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Guys can everyone please subscribe to my channel it's been inactive for a while but I'm starting it up...

It's currently at 1,575 Subscribers
I want to achieve the 2000 Subscriber Goal so I can do a mass give away on TTG and YouTube.

My Chanel is changing to Gaming, Day In the Life, QnA's

Channel Name - RTV eSports ( Currently at 1,575 Subs, with 1 Upload.

I'll Subscribe to everyone with subscribs to Me!!
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I'm a YouTuber who uploads HD 60 FPS videos regularly on a variety of games from fighting to horror games. I'm generally laid back and don't fake reactions or swear a lot. I just enjoy playing games and interacting with the viewers on my channel. I do both commentaries and regular videos. So it's a good mix of both. I'm also very respectful and welcome any general discussion on my videos so long as they are not negative. Stop by and check it out if you get the chance. Aside from that have a safe and awesome day!

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hey guys!
new Call of duty Black ops 3 zombies and custom zombies channel, please check it out, you dont have to sub.
If you like my content please comment on video and i will check out your channel also!

here is the link to my channel!

if you do happen to subscribe, welcome to the community!
i will be uploading weekly, possibly more as i have more free time now!
thanks in advance!
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Yo sub to my new channel its pretty great ill sub back if you do

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2 New Videos every day!!!!! Come and subscribe guys!

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Hey people, if anyone wants to, please check out my youtube account, it'll mean the world to me. Even if you don't like or subscribe or anything, it'll mean the world to me if you at least check it out. A little something about me is that I like to edit video and record gameplay, and so far, i've been recording Gmod horror map and indie games, I just started about 3 months ago and my plan is to do daily uploads so that I can release content to entertain people when they have some free time or even if they don't. So yeah, it would mean the world to me if you checked out my channel, but that's your choice. I won't force anything on you guys. So once again, thank you for the support and thank you for reading this because it does mean a ton to me.

Channel: youtube.com/channel/UCPmJiif_hlKIAf8PEj11Nng
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If anyone wants to check out my YouTube I will be extremely greatfull
I play GTA V with my friends but once I reach 10 subs I'm going to start branching off into different games (CoD, Mc etc.)
If you sub comment on one of my videos and I will sub. back!
Have a great day everybody
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Whats Going On Guys Felix Here, I Was Wondering If you Guys Wanted To Check Out My Channel As I'm Sure You Would Like It, If So Here Is My Link!

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Please come subscribe I'm new to this...
I play games on PC and will be trying to play out all these brand new games coming in the future.
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