew while there is still spots left, only the first 300 people will be able to join.

Heres the emblem:
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Makes me want GTA V more then i already wanted
thanks for this!
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Cool idea, just joined it same name as my TTG profile
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I'm buying games to keep me sane until it comes out. I have a sad life.
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Just joined my nick name is TDK_Jr btw great idea Naggy if you came up with it!
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I just joined

It wouldn't let me use my TTG username
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Just joined! I'm super excited for this game, once it is out this game will own me!
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