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I just posted my video thanking my supporters and giving some updates and announcing I will be taking on Twitch as well. I am very excited. I am looking to get to 50 subscribers as soon as possible and we are pushing out good content every single day. This was my 20th video and I have not even been uploading for a full 3 weeks yet. I am very dedicated and looking to build new connections. I want to meet people to build friendships and also meet new content creators who are down to either collab or help eachother out in doing some sort of helping each other with shoutouts and stuff like that. This is my first time looking to do any of that and all of my stuff has been completely organic. Please give me a chance and if you are willing to even drop a like or sub on the channel. Itd be much appreciated. Thank you and let me know if you would like to start a friendship ;)

I am currently at 31 subscribers and I am always willing to support those who support me

Channel Link - youtube.com/channel/UCQ4LZP9nMfJdWCS5LMbu65A

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Subscribe to my channel below and then quote reply this comment with your channel and I will subscribe you back.

click here to view my channel

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My buddy just uploaded his first YouTube video, and a sub would mean the world to him.

His channel is him hunting, and fishing as he loves being outdoors.

Most Recent Video

Thank you to anyone who takes the time to sub, or even just watch!!
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