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May 7th, 2013: TU11 Released
May 8th, 2013: Battle & Beasts Skin Pack Released
May 9th, 2013: Minecraft 1st Birthday Skin Pack Released
June 4th, 2013: Minecraft Xbox 360: Retail Disc Version Released (USA) Other countries: [ Register or Signin to view external links. ]
August 11th, 2013: Title Update 12 Change List has been added
September 4th, 2013: Mass Effect Mash-up Pack ($3.99)
September 20th, 2013: Title Update 13 Change List has been added
October 2nd, 2013: Plastic Texture Pack ($1.00)
October 9th, 2013: Battle & Beasts 2 Skin Pack
October 18th, 2013: Natural Texture Pack ($1.00)
November 20th, 2013: Skyrim Mash-up Pack ($3.99)
December 11th, 2013: Fantasy Texture Pack ($1.00)
March 20th, 2014: Title Update 14 Change List has been added
April 2nd, 2014: Title Update 15 Change List has been added
May 19th, 2014: Title Update 16 Change List has been added
June 16th, 2014: Updated Farming tutorials (More added and are up to date)
August 26th, 2014: Title Update 17 Change List has been added
October 7th, 2014: Title Update 18 Change List has been added
December 18th, 2014: Title Update 19 Change List has been added

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Hello and welcome to my Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Mega-Thread. Here you will find everything about Minecraft, from crafting wood too fighting the Ender Dragon! You can find a review on this game here. Use ctrl+f to find what you're looking for by looking at the Table Of Contents! Other than that welcome to my Mega-Thread.

Table Of Contents

  • Getting Started
  • Making Shelter
  • Mining
  • Defeating the Ender Dragon
  • Farming
  • Enchanting
  • Achievements
  • Avatar Items
  • Gamer Pictures
  • Themes
  • Skin Packs
  • Updates
  • Texture Packs

Getting Started

Starting off in Minecraft is pretty easy, first thing you want to do is create your world. Now their is two gamemodes you can choose from. One, being Survival, and the other being Creative. Creative mode is basically free building, meaning you have a menu full of all the blocks/items in the game. Survival is more fun than Creative in my opinion, you have more of an objective, which is killing the Ender Dragon. It takes awhile, but it's very fun even doing it by yourself. After you have picked your gamemode, you want to choose a seed. Seeds are what generate your world, you can leave that space blank for a random seed, or put your own in. After you have chosen your seed you will want to choose your difficulty. You can choose either Peaceful, Easy, Medium, or Hard. Once you have chosen your gamemode you have more options, which are these:

  • Player Vs. Player - When enabled, players can inflict damage on other players. Only affects Survival mode.
  • Trust Players - When disabled, players joining the game cannot build or mine until authorized.
  • Fire Spreads - When enabled, fire may spread to nearby flammable blocks.
  • TNT Explodes - When enabled, TNT will explode when activated.
  • Host Privileges - When enabled, the host can toggle their ability to fly, disabled exhaustion, and make themselves invisible from the in-game menu. Disables achievements and leaderboard updates.

World Options

  • Generate Structures - When enabled, structures such as Villages and Strongholds will generate in the world.
  • Superflat World - When enabled, a completely flat world will be generated in the Overworld and in the Nether.
  • Bonus Chest - When enabled, a chest containing some useful items will be created near the player spawn point. (I recommend this)

Turn on the ones you want, there is also an option to reset your nether which is kind of nice. After you have gone through that, hit Create New World.

Making Shelter

The first thing I do when I start a world is go to the Bonus Chest. Most of the time a axe and some wood is in the chest, along with an apple. Go get as much wood as you can with the axe the Bonus Chest supplied you with. You will need this wood to build your home & tools. I normally start of with a 10x10 house, made out of all wood. I put on each corner 4 Spruce Logs high, and then in between Birch Wooden Planks, and of course leave a opening for the door. Then along they way you can upgrade your house, but there is no need to start off huge. After you have done your house, go collect 3 wool. The wool does not all have to be the same color, you can get 1 black wool, 1 white wool, and 1 brown wool and you can still make a bed. Once you have gotten the 3 wool and 3 wooden planks, go craft a bed. Put it wherever you want in your house, remember you can only sleep at night though. Sleeping is just an easier way to get through the night if you really don't wanna deal with all the mobs and the darkness around you. Next thing you want to do is make a chest to store your things in, best you do this so if you die you don't loose your valuables. Here is how my house looked fully upgraded:

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The house basically has everything you need for your home. Now, we will need to begin mining.


When you start mining, you're going to need supplies. I normally bring 2 Stone Pickaxes, 64 Wooden Planks, Some food, and a stack of torches. Along the way you will find all kinds of ore's. Their is Iron ore, Diamond Ore, Coal Ore, Lapis Lazuli Ore, Redstone Ore, and Gold Ore. As we all know, Diamond is the best. Normally you will see lots of Coal, and in big amounts. When you mine Ore's you get Exp, your Exp bar is for your enchantments. 30 is the highest enchantment their is. While you're mining you will want to gather some Iron. Normally you can get about 30-35 Iron if you actually look around. A good thing to do while you're mining is put the torches on the left or right side of the cave, and stick to that side only. So when you're coming back up, they will either be on the left or right side depending on which side you placed it. Diamond is what you normally find around lava, when you're around lava make sure to crouch (RS). This will prevent you from falling into the lava and burning to death. When ever you find Diamonds, make sure to save. After you have saved get the Diamond, if you fall into the lava or something happens, you can re-load the game from that last checkpoint. When you do get the diamond save again, so you don't have to go through that pain of getting it again. Once you have gotten the things you want out of your cave go back up and put your valuables in your chest. Diamond isn't something you want to keep on you, because if you die their is a chance you can loose it. Hopefully you got enough Diamond to make a Diamond Pickaxe. If you did then you will need to go into your cave and find Obsidian, or you can make Obsidian by pouring water over lava. Mine the Obsidian with your Diamond Pickaxe. The Diamond Pickaxe is the only Pickaxe that can mine Obsidian and actually retrieve it. After you have gathered about 20 Obsidian start heading back up. Now you have enough to make a Nether Portal, and an Enchantment table, of course you will need the other items necessary though. You can mine at anytime you think feels necessary, when you're in need of tools/items, or you just want some extra supplies to have in your chest. Along in the way of mining you will find Mineshafts, Strongholds, and Mob Spawners. When you're in a Stronghold you will see Stone Bricks, Mossy Bricks, and Cracked Stone Bricks. Careful because some of those blocks are Silverfish Stone Brick. In a Stronghold you will also find an Ender Portal, which is where the Ender Dragon is. To activate the Ender Portal you need 12 Eye Of Ender's. You put the Eye Of Ender's in the holes of the Ender Portal Frame. Once you have put the Eye Of Ender's in, the portal is activated. A Mineshaft contains rails and chests. You will see wooden archways also. A Mob Spawner is where Mobs Spawn from, normally it has two chests, and Mossy Cobblestone all around it. Most of the time it is in the cube form. Slay the Mobs that have spawned and destroy the spawner, you get Exp from destroying the spawner. Here is what a Mob Spawner, Stronghold, and a Mineshaft look like:

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Mob Spawner
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Defeating the Ender Dragon

Defeating the Ender Dragon isn't easy, you can do this on your own, but i'm sure it would be much easier with a friend's help. You will need the best Enchantments their is. I recommend going in there with a Diamond Sword, Diamond Armor, Diamond Pickaxe, and a Infinity Bow. Potions do NOT work towards the Ender Dragon so don't waste your time brewing potions that have no use towards yourself. I would bring some potions of healing for sure, use them wisely, only when you really think you need it if you have a low amount. When you enter the Ender Portal, you will spawn in this cube thing, surrounded by End Stone. You will need to dig your way out, be careful though. Here is how it looks when you first enter:

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When you dig your way out and to the surface, you will need to destroy the flaming cubes on top of each tower. These are what heal the Dragon:

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Destroy these to prevent the Dragon from healing, you will need to attack him while he's down low:

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When he's up higher you can use your Infinity Bow to shoot the Dragon from long range. This is how the Ender Dragon looks when it dies:

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This also gives you a ton of Exp. I got 72 Levels just from killing the Dragon:

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After you have killed the Ender Dragon, you will see the Ender Dragon Egg on top of that Bedrock Pole, hit it once with your hand. You will now see that it is on the ground somewhere, put the piston down and pull the lever and the Ender Dragon Egg is now yours. Showcase it in your world, the egg can even be put into an Item Frame. Then your friends can see that you have defeated the Ender Dragon.


Farming is pretty easy, their is so many things you can farm though. You can make Wheat farms, Sugarcane farms, Nether Wart farms, you can even make your own tree farm! Farming is very easy, and sometimes fun. Automated farms are the best, it basically does the work for you. Meaning if you don't feel like doing it, then you don't got to because it already handled it for you. Here are some videos on Automated Farms, as well as some farms you can do on your own which do not take much work at all:

Farming is never a problem, and it's not something you always have to do! You can choose when you want to do it or not. Just remember, if you need food you can always hit up your Wheat farm.


Enchanting is a mechanic which adds enchantments to armor, tools, and weapons, improving current capabilities or adding new ones.

Here is how the Enchanting interface looks:

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Their is so many different Enchantments, here are all of the Enchantments:

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Enchantments are very useful throughout Survival.


You get Achievements for certain things you do in the game. Here is a list of them all:

Acquire Hardware: Smelt an iron ingot. (15G)
Bake Bread: Turn wheat into bread. (20G)
Benchmarking: Craft a workbench with four blocks of wooden planks. (10G)
Cow Tipper: Harvest some leather. (15G)
Delicious Fish: Catch and cook a fish! (15G)
Dispense With This: Construct a Dispenser. (20G)
Getting an Upgrade: Construct a better pickaxe. (15G)
Getting Wood: Punch a tree until the block of wood pops out. (10G)
Hot Topic: Construct a furnace out of eight cobblestone blocks. (15G)
Into The Nether: Construct a Nether Portal. (40G)
Leader Of The Pack: Befriend five wolves. (30G)
MOAR Tools: Construct one type of each tool (one pickaxe, one spade, one axe and one hoe). (15G)
Monster Hunter: Attack and destroy a monster. (20G)
On A Rail: Travel by minecart to a point at least 500m in a single direction from where you started. (40G)
Taking Inventory: Open your inventory. (10G)
The Lie: Bake a cake using wheat, sugar, milk and eggs! (40G)
Time to Farm!: Use planks and sticks to make a hoe. (10G)
Time to Mine!: Use planks and sticks to make a pickaxe. (10G)
Time to Strike!: Use planks and sticks to make a sword. (10G)
When Pigs Fly: Use a saddle to ride a pig, then have the pig get hurt from fall damage while riding it. (40G)

Avatar Awards

Avatar Awards are earned for doing certain things. Here are the awards below:

A Minecraft Watch: Play the game for 100 day to night cycles.
The Creeper Cap: Kill a Creeper with Arrows.
The Pork-Chop T-Shirt: Eat a Cooked Porkchop.

Once you have unlocked an award you can put it on your Xbox Live Avatar.


Gamerpics are your profile pictures on Xbox, you can unlock these by doing the following:

Creeper Gamerpic: Kill 10 Creepers
Steve Picture: Mine redstone

Once you have unlocked them you can use it as your Gamerpic on Xbox.


There is only one unlock-able theme, but it's pretty cool. I use it for my theme on Xbox. Here is how you unlock it:

XBox Live Minecraft Premium Theme: While at the pause menu, press Y to take a screenshot of the world and upload it to Facebook.

Simple as that.

Skin Packs

There has been 4 Skin Packs total. Not counting the Halloween Skin Pack, or the Festive Skin Pack. All of them contain trials except for the Halloween Skin Pack because it was only available for a limited time. Their is also a Summer Of Arcade Skin Pack, which you can no longer get.

Below you will see the Skin Packs, containing who was in the skins.

Skin Pack 1

  • Squid from Minecraft
  • Zombie from Minecraft
  • Herobrine from Minecraft
  • Creeper from Minecraft
  • 'Splosion Man from 'Splosion Man
  • Scientist Danklef from 'Splosion Man
  • Scientist Wilson from 'Splosion Man
  • Ms. 'Splosion Man from Ms. 'Splosion Man
  • Mandy Elite from Ms. 'Splosion Man
  • Trials Man from Trials HD
  • Old-School from Trials Evolution
  • Freestyle from Trials Evolution
  • Biker from Trials Evolution
  • Combat from Trials Evolution
  • Master Chief from Halo
  • Covenant Grunt from Halo
  • Covenant Brute from Halo
  • Banjo from Banjo-Kazooie
  • Tooty from Banjo-Kazooie
  • Mumbo-Jumbo from Banjo-Kazooie
  • Gruntilda from Banjo-Kazooie
  • Bottles from Banjo-Kazooie
  • Klungo from Banjo-Kazooie
  • Jack of Blades from Fable Heroes
  • Hero from Fable Heroes
  • Garth from Fable Heroes
  • Reaver from Fable Heroes
  • Hammer from Fable Heroes
  • Augustus Cole from Gears of War
  • Clayton Carmine from Gears of War 3
  • Locust Drone from Gears of War
  • Racing Driver 1 as an original design
  • Racing Driver 2 as an original design
  • Racing Driver 3 as an original design
  • Racing Driver 4 as an original design
  • Nurse as an original design
  • Prisoner as an original design
  • Victorian Swimmer as an original design
  • Deep Sea Diver as an original design
  • Wizard as an original design
  • King as an original design
  • Queen as an original design
  • Jester as an original design
  • Knight Templar as an original design
  • Black Knight as an original design

Skin Pack 2

  • Enderman from Minecraft
  • Pig from Minecraft
  • Spider from Minecraft
  • Sheep from Minecraft
  • Naked Sheep from Minecraft
  • Bill from Left 4 Dead
  • Francis from Left 4 Dead
  • Louis from Left 4 Dead
  • Zoey from Left 4 Dead
  • Boomer from Left 4 Dead
  • Witch from Left 4 Dead
  • Hunter from Left 4 Dead
  • Damon Baird from Gears of War: Judgment
  • Marcus Fenix from Gears of War
  • Anya Stroud from Gears of War 3
  • Skorge from Gears of War 2
  • Joanna Dark from Perfect Dark
  • Joanna Dark Dress from Perfect Dark
  • Elvis from Perfect Dark
  • Joanna Dark from Perfect Dark Zero
  • Pretztail from Viva Piata
  • Horstachio from Viva Piata
  • Fizzlybear from Viva Piata
  • Juno from Jet Force Gemini
  • Vela from Jet Force Gemini
  • Lupus from Jet Force Gemini
  • Zapp from Gamma Bros.
  • Buzz from Gamma Bros.
  • Blue Knight from Castle Crashers
  • Green Knight from Castle Crashers
  • Red Knight from Castle Crashers
  • Orange Knight from Castle Crashers
  • Agent Level 5 from Crackdown 2
  • General Akamoto from Skulls of the Shogun
  • Meat Boy from Super Meat Boy
  • Spelunky from Spelunky
  • Cobalt Agent from Cobalt
  • The Player from Retro City Rampage
  • Otus from Owlboy
  • Glorg from Glorg
  • Ninja as an original design
  • Sailor as an original design
  • Elf as an original design
  • Pilot as an original design
  • Pirate as an original design

Skin Pack 3

  • Cow from Minecraft
  • Skeleton from Minecraft
  • Zombie Herobrine from Minecraft
  • Zombie Pigman from Minecraft
  • Gordon Freeman from Half-Life
  • Barney Calhoun from Half-Life
  • Headcrab Scientist from Half-Life
  • The G-Man from Half- Life
  • Dr. Rosenberg from Half-Life
  • Alyx Vance from Half-Life 2
  • Eli Vance from Half-Life 2
  • Chell from Portal
  • ATLAS from Portal 2
  • P-Body from Portal 2
  • Ellis from Left 4 Dead 2
  • Nick from Left 4 Dead 2
  • Coach from Left 4 Dead 2
  • Rochelle from Left 4 Dead 2
  • Lonestar from Awesomenauts
  • Yuri from Awesomenauts
  • Clunk from Awesomenauts
  • Bomack from Slam Bolt Scrappers
  • Pen Yen from Slam Bolt Scrappers
  • Zephyr from Slam Bolt Scrappers
  • Joe Danger from Joe Danger: The Movie
  • Conker from Conker LIVE and Reloaded
  • Commander Video from Bit.Trip Runner
  • The Gunstringer from The Gunstringer
  • The Dishwasher from The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai
  • The Chef from The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai
  • Agent from Crackdown
  • Peace Keeper from Crackdown 2
  • Commando from Toy Soldiers: Cold War
  • Ivan from Toy Soldiers: Cold War
  • Ittle Dew from Ittle Dew
  • Juan from Guacamelee!
  • Female Farmer as an original design
  • Scribe as an original design
  • Vagrant as an original design
  • Blacksmith as an original design
  • Carpenter as an original design
  • Castaway as an original design
  • Peasent as an original design
  • Baron as an original design
  • Watchman as an original design

Skin Pack 4

  • Iron Golem from Minecraft
  • Altair from Assassin's Creed
  • Ezio from Assassin's Creed II
  • Connor from Assassin's Creed III
  • Mordecai from Borderlands
  • Lilith from Borderlands
  • Brick from Borderlands
  • Claptrap from Borderlands
  • Red Spartan from Halo
  • Blue Spartan from Halo
  • Augustus Cole from Gears of War 3
  • Samantha Byrne from Gears of War 3
  • Blacksmith from Castle Crashers
  • Barbarian from Castle Crashers
  • Alistair from Dragon Age
  • Morrigan from Dragon Age
  • Sten from Dragon Age
  • Leliana from Dragon Age
  • Charlie Murder from Charlie Murder
  • Skelekitten from Charlie Murder
  • Ninja from Mark of the Ninja
  • Barry Steakfries from Jetpack Joyride
  • Sensei from Fruit Ninja
  • Grizzly Bear as an original design
  • Polar Bear as an original design
  • Penguin as an original design
  • Moose as an original design
  • Beaver as an original design
  • Wolf as an original design
  • Tree Man as an original design
  • Creeper Suit as an original design
  • Knight 1 as an original design
  • Knight 2 as an original design
  • Knight 3 as an original design
  • Knight 4 as an original design
  • Priest as an original design
  • Butcher as an original design
  • Baker as an original design
  • Miner as an original design
  • Baker's Wife as an original design
  • Baroness as an original design
  • Mermaid as an original design
  • Victorian Woman as an original design
  • Valkyrie Warrior as an original design
  • Highway Woman as an original design

Summer Of Arcade Skin Pack

  • Tony Hawk from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD
  • Ollie from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD
  • Officer Dick from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD
  • Dust from Dust: An Elysian Tail
  • Fidget from Dust: An Elysian Tail
  • Paladin from Hybrid
  • Variant from Hybrid
  • Randall Wayne from Deadlight
  • Stella Patterson from Deadlight
  • Skinny Zombie from Deadlight
  • Female Zombie from Deadlight
  • Wreck from Wreckateer
  • Knight from Wreckateer
  • Hot Goblin from Wreckateer
  • Bunny Suit Goblin from Wreckateer

Halloween Skin Pack

  • The Grim Reaper designed by 4J Studios
  • Devil designed by 4J Studios
  • Dracula designed by 4J Studios
  • Frankenstein designed by 4J Studios
  • Mummy designed by 4J Studios
  • Werewolf designed by 4J Studios
  • Ghost designed by 4J Studios
  • Evil Wizard designed by 4J Studios
  • Bride of Dracula designed by 4J Studios
  • Bride of Frankenstein designed by 4J Studios
  • Ghoul designed by 4J Studios
  • Scary Clown designed by 4J Studios
  • Dracula designed by Army of Trolls
  • Frankenstein designed by Army of Trolls
  • Pumpkin designed by Army of Trolls
  • Skeleton designed by Army of Trolls
  • Mummy designed by Army of Trolls
  • Wolfman designed by Army of Trolls
  • Vampire designed by 343 Industries
  • Zombie Businessman designed by Climax Studios
  • Cyclops designed by Climax Studios
  • Evil Clown designed by Climax Studios
  • Evil Robot designed by Climax Studios
  • Vampire Girl designed by Climax Studios
  • Grey designed by Climax Studios
  • Headless Horseman designed by Climax Studios
  • Lizard Man designed by Climax Studios
  • Scarecrow designed by Climax Studios
  • Scary Nom designed by Climax Studios
  • Mad Scientist designed by Climax Studios
  • Skeleton designed by Climax Studios
  • Witch Doctor designed by Climax Studios
  • Zombie designed by Climax Studios
  • Evil Robot designed by Mojang
  • Zombie Jack Lumber designed by Owlchemy Labs
  • Evil Lemmy designed by Press Play
  • Evil Max designed by Press Play
  • Gregg the Grim Reaper designed by Rare
  • Ancient Mummy designed by Rare
  • Zippy Zombie designed by Rare
  • Zombie Lonestar designed by Ronimo Games
  • Cyborg Pumpkinhead designed by Ska Studios
  • Mara designed by Ska Studios
  • Mining Unit 010 designed by Tequila Works
  • Jacko designed by Tequila Works
  • Bonny designed by Tequila Works
  • Hatty designed by The Behemoth
  • Happy Zombie Cleric designed by Toylogic
  • Happy Zombie Mage designed by Toylogic
  • Happy Zombie Warrior designed by Toylogic
  • Captain Zombie designed by Twisted Pixel Games
  • The Gunstringer designed by Twisted Pixel Games
  • Ms. 'Splosion Man Mask designed by Twisted Pixel Games
  • Skelly designed by Twisted Pixel Games
  • Splodeton designed by Twisted Pixel Games

Festive Skin Pack

  • Santa
  • Mrs. Claus
  • Red Elf
  • Green Elf
  • Reindeer
  • Rudolph
  • Bad Santa
  • Santa Steve
  • Parka Steve
  • Winter Steve
  • Gingerbread Man
  • Gingerbread Woman
  • Snowman
  • Snow Golem
  • Christmas Skeleton
  • Christmas Creeper
  • Zombie Pudding
  • Zombie Turkey
  • Christmas Tree
  • Christmas Pudding
  • Present
  • Robin
  • Scrooge
  • Marley's Ghost

Battle & Beasts Skin Pack

  • Enderman in a Suit
  • Zombie in a Suit
  • Cave Spider in a Suit
  • Chicken in a Suit
  • Zebra
  • Panther
  • Warthog
  • Madrill Baboon
  • Meerkat
  • Rhinoceros
  • Hippopotamus
  • Elephant
  • Lion
  • Aardvark
  • Leopard
  • Gnu
  • Hyena
  • Antelope
  • Gorilla
  • Bush Baby
  • Crocodile
  • Spartan
  • Roman
  • Norse Raider
  • Medieval Knight
  • Samurai Warrior
  • Steppes Warrior
  • Native American
  • Cowboy
  • Southern African Warrior
  • Imperial British Soldier
  • African Warrior
  • Imperial French Soldier
  • Spartan
  • Roman
  • Norse Raider
  • Medieval Knight
  • Samurai Warrior
  • Steppes Warrior
  • Native American
  • Cowgirl
  • Southern African Warrior
  • Imperial British Soldier
  • African Warrior
  • Imperial French Soldier

Minecraft 1st Birthday Skin Pack

  • Party Steve
  • Party Creeper
  • Cake Zombie
  • Party Pig Zombie
  • Party Herobrine
  • Party Skeleton
  • Party Pig Man
  • Party Cow Man
  • Party Squid Man
  • Party Snow Golem
  • Party Enderman
  • Party Iron Golem
  • Top Hat Sheep Man
  • Mooshroom Man
  • Wolf with Collar
  • Steve Creeper Boxhead
  • Creeper Steve Boxhead
  • Farmer Villager
  • Birthday Present Man
  • Slime Man
  • Birthday Cake Man
  • Blaze Man
  • EnderDragon Man

Skin Pack 5

  • Mooshroom Suit from Minecraft
  • Pig Suit from Minecraft
  • Enderdragon Suit from Minecraft
  • Black Ocelot from Minecraft
  • Ginger Ocelot from Minecraft
  • Ocelot Man from Minecraft
  • Rock Man from Minecraft
  • Grass Man from Minecraft
  • Lee Everett from The Walking Dead
  • Kenny from The Walking Dead
  • Molly from The Walking Dead
  • Christa from The Walking Dead
  • Omid from The Walking Dead
  • Male Walker from The Walking Dead
  • Female Walker from The Walking Dead
  • Isaac Clarke from Dead Space 3
  • Carver from Dead Space 3
  • Ellie from Dead Space 3
  • Necromorph from Dead Space 3
  • Roland from Borderlands 2
  • Axton from Borderlands 2
  • Handsome Jack from Borderlands 2
  • Maya from Borderlands 2
  • Salvador from Borderlands 2
  • Aveline de Grandpr from Assassins Creed III Liberation
  • Nikolai Orelov from Assassins Creed The Fall
  • Edward Kenway from Assassins Creed IV Black Flag
  • Sam Fisher 1 from Splinter Cell Blacklist
  • Sam Fisher 2 from Splinter Cell Blacklist
  • Rayman from Rayman Legends
  • Globox from Rayman Legends
  • Barbera from Rayman Legends
  • Vaas Montenegro from Far Cry 3
  • Jason Brody from Far Cry 3
  • Sergeant Rex Power Colt from Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon
  • Cat-Eared Girl as an original design
  • Flower Girl as an original design
  • U.S. Airborne Soldier as an original design
  • British Soldier as an original design
  • Russian Soldier as an original design
  • British Paratrooper as an original design
  • Imperial Japanese Soldier as an original design
  • German Captain as an original design
  • German Sergeant as an original design
  • German Soldier as an original design

I have every Skin Pack and they are awesome. Only 160 MSP Each Skin Pack!


There has been 19 Titles Updates in Minecraft for the Xbox. Here is whats in the updates:

Change log for Title Update 19 - December 18th 2014

Changes and Additions:-

- Added new items

  • Hardened Clay
  • Stained Clay
  • Block of Coal
  • Hay Bale
  • Activator Rail
  • Block of Redstone
  • Daylight Sensor
  • Dropper
  • Hopper
  • Minecart with Hopper
  • Minecart with TNT
  • Redstone Comparator
  • Weighted Pressure Plate
  • Beacon
  • Trapped Chest
  • Firework Rocket
  • Firework Star
  • Nether Star
  • Lead
  • Horse Armor
  • Name Tag
  • Horse Spawn Egg

- Added new Mobs

  • Wither
  • Wither Skeletons
  • Witches
  • Bats
  • Horses
  • Donkeys
  • Mules

- Added new terrain generation features - Witch Huts.
- Replaced the Tutorial World with a new world containing some new mini-tutorials for the new functionality.
- Added Beacon interface.
- Added Horse interface.
- Added Hopper interface.
- Added Fireworks - Fireworks interface is accessible from the Crafting Table when you have the ingredients to craft a Firework Star or Firework Rocket.
- Added 'Adventure Mode' - You can only break blocks with the correct tools.
- Added lots of new sounds.
- Mobs, items and projectiles can now pass through portals.
- Repeaters can now be locked by powering their sides with another Repeater.
- Zombies and Skeletons can now spawn with different weapons and armor.
- New death messages.
- Name mobs with a Name Tag, and rename containers to change the title when the menu is open.
- Bonemeal no longer instantly grows everything to full size, and instead randomly grows in stages.
- A Redstone signal describing the contents of Chests, Brewing Stands, Dispensers and Jukeboxes can be detected by placing a Redstone Comparator directly against them.
- Dispensers can face in any direction.
- Eating a Golden Apple gives the player extra "absorption" health for a short period.
- The longer you remain in an area the harder the monsters that spawn in that area will be.
- New Game and Host options (Daylight Cycle, Keep Inventory, Mob options, Tile drop and a Regeneration option)

Change log for Title Update 18 - October 7th 2014


- Fix for problem with Save & Exit.
- Fix for 'Can Build and Mine' option in Host Options Menu does not function properly in a Creative Mode
- Fix for entity culling that was causing flickering whilst riding minecarts and pigs.
- Fix for very slow cycling of which players get chunks sent over the network, when the server is under high load
- Improvements to algorithm for sending chunks over the network.
- Fix for explosion causing damage in unrelated areas of maps.
- Fix for problem where user purchases a number of emeralds continuously from the same villager, and the game will not register all emeralds.
- Fix for glass rendering problem.
- Fix for the hitbox on torches sometimes being incorrect.
- Fix for enchanted items not destroying blocks as quickly as they should.
- Fix for placing a Redstone Torch next to a Note Block not always activating it.
- Fixed for mobs still aggressive while the player is invisible (using potion).
- Fix for players riding boats/minecarts sometimes being invisible to remote players.
- Fix for Maps placed in an Item Frame appearing as blank to other players.
- Fix for Camera resetting when going through Nether or End Portals.

Change log for Title Update 17 - August 26th 2014


- Fix for a few issues with Save Transfer.
- Some code additions to allow skins to turn off armor display and footstep audio where it doesn't work very well (for Doctor Who Skins Volume I).

Change log for Title Update 16 - May 19th 2014


- Fix for players going invisible after death (on respawning).
- Fix for players going invisible when two players go through a nether gate at the same time.
- Fix for players sometimes being invisible after teleporting until either they move, or the player that sees them as invisible moves.
- Fix for Noteblock pitch being wrong more noticeable when chords are played.
- Fix for Mobs dying in walls (happens for baby mobs after they become adults).
- Fix for chunks not loading in maps - tends to be specific seeds.
- Fixed streaming music not playing after a playing CD has been ejected from a jukebox
- Fix for player being able to attach Signs to the Chest with a block placed above it.
- Fix for player being able to breed wild Ocelots.
- Fix for player being able to breed Ocelot with Cat.
- Fix for tame wolves being removed if no players were near them when they were angry.
- Fix for Potion of Night Vision corrupts the game's UI while player is falling into the Void in the End.
- Fix for the damage decals flickering and/or not present if players are not close to each other in Survival Mode in a local splitscreen game.
- Fix for damage decals not displaying in splitscreen if the secondary player is 30 + blocks away from the primary player
- Fixed lava drip particles being too dark/black
- Fix for sitting wolves (or stationary entities) not being immediately visible if a remote player spawns next to them, or spawns far away and quickly heads towards them
- Fix for Leather Armour not displaying the enchantment glow.
- Fix for Enchanted item in hand effect being wrong.
- Fix for blocks placed at Y 128 being black on top.

Change log for Title Update 15 - April 2nd 2014

Changes and Additions


- Fix for blocks reappearing after they are mined.
- Fix to random fall damage issue.
- Fix for slow chunk loading speed.
- Fix for Maps not correctly display at the game start.
- Fix for splitscreen audio issues.
- Fix for blocks not always showing damage in splitscreen.
- Fix for Enderdragon sounds.
- Changed Zombies rare loot drop to be Carrots, Potatoes or Iron Ingots.
- Fix for problems spawning Chickens, Wolves & Mooshrooms.
- Fix for problem causing first item in the quickselect bar to sometimes move to the inventory on opening the inventory.
- Changed repairing tools in the Inventory to only allow tools that are not enchanted (since youd lose the enchantment).
- Fix for villager eggs in a dispenser not producing random professions.
- Fix for Iron Golems not stopping their attack when theyve killed a skeleton.
- Fix for issue when players teleported while riding a pig or a minecart
- Fix for animals climbing Cobblestone walls.
- Fix for attaching fences to cobblestone wall.
- Fix for Invisibility potion not making sheep completely invisible.
- Fix for gamertag being visible when using an invisibility potion.
- Fix for tamed wolves with invisibility becoming visible when swimming in water.
- Fix to let bonus chests spawn in pre-TU14 worlds.
- Fix to issue causing stationary network players to oscillate between two slightly different positions.
- Fix for unsynchronised audio.
- Fixed chatpad input on Anvil.

Change log for Title Update 14 - March 20th 2014

Changes and Additions

- Added new items
Emerald Ore
Block of Emerald
Ender Chest
Tripwire Hook
Enchanted Golden Apple
Flower Pot
Cobblestone Walls
Mossy Cobblestone Walls
Wither Painting
Baked Potato
Poisonous Potato
Golden Carrot
Carrot on a Stick
Pumpkin Pie
Night Vision Potion
Invisibility Potion
Nether Quartz
Nether Quartz Ore
Block of Quartz
Quartz Slab
Quartz Stair
Chiseled Quartz Block
Pillar Quartz Block
Enchanted Book

- Added new recipes for Smooth Sandstone and Chiseled Sandstone.
- Added new Mobs - Zombie Villagers.
- Added new terrain generation features - Desert Temples, Desert Villages, and Jungle Temples.
- Added Trading with villagers.
- Added Anvil interface.
- Added sideways log placement.
- Changed placement of half blocks and other blocks on half blocks.
- Changed placement of upside down stairs and slabs.
- Wooden Buttons and Wooden Pressure Plates can be activated with Arrows.
- Can dye leather armor.
- Can dye wolf collars.
- Can control riding a pig with a Carrot on a Stick.
- Added different villager professions.
- Villagers spawned from a spawn egg will have a random profession.
- Furnaces can use wooden tools as a fuel.
- Ice and Glass panes can be collected with silk touch enchanted tools.
- Nether mobs can spawn in the Overworld from Portals.
- Creepers and Spiders are aggressive towards the last player that hit them.
- Mobs in Creative mode become neutral again after a short period.
- Remove knockback when drowning.
- Doors being broken by zombies show damage.
- Ice melts in the Nether.
- Cauldrons fill up when out in the rain.
- Pistons take twice as long to update.
- Pig drops Saddle when killed (if has one).
- Sky color in The End changed.
- String can be placed (for Tripwires).
- Rain drips through leaves.
- Levers can be placed on the bottom of blocks.
- TNT does variable damage depending on difficulty setting.
- Book recipe changed.
- Boats break Lily Pads, instead of Lily Pads breaking Boats.
- Pigs drop more Porkchops.
- Slimes spawn less in Superflat worlds.
- Creeper damage variable based on difficulty setting, more knockback.
- Fixed Endermen not opening their jaws.
- Added new Host Options for flying, invisibility and invulnerability for remote players.
- Added teleporting of players (using the player menu in-game).
- Furnace will return an empty bucket when fueled by a bucket of lava.
- Updated Bonus Chest content with more items.
- Added new tutorials to the Tutorial World for new items and features.
- Updated the positions of the Music Disc Chests in the Tutorial World.
- Updated all texture packs and mash-up packs with new TU14 additions.
- Changed the gray wool texture for City Texture Pack to be more like a road surface.


- Fixed a crash with Maps in Item Frames which happened when players were in the Nether or The End
- Fixed Chest locks showing through walls at a distance
- Fixes a couple of crashes related to the players banned level list
- Some lighting fixes
- Fix to Blazes so they go on fire before shooting fire charges
- Fix to allow drinking milk in Creative mode
- Fix to allow split screen players to see Splash Potion particles
- Fix to stop the held item being replaced with the first item in the Quick Select on exiting The End.
- Fixed an issue with throwing an Ender Pearl while travelling to The Nether or The End
- Fixed the active time for Wooden and Stone Buttons.
- Fixed a crash with Dispensers and Fire Charges
- Fixed a crash with local profiles in the Help & Options menu
- Corrected the leaves obtained using silk touch on Jungle trees

Change log for Title Update 13 - September 20th 2013


- Fix to generate Experience Orbs when breeding animals.
- Fix for Zombie AI when in a house with the door closed.
- Fix for Ocelot and Chicken AI problem causing heads to spin around.
- Fix for Ocelot tooltips not properly showing the actions available.
- Added sounds for hitting Ocelots.
- Fix for graphical glitch with Fences.
- Fix for graphical issue with upside down Pistons.
- Fixed water in a Cauldron to be still, not flowing.
- Fixed world generation problems with some seeds (e.g 'journey').
- Added message saying you can't spawn enemies in Peaceful mode.
- Raw Fish is no longer removed from the player's inventory when trying to tame an Ocelot in Creative mode.
- Water will no longer be removed from a Water Bucket when filling a Cauldron in Creative Mode.
- Fix for missing text in the message when a player is killed by an Iron Golem.
- Fix for player shadow being displayed in the Inventory menu.
- Fixed some lighting issues.
- Fixed an issue with light and fire remaining after a lightning strike.
- Made Jungle Wood Stairs flammable.
- Fixed Silk Touch not working on Glass Blocks.
- Fix for underwater filter when camera collides with blocks.
- Added an option to hide a Mash-up Pack Themed World in the saves list, and an option to unhide all in the Settings menu.
- Increased Minecart speed to double the normal speed.
- Fixed some Redstone Lamp issues.
- Chests won't open now if a Cat is sitting on them.
- Added a limit to the number of Villagers spawned by breeding.
- Added the hearts display when Villagers enter 'Love Mode'.
- Fixed a problem with the rain sound not playing in some biomes.
- Fix for re-appearing ores, lava and water after mining, if they are within five blocks from the world edge.
- Fixed spawn positions in a saved Mash-up Pack world.
- Fixed issue with a map placed in an item frame revealing the position of all players despite 'In-Game Gamertags' having been disabled.
- Minecraft Store now displays the prices in the local currency, rather than Microsoft Points.

Change log for Title Update 12 - August 9th 2013

New Mobs

- Ocelot/Cat
- Iron Golem
- Baby Villager

New Items

- Redstone Lamp
- Jungle Wood Stairs
- Jungle Wood Half Slab
- Jungle Wood Block
- Jungle Wood Planks
- Jungle Tree Sapling
- Ocelot Spawn Egg
- (Creative Mode only) Chiseled Stone Brick
- (Creative Mode only) Mob Heads (Skeleton, Wither Skeleton, Zombie, Human and Creeper)


- New Tutorial World.
- New map height limit (256 instead of 128).
- Jungle Biome
- Jungle trees
- Cocoa beans grow on Jungle trees
- Slabs and Stairs can be placed upside-down by placing them below a block.
- Added Corner Stairs and upside down Corner Stairs.
- Added 3D dropped items.
- Added dispensing Boats and Minecarts to Dispenser.
- New ambient cave sounds.
- New AI for Mobs.
- Added rare drops for Mobs.
- Villagers will have children if there is room in their village.
- Zombie sieges will occur occasionally at night.
- Zombies break down doors on Hard Mode.
- Crafting recipe for ladder now yields 3 ladders instead of 2.
- Placing blocks on grass will replace it.
- Lava now has a faint rumbling sound effect, and large particles that hop out of the lava produce a popping sound.
- Very rare Desert Wells can be found in Desert biomes.
- Increased max boats in a world to 40.
- When in the Nether, Snow Golems will melt and die same as when they are in Desert biomes.
- Abandoned Mineshafts can generate with wooden bridges now when generated over a cave or over top another tunnel.
- Doors have been updated so that double doors work better with Redstone.
- Added a Favorites tab to the Skin Selector menu, storing most recently used skins.
- Added support for Texture Packs and Mash-up Packs, and display of these in the Minecraft Store.


- Fixed local player shadows not being displayed.
- Fixed a few issues with the Privileges settings.
- Fixed visible seams in clouds.
- Fixed 3rd person camera issues with water, where the underwater filter would be randomly removed.
- Fix for structures generating at the edge of a world.
- Fix for putting enchanted items in a Minecart With Chest and destroying it removes the enchantments.
- Fix for breaking a bow having improper animation.
- Fix to make Minecarts run at the correct speed.
- Fixed a few memory leaks.
- Fixed issue with Can Open Containers option.
- Fixed issues with Can Build and Mine option.
- Fixed Issue with TNT blocks being triggered by explosions even with TNT explodes option off.
- Fixed Wolves not tilting their heads when the player has a bone in their hand.
- Fixed the color of Potion particles status effect to match the Potion color.
- Fix for doors spitting in half and glitching in open/closed motion when mined.
- Fixed artifacts on edge of flames when in first person.
- Fixed a lot of game lighting issues.

Change log for Title Update 11 - May 7th 2013


- Fix for explosion lag issue on clients in an online game.
- Fix to remove any Fireballs hanging in the air in a save game.
- Fix to only show the spawn limit message to the player attempting to spawn something.
- Fixed the terrain mipmaps to have the updated version of the gravel texture in them.
- Fix for the spawn limit overrun when shearing or breeding Mooshrooms
- Increased the limit for Paintings/Item Frames, Villagers, and Snow Golems in a world.
- Display a message when the maximum Paintings/Item Frames are reached.
- Display a message when the user tries to put an animal in Love Mode when the spawn limits have been reached.
- Display a message when the user tries to spawn an enemy from a Spawn Egg in Peaceful mode.
- Reduced Ghast sound volume

Change log for Title Update 10 - April 9th 2013


- Fix for Silver LIVE profiles getting an error message on loading a save.
- Fix for lighting bug causing unlit areas even when light sources were placed in the these areas.
- Fixed slowdown caused by explosions (TNT and Creepers).
- Fixed frame rate slowdown in The End being experienced by some players until the Endercrystals were destroyed.
- Fixed crash when placing lots of Item Frames with Maps inside.
- Fixed collision box issue at the top of Ladders.
- Fixed issues with animals taking damage randomly, or falling through the wooden planks floors.
- Made Dispenser suck water/lava back into an empty bucket.
- Fix for Potion Bottles being launched from a Dispenser.
- Enabled placing Pressure Plates on Nether Fence.
- Fixed an issue with Fire Charges sticking at the edge of the world.
- Change to not be able to place more than the maximum amount of Paintings/Item Frames, rather than removing previously placed ones.
- Stop players from interacting with Item Frames and Paintings when Can Build and Mine is disabled.
- Fixed the Custom Skin Animation setting not working.
- Play the correct sound on hitting the Enderdragon.

Change log for Title Update 9 - March 23rd 2013

Changes and Additions:-

- Added 'The End', with new layout, and new Enderdragon behaviour.
- Added Climbable Vines.
- Added Fire Charge, Wooden Button, Item Frames, Spawn Eggs, Sandstone Stairs, Spruce Stairs, Birch Stairs, Nether Bricks, Spruce Planks, Birch Planks, Nether Brick Slab, Spruce Slab and Birch Slab.
- Added new music for The End and The Nether from C418
- Made buckets and signs stackable.
- Sheep now re-grow their wool after shearing.
- New gravel texture.
- Can now smelt Netherrack into a Nether Brick in a Furnace.
- Blacksmith buildings in Villages now hold chests with loot of the same type as found in Strongholds.
- Crafting recipe change - Sign recipe gives three Signs.
- Crafting recipe change - Half Slab recipes give six Half Slabs.
- Crafting recipe change - Stone Button now requires one block of stone instead of two.
- Added smoother color transitions between biomes.
- Added beaches to terrain generation.
- Fence Gates can now be opened and closed with Redstone.
- Changed Nether Fortress to make Nether Wart rooms more likely.
- Made Nether Wart spawn randomly wherever Soul Sand is generated in the Nether.
- Nether Wart will now grow in the Overworld.
- Made Dispenser dispense mobs from Spawn Eggs, rather than the egg itself.
- Dispenser will dispense lava/water from a Bucket of Lava/Water.
- Dispenser will shoot Fire Charges.
- Trapdoors can be placed on half slabs and stairs
- Allow players to block with a sword when the Can Build And Mine option is unchecked by the host.
- Moved six of the twelve music disc quests in the Tutorial World
- Changed the Tutorial world to add climbable Vines, and some of the new items, and removed/reduced the items in the Brewing, Farming and Breeding chests.
- Don't show the achievements warning when loading a creative map that has already been saved in creative mode.
- Reduced the volume of the Ghast sound effects.
- Increased the distance jukeboxes can be heard from.
- Improved lighting code performance.
- Improved the loading/saving time.
- Changed the display order in the Minecraft Store to show newest DLC first.
- Added How To Play for The End and Farming Animals
- Added HUD size options for both splitscreen and full screen modes.
- Added Reset Nether option to force regeneration of The Nether. This is helpful for older saves that didn't have a Nether Fortress.
- Added a toggle for Death Messages.
- Added a toggle to hide or display the animated character in the User Interface.
- Allow individual splitscreen users to have their own settings for HUD.
- Fixed Fix for a Nether portal crash due to Ghast fireballs
- Fix for Cave Spider size.
- Fixed Experience Orb pickup sound not having pitch variance.
- Fixed a crash when attaching Glowstone to Pistons.
- Fixed a render update problem on the end of world chunks
- Fixed a crash with players throwing Enderpearls and leaving the game.
- Stop the player animation for eating happening in the Change Skin menu

Change log for Title Update 8 - January 28th 2013

Changes and Additions:-

- Fix for random crash on Kick Player.
- Fix for a random crash on loading the tutorial.
- Fix for freeze when writing on a sign as an autosave starts.
- Fix for crash when attempting to enter an online enabled game session after losing connection to the Xbox LIVE service.
- Performance improvement for the Enchantment interface.
- Fix to display a message when monsters are nearby on trying to sleep in a bed.
- Fix for an issue causing blocks to reappear after being destroyed when the server is busy.
- Fix for Experience Orbs being invisible for a period of time when created.
- Fix for Experience Orbs pick up sound.
- Fix to force a Nether Fortress, Blaze Spawner and Nether Wart to always be present in the Nether for a newly created world.
- Fix for autosave not working when the host has gone into an idle state.
- Fix to increase the spawn rate for Mooshrooms.
- Change to make Blazes drop Glowstone Dust as well as Blaze Rods.
- Fix to player experience level display in two player vertical splitscreen mode.
- Fix for Quick Move not being possible while holding something in the cursor.
- Fix for armor position on Bad Santa when sat down.
- Changed "Download Content" menu to "Minecraft Store".
- New photo frames for avatar items in the Minecraft Store.
- Fix for Magma Cube hit boxes.
- Added an Awkward Potion to the Potions page in the Creative Menu.
- Fix to show the aura of enchanted items for other players in an online game.
- Fix for tools enchanted with Unbreaking occasionally repairing themselves.
- Changes to improve breeding - Love Mode status is now network synchronised, and animals react more correctly if spawn limits are reached when breeding.
- Fix for issue with "Take Half" in the Brewing Stand interface.
- Fix to allow the map to be displayed when the player has turned off Display Hand.
- Fix for potion effects being removed after using the Nether Portal.
- Fix to stop the item in hand being changed when traveling to/from the Nether.
- Fix for Compass not pointing to the original spawn point after having been in The Nether.
- Fix to allow players to be able to eat food even if they are not allowed to build and mine.
- Fix to allow client players to toggle Custom Skin Animation.
- Fix for player gamertag border color being wrong after a respawn/dimension change.
- Fix for issue in splitscreen where it was possible to craft items without a player having the resources required.
- Fix to remove the Love Mode tooltip when animals are unable to enter Love Mode.
- Change to moderator option description in the Host and Player Options.
- Fix for the submerged edge of the world emitting a faint light.
- Fix for lighting issue with mobs in water.
- Fix to stop food being removed when feeding animals in Creative Mode.
- Fix to stop Bones being removed when taming wolves in Creative Mode.
- Change to make baby wolves tame when born.
- Fix for Blaze Rods not being identified as fuel for a furnace.
- Fix for issue with sky lighting values making bedrock layer fully lit.

Change log for Title Update 7 - December 19th 2012

Changes and Additions:-

- Added Breeding and baby animals.
- Added Experience Points.
- Added Enchantment Table.
- Added Brewing Stand.
- Added Mushroom Biome.
- Added new mobs - Mooshroom, Blaze, Villager, Snow Golem, Magma Cube, and baby animals.
- Added Nether Fortresses.
- Updated Tutorial World with new biome, and added mini-tutorials for new features.
- Updated Music Disc quests in the Tutorial World.
- Added custom skin animations, where a skin may have different animations to suit its style.
- Added an option to enable/disable custom skin animations (on by default).
- Added a section on Brewing, Enchantment and Breeding to the How To Play.
- Added new items : Blaze Rod, Ghast Tear, Gold Nugget, Nether Wart, Glass Bottle, Water Bottle, Spider Eye, Fermented Spider Eye, Blaze Powder,
Bottle O' Enchanting, Magma Cream, Brewing Stand, Cauldron, Eye of Ender, Glistering Melon, Mycelium Block, Lily Pad, Nether Brick, Nether Brick Fence, Nether Brick Stairs, Enchantment Table, End Stone Block, Shrub, Fern.
- Added new multiplayer host trust players options for toggling players' abilities to mine and use items, place blocks, use doors and switches, use containers (such as chests), attack players, and attack animals.
- Added Avatar Items to the Download Content menu.

Change log for 1.8.2 Bug Fix Title Update (TU6)

Changes and Additions:-

- Added an option to clear the quick select bar in the creative interface.
- Added an option to enable or disable bedrock fog, and set to off by default.
- Added an option to toggle the HUD off/on.
- Added an option to turn the player hand off/on.
- Added a crafting recipe for Golden Apples.
- Added a crafting recipe for Pumpkin Seeds.
- Made cakes stackable.
- Added a How To Play page for Host and Player options.


- Fix for a problem with signs in online games causing crashes.
- Fix for save renaming deleting the wrong save due to input received during the confirmation flow.
- Fix to the mob generation code to increase the number of animals in the world.
- Fix for chests being incorrectly lit, and rotated for maps from previous versions.
- Fix for problem with the eating animation being shown for players who weren't eating.
- Fix for problem with chest lids not behaving properly.
- Fix for animals looking like they were taking damage when they shouldn't.
- Fix for some sounds not playing when the player has an empty hand.
- Fix for lever sounds.
- Fix for fence gate sounds.
- Fix for splitscreen players sometimes having their settings zeroed.
- Fix for being damaged while flying over lava.
- Fix to stop lava, milk and water buckets being empty after use in creative mode.
- Fix for Leader of the Pack achievement being awarded incorrectly.
- Fix for leaderboard stats issue where value stored was incorrect.
- Fix for hitbox problems with glass panes and iron fence.
- Fix for small character display changing color to green.
- Fix for map rendering incorrectly in some situations with clouds disabled.
- Fix for block rendering problem at the edge of the map.
- Fix for splitscreen players not being able to mine in the tutorial.
- Fix for players not being able to sprint/sprint-fly in creative mode if the player was previously in survival mode with a low food bar.
- Fix for arrow damage not being ignored when PvP is turned off.
- Fix for activated pressure plates not working correctly.
- Fix for the low food bar hint appearing when loading a game in creative mode (usually the tutorial world saves).
- Fix to remove the player shadow when the Invisible option in the Host Privileges is used.
- Fix for Red Roses not being generated on the terrain.
- Fix for paintings being pushed by pistons.
- Fix so that players who can't eat, due to the Trust Players option being off, do not get exhausted.
- Fix for the interface disappearing after a Share to Facebook action.
- Fix to limit the number of Slimes, Ghasts and Silverfish that can be spawned in a world.
- Fix for the cursor position in creative mode being able to go offscreen.
- Fix for players showing on maps when they should not be, after the player dies and respawns.
- Fix for capes displaying wrongly when sprint-flying.
- Fix for capes not displaying in the Nether.
- Fix for capes not displaying when the player respawns.
- Fix for tools taking damage in Creative Mode.
- Fix so Bows don't need or use up Arrows in Creative Mode.
- Reduced the volume of the chest open/close sound effect.

Change log for 1.8.2 Title Update (TU5)/b]


- Added Creative Mode.
- Disabled Achievements and Leaderboard updates if the player is in Creative Mode, or if the world has been previously saved in Creative Mode.
- Added a simple tutorial for Creative Mode.
- Added sprinting to Survival Mode.
- Added flying and sprint-flying to Creative Mode.
- Added new mobs - Enderman, Cave Spiders and Silverfish.
- Added new items to the game - Melon, Melon Slice, Melon Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Raw/Cooked Beef, Raw/Cooked Chicken, Rotten Flesh, Iron Bars, Fence Gate, Stone Bricks, Stone Brick Slabs, Stone Brick Stairs, Brick Slabs, Brick Stairs, Ender Pearl, Web, Vines, 10 more Music Discs, Sponge and Chain Armor.
- Added new items to the crafting menu - Melon, Melon Seeds, Glass Pane, Fence Gate, Iron Bars, Stone Bricks, Stone Brick Slabs, Stone Brick Stairs, Brick Slabs, Brick Stairs.
- Added terrain generation features - Strongholds, Villages, Abandoned Mineshafts and Ravines.
- Biome code additions, including rivers and oceans.
- Changed the bow to have drawing and firing action.
- Added a quick move to the dispenser.
- Added a quick equip for armor to the inventory interface.
- Added a quick move for ingredients and fuel in the furnace interface.
- Brought forward the mining speed changes from 1.2.3
- Brought forward apples dropping from leaf blocks from 1.1
- Brought forward change from 1.2.3 to make pumpkins and melons grow from stems much faster, and not require farmland around the stem to grow on.
- Fix to vines brought forward from 1.2.3 to stop them spreading too much.
- Added the Food Bar to the HUD.
- Added stacking for food items.
- Added the eating animation.
- Enabled crafting mushroom stew without a crafting table.
- Added the blocking move with swords.
- Changed all the text descriptions for food to show how much they refill the food bar.
- Passive mobs will now flee when hit.
- The snout on pigs now protrude from their head.
- Skeletons now hold full size bows.
- Animals no longer despawn which makes it possible to capture them.
- Zombies now drop Rotten Flesh instead of Feathers.
- Updated some mob sounds.
- Shears can now collect Tall Grass and the new Vine.
- Improved sunrise and sunset.
- Improved the rain edges (when looking up in rain).
- User-placed leaf blocks no longer decay.
- Cloud height raised to the top of the map, so clouds can no longer phase through blocks.
- Cloud movement syncs with the game's time.
- Both Wooden and Stone pressure plates can now be placed on fences.
- Improved chest model with a 3D lock, and opening and closing animation.
- Added a countdown timer to the autosave to stop it being such a surprise.
- Added the ability to rename an existing saved world.
- Added map icons to the in-game player list to match their color in the map.
- Added a confirmation dialog on the player choosing to exit without saving.
- Added a character display when sprinting or flying.
- Updated the How To Play HUD with the Food Bar information.
- Added descriptions for Creative Mode and Sprinting to the How To Play menus.
- Updated the Download Content menu with pictures of the DLC available.
- Added death messages.
- Removed Herobrine.

Options Changes and Additions:-

- Changed the Gamertags Display option to mean display/hide gamertags in-game and on maps.
- Added an option to select Creative Mode or Survival Mode on creating or loading a world.
- Added an option to disable clouds.
- Added additional options to the world creation - Superflat land (creates a flat world near bedrock in both the Overworld and the Nether), enable/disable Structures and Bonus Chest.
- Added Host options - toggles for Player Versus Player, Trust Players to stop players being able to mine without permission from the Host, Fire Spread, TNT Explodes, and Host Privileges.
- Added in-game player options for the host - Can Build and Mine, Moderator, Kick Player, Can Fly, Disable Exhaustion, Invisible.
- Store the Online, Invite Only, and Friends of Friends options in the player's profile.

Tutorial World Changes:-

- Changed the Tutorial world to enable the new terrain features in it.
- Added mini tutorial for sprinting in the Tutorial world.
- Added mini tutorial for eating in the Tutorial world.
- Added Music Disc Quests in the Tutorial world - players can search the world for the 12 chests, each containing one of the Music Discs that can be played in a Jukebox.


- Fix for duplication glitch.
- Fix for aspect ratio of things in hand when in splitscreen mode.
- Fix for issue with player data not saving (player starting world with no items they had when they saved).
- Fix for redstone tiles burning out when they shouldn't.
- Fixed issue with Minecart with Furnace not being able to move another Minecart.
- Fixed particle code for flipped 3rd person view.

Change log for 1.7.3 Bug Fix Title Update (TU4)


- Fix for a crash with pistons at the edge of the world
- Fix for a crash due to a thread safety issue usually caused by pistons
- Fix for issue with operating pistons on chunk boundaries
- Fix for a rendering flicker with active pistons
- Fix for rendering slowdown due to lighting issues
- Fix for rain going through blocks (raining indoors)
- Fix for Marketplace not launching when unlocking skin pack after selecting a locked skin in the trial version of the skin pack
- Fix for bug allowing locked skins to be selected if they are beside a free skin
- Fix for misaligned player scores when viewed under the "My Score" leaderboard filter
- Fix for the constant button press sounds when rotating a character in the skin select screen
- Fix for the constant sound effect played on the sign text entry
- Fix for thunder not being audible
- Fix for third person front view not displaying fire.

Change log for 1.7.3 Title Update (TU3)


- Added Pistons & Sticky Pistons.
- Added Stackable fences.
- Added Shears required to get wool from sheep, and to collect leaf blocks.
- TNT needs Flint and Steel or Redstone to detonate.
- Redstone wire will now connect to a repeater.
- New textures for Cobblestone and Brick.
- Added Character Skin Selector to allow players to choose their skin from the default skins, or from Downloadable Content skin packs.
- Added lighting improvements (brought forward from 1.8.2 update) and snow & rain improvements.
- Added a save file cache to improve the speed of displaying the saves list.
- Added ban list functionality to allow players to self-ban from levels they feel contain offensive content.
- Added a ban list section to the How To Play menus.
- Added an option for the host to limit online games to only players in their friends list (no friends of friends).
- Added a seed display to the level load screen (requires existing levels to be saved out again to add the display).
- Changed the tooltip display setting to in-game tooltip display, so that tooltips always display in menus.
- Added the crosshair to the list of things affected by the opacity slider.
- On using the quickselect bar, the opacity of the quickselect, tooltips, splitscreen gamertag display, and crosshair will be set to 80,
and will fade back down to the user opacity setting after 6 seconds of no quickselect bar use.
- Added some more Tips & Trivia to the loading/saving screen display.
Tutorial World changes & additions:-
- Added optional tutorial for Pistons and Redstone.
- Added a self-building bridge to the castle using Pistons.
- Added some sugar cane, cactii and clay to the world.
- Added a few other things for players to discover.


- Fix for only the host being shown the pop-up when any player attempts to place lava near the spawn point.
- Fixed tooltip for Flint and Steel.
- Fix for Note blocks not showing notes.
- Fix for Leaderboard reads taking too long.
- Fix to block players re-entering a level they have been kicked from, until the level is restarted.
- Fix to stop players being able to join a game when they are not a friend of any player in the game.
- Fix for Netherracks re-appearing after being mined.
- Fix for a rare crash on entering the Nether.
- Fix for attacking enemies at a different level not damaging them.
- Fixed a problem causing some save games not to load.
- Removed Herobrine.[/b]

Change log for 1.6.6 Bug Fix Title Update (TU2)


- Added an autosave, and the ability to turn autosave off, or set it from 15 minutes up to 2 hours in 15 minute steps.
- Split the sensitivity controls into an in-game sensitivity and an in-menu sensitivity.
- Added an Interface Opacity slider in the settings for plasma screen users.
- Added a gamertag display in splitscreen, and the ability to enable/disable it in the settings.
- Added an option in the settings menu to enable/disable in-game hints.
- Added an option in the settings menu to enable/disable tooltips.
- Added a co-ordinate display to the in-game map.
- Added new sections in the How To Play on Multiplayer, Sharing Screenshots, and Whats New.
- Added a warning message when attempting to place lava near the spawn area.


- Fix for the leaderboard crash when toggling between filters/leaderboards.
- Fix for server disconnect message appearing when offline or in leaderboards.
- Fix for issue where posting a screenshot to Facebook caused a back out to the main menu.
- Fix for clay generation.
- Fix for Awaiting Approval showing all the time on some signs.
- Various crafting menu fixes.
- Fix for being able to stand on sugarcane.
- Fix for intermittent crash on saving.
- Fix for duplication bug with the furnace and the dispenser.
- Fix for not being able to place water near the spawn area.
- Fix for intermittent problem on entering the Nether putting the player above the Nether world.
- Fix for frame-rate drop around the edge of the world.
- Fix for intermittent problem where some achievements were not being awarded.
- Fix for graphical issue with stairs.
- Fix for issue with enemies spawning inside a house when they shouldnt.
- Fix for Zombie Pigmen not being counted for leaderboard scores.

Texture Packs

Mass Effect Mash-up Pack:
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Plastic Texture Pack:
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Natural Texture Pack:
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Halloween Texture Pack:
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Skyrim Mash-up Pack:
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Fantasy Texture Pack:
[ Register or Signin to view external links. ]

If I have missed anything, or if you would like me to add something. Please PM me here.

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