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  • Winter 2019
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There are usually 8+ devices connected at a time in my house so I am happy with this.

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  • E3 2020
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My download is gigabit internet but currently it's a little lower because I have basically all my electronics on in the house that use wifi -- not sure why, I'm just too lazy to go update everything and turn them off.

My upload speed USED to be 500, but Cox has throttled it down stupid far because some months back I downloaded a bunch of torrents on my backup PC and laptop, which I never turn off and I forgot to stop seeding, got a notice in the mail that I had used 31+ TB worth of upload data -- had a goddamn $1600 internet bill to pay for because I didn't buy the unlimited data option at that time and went way above the 4TB monthly cap......and this is the end result until the end of 2020 lol
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  • Winter 2019
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